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Theorycrafting: Holy bolt / smite hybrid

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by PandadudeSP, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. PandadudeSP

    PandadudeSP Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 15, 2008
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    So i've been playing around with a cleric, and I recently found The Reedemer:

    One-Hand Damage: (140-160) To (182-208) (161-184 Avg)
    Required Level: 72
    Required Strength: 50
    Required Dexterity: 26
    Durability: 50
    Base Weapon Speed: [0]
    +250-300% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    Damage +60-120 (varies)
    +50% Damage To Undead
    +200-250% Damage To Demons (varies)
    +2 To Paladin Skill Levels
    -33% Target Defense
    +2-4 To Redemption (Paladin Only) (varies)
    +2-4 To Holy Bolt (Paladin Only) (varies)
    +3 To Light Radius
    Requirements -60%

    Not only is it possible the best cleric weapon with +4-6 holy bolt, but it is also a mini-grief. Why not take advantage of that and use smite along with holy bolt?

    Holy bolt is commonly paired with FoH as in Asmodeus' Elemental Templar, but FoH has a 1 second cooldown, while a 6 frame smite has 4.16 attacks per second and can carry crushing blow.

    Build would be
    +20 Holy Bolt
    +20 Blessed Hammer
    +20 Fist of Heavens
    +20 Fanaticism
    +20 Holy Shield
    rest in smite

    Gear could be a lot of things, +skills, +50 ias with lvl 28 fanatacism for 6 fpa, fcr rings/amulet + arachnid mesh for 30/48/75 fcr and 12/11/10 frame cast speed, Dracs for lifetap or trangs for fcr, guillys and goblintoe for CB, etc. Upped HoZ for +4 skills and smite damage.

    So what would be the point of making a holy bolt / smite hybrid rather than a pure cleric or pure smiter? I have no idea, maybe one of you guys know :D
  2. imakeigloospat

    imakeigloospat Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 27, 2006
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    Mausoleum is ALVL 85 with Undeads which it could do well. I had one many years ago, don't remember how successful it was.
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  3. okey

    okey Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 14, 2017
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    One thing you forgot to mention is that huge -60% to req. all you need to weild this weapon is a measly 50 str and 26 dex.

    The build I'm thinking of..

    Stats: Strength to 50, rest into Vita.

    Max: Sacrifice, Zeal, Holy Freeze, Resist Cold, Holy Shield

    Gear: The Redeemer + Shael, Spirit Shield, Smoke, (x2 leech+res ring, Death's Glove + Death's Belt) or (Raven Frost/leech+res Ring, Crafted 20 ias Blood Gloves, Nosferatu's Coil), Amulet of Everlasting (Atma's Scarab in inventory), Goblin Toes, Circlet of Everlasting + 15ias jewel, 12%FHR GC

    Merc Gear: Riphook + Shael, Jeweler's Armor of Amacae + x4 Sol, Blackhorn's Face

    It won't cost you an arm and a leg as these items are fairly easy to come across. Hardest item to get would probably be Atma's Scarab. Now as far as how it'll perform; since your AR is pretty bad to say the least, so your merc will be an integral part of the build, primarily her Inner Sight. You should have no issue wacking away on the bosses once Inner Sight has been cast.

    BP will be 6/6/11 however in exchange, you will be able to tank every single thing the game has to throw at you because (assuming you take this build til 85 with all the quests): you'll have..
    1. ..410 vitality to work with which equates to a sickening 1345 base hp.
    2. ..built in Weaken which will negate 1/3 of damage dealt to you.
    3. ..50~ PDR allowing you to laugh in Death's face with utter impunity.
    4. ..4 frame fhr, basically letting you immediately perform an action assuming you find yourself in hit recovery.
    5. ..tons of slows at your disposal; 50% from merc, potential 10% from yourself, and lastly your Holy Freeze Aura.

    Sure you won't be the fastest killer on the block, but playing as this guy, you'll effectively become an impassable moving fortress.

    But then again, as I haven't really made this myself, take this with a grain of salt.. I'll probably put this on my to-do list after my challenge is complete. :)

    Regardless, that was a fun Theory Crafting Session involving this odd little weapon.
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