There's nothing better than hunting Dclone in a public game! Version Two


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There's nothing better than hunting Dclone in a public game! Version Two

Version One in here.
Sometimes, boredom + curiousity can grant you wealth :azn:

Yesterday I was wandering around in a dueling game with my bowozon, those bnet kiddies are acting normal and killing each other "happily". I was about to slaughter whole flayer jungle anyway. On my way, the soj counter came up. Everyone are shocked and start spamming:
"Will Dclone pop here?"
"OMFG I am going to get anni soon!"
"ima kill anyone who get close to Dclone"
Or anything you can imagine.

Well I continued my slaughter and making my way to lower kurast. Not long later, another soj counter came up, and the number of soj sold is much more than the first one popped, and I have been warmed by that, so I quickly run and trying to reach Stormtree and spawn Dclone there when Dclone pops. When I am on my way,

"Diablo walks the Earth"

I immediately walked up and see if Dclone is there or not, and yes, he was there. I had my second computer ready, got my smiter and manage to join the game. My bowozon opened a secret TP and let me smiter kick Dclone, where those people out there spamming:
"I was fighting Dclone, sorry but the anni is mine"
"Party xxx so I can fight Dclone with you"
Where I laughed out REALLY loud watching those dialog.

Dclone was a pushover and my bowozon exited game as she got anni already. When I was trying to enter with my hell mule,

"Game was full"

I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!" cause the game is NOT full. I was sure about that as it is a 8 people game and there are only 6 people include me. Glitched full came up my mind. I shouted out loud, so loud that people downstairs complained about me :lipsrsealed:
After 5 minutes, no luck, so my smiter stayed in the game, and watch those people bragging about their anni find or crap. While I was trying to enter the game, I asked the people that are alive in the channel try to enter that game. Every second pass by, my heart pump so loud that I can almost hear it....Until someone came in the game, and I recongised him as he appeared in the channel before. I immediately entered the game with my hell mule, partied and open a secret tp to the anni.

Ta Da.

Where those people still bragging about how ezpk is dclone, or how good is the anni, I got the anni and left the game with it :grin:
Now it proves it never hurts to have all way points, especially you have some rare way points that not many people have :laugh:

BTW, *Skinlikewinter, you have my thanks if you read this =D


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nice work! bah, only time D walked for me was when i made the conversion from d2c to d2x, and had 3 normal chars. argh! :rolleyes: so close and yet so far.


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Last week i was in a dueling game, and he "walks the earth" so i run to frigid so he will spawn, and lie my @ss of telling them to go to act 1, he always spawns in act 1 i commented. Well i kill the clone, and a nice 19/18/10 anni sits in my smiters stash, and they were angry when they found out i was lieing about the location, got 5 of their friends sending spam messages at me LOL.


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My bowozon opened a secret TP and...
What is this secret TP? Is it just that no one was in town to notice that it was there?

Oh, and congrats. Someday I hope to brag about an anni :scratch:

Evrae Altana

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moremayhem said:
What is this secret TP? Is it just that no one was in town to notice that it was there?
Correct. Since it was a dueling game, most of the people were in Act 1, so they won't notice anything happening in Act 3, where the OP was.


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moremayhem said:
What is this secret TP? Is it just that no one was in town to notice that it was there?
In detail, my bowazon opens a tp, and go back to town, my smiter enters portal, and my bowazon enters tp so the tp disappears.

moremayhem said:
Oh, and congrats. Someday I hope to brag about an anni :scratch:
Actually I am not trying to brag, I am just sharing some nice stories :azn:


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That is just one sweet story!!

I usually have ALL waypoints on my player characters and even on some of my better mules.

I got an annihilus charm in a public game once also. It is quite the "rush." My old Hammerman [this was early on in the D-Clone Days] was not doing really well and ran out of health and mana pots. Having spawned the silly Clone in act one I was loath to reveal my location by going back to town for more health potions and was thus left to interrupt the attack and find some critters to bop for their drops. Doing that was dangerous as I had spawned the Clone in a rather obvious location and feared discovery at any moment, especially when I had it down to a "sliver."


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I didn't mean to imply that you were bragging at all.

What did mean is that if/when I get ever earn an anni, then yes, I will do the end-zone victory dance, and brag to people who would return a blank stare and say "Diablo? Wha?" :thumbsup:


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lol my first anni i didn't even get myself.

i missed probably a ton of opportunities to get anni's, cause until i read that guide on this site about anni hunting with ip's, i thought it only popped on ONE game in the server instead of the entire server (i kick myself for that). so i tried hunting him myself with that dcloneeast room, but i got jipped out of at least 4 dclone games, either by disconnections, not being in the game, idle too long, w/e. so i gave up on that and just did regular mf games like usual. well one day i was in a mf game and all of a sudden the soj counter goes. then like 5-10 minutes it would go again, going by intervals of anywhere like between 5-30 minutes selling about 1 soj for each one. i eventually got tired of waiting and pulled the idle bug (hoping it wouldn't break and i'd idle out) and went to bed.

i wake up, and there it is. diablo walks the earth. i try to spawn him but rakanishu is there still =/. try another superunique........... nope. eventually i check my message box. my friend came in and saw the message and killed him for me, and got it from him the next day ^_^ he id'd it and it was only a 10/12/7 =( but hey, it's still a legit anni =D

i know my story isn't as good as some as the others on these forums lol, but reading some of them inspired me to put down my own experience =)

:thumbsup: to the ppl that actually get these things in public games. i know if i lost one due to hostiling bnetters in pub, i think i'd need to sign up for anger management class:censored:


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Nice stories guys, here's mine:

I made a trade game trying to buy a barb torch.
A few morons came in asking if i have barb torch, but the game name
clearly stated I am buying (you know how people are).

So all people left, then i am all alone in my game.

Then suddenly Sojs count goes up, as usual i didn't make a move
because there are only once or twice it has gone up, but later
the count goes up a LOT more frequently, then i immediately bring in my
smiter, and get ready/camp in where i was gonna spawn dclone (my
favourite place, Den of Evil).

The thing i need to brag about is i Managed to Send home a few
dudes came in trying to sell me barb torch packing before they
can even see any sojs counts up, i told them all (Got it already, thanks),
then they leave lol.

Luckily when no one was in the game.....
after sometime clone walked. I killed him. Trouble was my smiter
already got an anni. I bring in a naked sorc mule to try to get it,
because since it is in act 1, I don't want to make any tp, i try to tele
to the den of evil and get it, but on my way i was killed by some
stupid fallen, you know how nervous you will get since its a public game.
I got really pissed off that happened, heart was pumping really fast
the whole time, the wait, the kill, etc.
I brought in another fully equipped sorc, this time i successfully got the anni.

Later this dude came in and he saw the Dclone walk earth message.
Then you know how typical people goes. I asked him about barb torch
I was standing in town the whole time, and on his way for the quest to
find dclone, he was excited. And ignores me about barb torch and stuff.
kinda told me he will deal with me after he got anni lol.

I was being kind and try not to have his time wasted like that finding
dclone forever. i told him i got it already. i even told him i killed it in
Den of evil. Eventually i went down there to show him the corpse. But
the corpse was gone. so anyway, i finally said this to end his doubt about
it. "Do you think i will sit in town nicely while waiting for you to get the
anni and not trying to get it myself?"

Then he was convinced.

At the end of the day, he was one of those morons who thinks that
i am the one who is selling a barb torch.

End of Story LoL


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lol $10 says if you were still anni hunting when he came in he would have hostiled you, or told you 'nub leave game! it's my anni!' or both =P

'And ignores me about barb torch and stuff.
kinda told me he will deal with me after he got anni lol.' rude =/


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Pretty nice story.

For me, I was waiting 40+ hours in a game that I thought would spawn for sure. Sometime during the night, the game crashed (boohoo)...

So I got pretty upset, and tried to find the IP again. On the first attempt, I entered a game that was not the correct IP. "Damn", I thought.. and just when I was about to exit, I see the SOJ counter go up. Within the next 5 seconds, Diablo spawned.

Hurray for randomness!


In detail, my bowazon opens a tp, and go back to town, my smiter enters portal, and my bowazon enters tp so the tp disappears.
Someone taught you well.

I was sitting in our channel and someone came in and told us that DClone had spawned in Paulbaal-06. I even remember the game name. I got my Smiter and I joined the game. There were a few people on DClone, gently tickling him. I took a few swipes at him and after a little while he died. I grabbed, went to town, IDed. 19/20/9. Thanks again to whoever it was that warned me about it.



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This time I want to make a new thread on my following story, but it seems not much difference than the original topic, so I post here.
Some days ago I was wandering around in free games again and was about to loot stash in lower kurast. Then soj counter move up. I was warned cause the recent experience. Not long, another come up, I immediately walk close to stormtree (Again!). Then:

Diablo walks the Earth. (Again!)

Walk down, stormtree is gone, and replaced with Dclone. Immediately get my smiter, demonlished him and got my anni :laugh:

Luckily this time I have made a tp, so you guys can figure how I laugh while I leave the game with my anni :laugh: