Thinking about writing an SP oriented Zealot guide... ifra


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Funny but I made an Avenger and he's kinda pschitzo because he Zeals way too often (only 1 skill lvl, +4-5 skills). I'm about lvl 67, and I use a B-star and upgraded Bonesnape (excep.) but that thing is about to go the way of the dinosaur. I'd love to see a Zeal/Avenger hybrid if it's possible (prob not an uber build since there are too many syn. you couldn't max).


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hmm actually my current zealot is somewhat of an hybrid:

zeal 20
sacrifice 20
holy shield 20
vengeance 20
fanatism 20

Of course you could go for 10 HS, 10 Vengeance leaving 20 to conviction...


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come on already, i was expecting the guide by now, you've had what, 6 maybe 7 hours since you posted the idea.

jeeeesus i'm bored of waiting.

okay i'll give you a helping hand as you so obviously need it and my experience with zealots is almost legendary.


max zeal


strength 178 which is the max you need to equip the holy shield of god. of which i have 45, so i have one on both my main slot and on switch and give one to my merc.

which cleverly brings us to mercs:

only one choice, act 3 iron wolf merc with (as prviously stated) another holy god sheild, and a cruel phase blade of quickness socketed with four sheal runes and two gems or pefect rubies.

as you can imagine tactics are faily straight forward. run into a pack of evil doers zeal them to death and then do it again.
in hell things get a bit more complicated as you will probably get killed by the first foul crow that comes knocking.
don't give up, unless you play hc when now is as good a time as any.

i won't insult your intelligence by going into too much detail on your kill blades save to say that i will only use BotD axes and every top ladder paladin i know does too. if you don't have one i suggest duping the runes quickly before they fingerprint them or alternatively play chess you n00b loser.

i'm expecting a sticky for this.


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When I posted the idea I was at I've had a really crappy day there so I'm not exactly in the best mood to write that currently...

Yea, max zeal, then max thorns and put 1 point in fanatism but whatever you do, don't put points to might or any other pre-req!

Put everything to energy, so that you wont have to use any mana leech. Ignore all mercs since they die anyway...

As for the weapon, only accept the best which is uber stick of buttkicking


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You forgot the main stuff, when facing hell ancients go equipped with poison potions for those pesky FE, and fire potions to all the others. With the right ammount of AR (pump dex once in a while to Max % to hit), you can safely potion-zeal them to oblivion.

As a shield, of course, an eth double-upgraded Pelta Lunata, socket a Zod whenever you can.