there and back again


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Hello all.
I was active on this forum some years ago. Its nice to see its still alive and kicking.
So, i just started to play some D2 a few days ago again from scractch. 1.13d LoD with RVM planned in the long run. Finished on nightmare and currently farming Meph for some useable/needed gear with the only char i got, lvl 70 zealot. Tried some nightmare cows at players 3 but got owned so thats a nono for now.

I really enjoyed being here in the past, met some really nice people and everything was so wonderfully exciting when i did it for the first time.
Now, i am old and its all so nostalgic :d


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I came back yesterday too due to a horrifically bad mood. D2 is normally my answer haha Welcome back!


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Glad you're back and enjoying the game!

I find NM cows to be a bit disproportionately difficult. They are much more difficult for most of my characters than the content both before and after them.

Do you have goals for the new start? Like to mf, make fun/unique builds, or pvp?


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Welcome back! I just loaded up 1.06b classic for the first time in about 2 months recently, and it's really excellent. Glad to see people still coming back to this game :)


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Thanks for the welcome posts all.
Good sense of humor in many posts, hehe.
I live in Croatia but i have some international friends living here (US, Canada, South Africa etc.) and i gonna tell that joke this evening Noodle :D.
Btw. i wonder if some people have changed nicknames over years because some sound familiar but not exact as i remembered, 2 in peticular (you know who you are ;)).
To answer yor question kestegs. Mf was always my biggest addiction. Later rune farming too (Lower Kurast runs, Countess).
I would actually like to find the 3 missing items from selffound grail.
Before i had about 6 chars and i kinda want to make them again. Amazon for cow farming. Paladin because he is a paladin and you need to have one, i mean a paladin. Bonenecro fun to play for me, pretty safe char. Actually now with the respec option its easier to have just 1 specific class char and change builds if i want tooo? Is this allowed?
For now i gonna level my 74 zealot in hell pit with 200 magic find so far on players 1.
I probably should have taken a less gear dependant char as my first one.
Ye i wanted to go nightmare cows for gem farming so i can cube small charms of good luck. Farmed a little bit glacical trail nightmare got 2 sc itlvl 61 for cubing. Aldurs rhytm dropped there which i am using now. Best magic find gear so far are 39% chance guards from a chest while running to mephisto.
Its fun, not as much as it used to be but still fun enough to play.
I played many other games in 30 years of gaming but it seems nothing beats Diablo 2 for me.


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Welcome back. I visited Split long ago did some rock climbing and nightlife during my visit. It was very beautiful there and the locals were very friendly even though I couldn't speak much Croatian. Have fun with all of your upcoming D2 projects.[emoji1082]


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Respec is allowed as many times as you want. You can farm essences from Andy, Meph, Diablo, and Baal to cube into additional respec tokens. Of course this means you'll want to keep around a couple characters who are able to kill those four bosses. It would be a shame to respec all your guys and forget to leave one Baal runner for example.


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Hej Soutphaw, i live less then 30km from Split, went there to highschool even, so we were practically neighbours for a while :D.
Hej, GooberGrape and Pb_Pal nice to see you again. Thanks for the info Goober, i didnt knew that. Three items left are Tyraels, Stormlash and Azurewrath. But even if i dont find them ever its ok. In my mind i am this guy who has mastered the game in many ways but in reality i only have 1 poor geared char just dying everywhere in hell at the moment. Used to just port with enigma now i have to run and get stuck in doors, pwned because being hasty, haha. And ill probably play 4-5 times less time then before. But its good being back again anyway.
Now ill have to go learn some english/croatian grammar on the net cause i am tutoring 2 ladies for money, teaching them Croatian. Ill rather play but.... you know.
I hope all is well with you guys, see you later. :)