Thinking, 200fcr ice blast pvp soso.


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Well, ive been playing fire sorc for a while now, so was thinking what about making an ice blast soso. Should be similar tactics, just less damage, which would be made up for by the cold mastery.

One of the main advantages of this build would be the cold mastery, although useless against stacking res or abs opponents, it could really help against others. In many ways I still hold to my belief that the decent damage 200fcr fire soso is the pinnacle of pvp sorceress', cause the damage can kill if its high enough even against those with stacked res, as it is capped, although if there's abs and res, there is trouble.

Guess stats would be vit, as wouldn't be able to max es.

Skills would be:

20 ice bolt
20 ice blast
20 blizzard
20 frozen orb
20 blizz.
20 cold mastery.

This covers bolt and all syns, I think, haven't checked those are syns. This would also give cold mastery, which could be good, as could help against people with res, where fb great without massive dmg.

Equip setup: Ive been considering a few setups. Was thinking either lots of dmg from +skills equip/max block, or 200fcr and a little less damage. I'll start with the 200 fcr setup.


Fcr amu, at least 15%
10% rings, if other equip gives enough, can replace one with soj or other ring
20% circ, other mods useful

This wont give many skills, but 200fcr could be brilliant, as it is with fire sorc.

Other option:

Wizardspike or HOTO
Viper(in my opinion it is THE soso armor)
Spirit OR Decent block shield, storm or even whitstans would do, tho its not great save the blocking
Fcr rings OR sojs
Decent cold sks amu
Magefists OR frostburns for mana boost
Waterwalks or other.

If theres a decent guide I would appreciate the link.

I would like opinions and advce on improving the build. Atm I dont have the equip, and all my cash is going towards sks for my fire soso. I play non ladder.
Maybe if I can get the cash together i'll give it a try. Input appreciated.


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Re: Thinking, 200fcr ice blast pvp soso.

That skill setup is impossible. The max points you can get at level 99 is 110, while the build listed requires 120. And don't forget that the build doesn't even have teleport on it at all.


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Re: Thinking, 200fcr ice blast pvp soso.

I think you should really consider stopping at the 105 FCR breakpoint so that you can equip a Death's Fathom and Nightwing's Veil (potentially increasing your damage by 45%)... that's a huge amount of improvement for the cost of a single casting breakpoint. If you can get your resists covered with your non-armour slots, you could also consider Ormus Robes for another boost to your damage.

Also FYI, the bolts from IceBlast are a lot slower than many other projectiles (for example, I'd guess that Fireballs travel across the screen ~30% faster than IceBlasts), and there's no 'splash' effect, so hitting your targets might be a little more of a challenge than you'd like (especially if they're highly mobile and/or have a large number of minions).

That's why I never fully tried this idea in PvP (although I probably will someday, and I have the level89 IB sorc for it already :p). But I really like the idea of an IB sorc for PvP - especially since you can get damage comparable to Blizzard (at ~4x the casting speed) - but I think the projectiles are just too slow to be very viable.

I do know, from leveling my IB sorc, she's super-powerful against single targets (~7500 damage, 8-frame spammage, and Cold Mastery on top of that ) - and most monsters are easy to hit, so it works decent for PvM. But against semi-intelligent opponents...

I hope I'm wrong and it works for you, but... I'm skeptical.


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Re: Thinking, 200fcr ice blast pvp soso.

I've also considered 200fcr ice blast and realized there is a huge decrease of damage when not using nightwings/fanthom combo so it would actually be weaker than a fball despite having the -cold resist.
You'd have to be a good namelocker/telebomb(teleblast in this case:laugh: ) for this spell for a spell like this, as mentioned above.. it's really slow of a spell.