[Theorycraft] Spellblade Sorceress


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So I was thinking of doing this.. I am thinking it might work, but I am still unsure. Let me know f you think this build can get through Hell Hardcore. Explanation below.

Max: Fire Mastery, Enchant, Frozen Orb
1pt: Static, Teleport
16pt: Cold Mastery
Remaining: Warmth

Str: 60
Dex: Max-block
Vit: Remaining

Mainhand: Lawbringer Phaseblade
Offhand: Viscerataunt (Sol)
Head: 20-25 pdr (x2 Sol)
Torso: Smoke
Waist: Bladebuckle or Protection belt
Hands: Laying of Hand or Blood gloves
Feet: Res boots (if able to maintain Max Res: Goblin Toes)
Neck: Res amulet
LFinger: Ravenfrost (Res ring if not)
RFinger: Res ring

Switch: +3 enchant leaf
Cube: +skill to fire amulet and circlet, Magefist

HolyFreeze A2
Mainhand: Insight or Obedience
Head: Guillaumes (or Blood helm)
Torso: Jeweler's Armor of Amicae

In short I am aiming for maximum survivability with a good mixture 50~ pdr, Weaken charges, Decripify Ctc, max res, max block and HF merc. And with this the PC should be able to both fight at range or in melee with the merc. I am not quite confident in its killing speed which is mainly the thing pulling me from doing this.

Looking forward to the insight, thanks in advance.


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Intersting concept.

Few ideas:

Gloves - your physical damage will be low so LoH would be wasted here IMO. Beter to go for rares/crafted for resists and life or for magefist/mavina for more elemntal damage.

Armor - treachery will work better than smoke and will provide %dr/ias/fhr (need this as melee char). For weaken you can equip the merc with the uniqe polearm thst can cast it on strike.

You might run into AR problems even with enchant.

Static - consider to invest few more points to increase the range. It will allow you to cast it while not in melee range/being attacked


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I have a similar project ongoing and will use Bloodfists as gloves for the FHR and Darksight helm for the Cloak Of Shadow charges

I agree on mir on investing more points into static field for greater range.

I have not decided on this myself yet, but I think I will go for Glacial spike for the freeze property to give sorc and merc even more security. If so, then Cold mastery opens up for investing skill points into other stuff (like static field).

Perhaps have FCR gear on switch for faster and safer teleporting aswell


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@mir thanks for the suggestion, I just realized the AR issue even with investment for max block and Enchant. If that is indeed the case I'll perhaps have to sacrifice the amulet and ring for angelics. However doing so will likely leave me vulnerable due to lack of resistance. And if that's the case I'd probably have to swap out the boots and gloves for Res variants.

In regards to LoH, it's debateable really, because a very large majority of the monsters are pretty much Demons, it's a safe investment. Magefist or Mavina's gloves will only add 1-7 fire / 6-8 cold damage, I don't think it'll be comparable to the 350% physical dmg increase dmg.

In regards to Smoke, it's easy to make and I like the ability to cast Weaken immediately rather than rely on merc's weapon ctc to trigger. Reason: Stair traps. I recalled, that pretty much every does roughly 75~ physical dmg; Once you use Weaken, you'd only have to take 50~ physical dmg which PDR entirely negates. If you go down stair traps, immediately pop a Weaken, you're pretty much invincible, even if they are extra fast, extra strong, mana burners (because x2 speed of 0 dmg is still 0!); and once Decripify and HF gets applied they'll still not be able to do nothing since they'll be pretty much stalled.


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Did you concider using Sanctuary for shield to make up for the lack of resistances? It will result in a lower chance to block than an upgraded Visceratuant but I'm not sure how much it translates into dexterity investment to maintain max block. Sanctuary does come with +20 dex to make up for some of it.

Edit: Then again, a Sanctuary shield will probably require more strength to equip and requires a Mal rune.
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In all honesty, you are basically going an Orb build, utilising Frozen Orb + Cold Mastery for most of your damage. You should (will not!) engage in melee, but will simply use FOrb, and Enchant Buff your merc for Cold Immunes.
The Enchant is a bonus, and is... somewhat comparable to a "Fire/Orber" or "MeteOrber."

A Fire/Cold sorc that uses Frozen Orb herself for most of the damage, with a Fire spell for Cold Immunes. This can get you through Hell difficulty.

There are so many potential variables, but all of them viable, such as the common "max Vit vs Max Block" discussion, or Fireball vs Meteor (vs potentially Enchant) that really comes down to playstyle.

As to items, I don't know any more. I don't think you need a whole lot of thought on items, but clearly, some items shine well above others.
As to max block, my personal preference, has always been Max Vit, unless a Paladin with Holy Shield. (Much debate and information, and honestly, personal preference/playstyle - I just prefer Max Vit over Block.)

Simple answer: Can any variant of an Orber get you through Hell? Yes, and no, it is not completely dependant on items.


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Yeah you got me on that there, but then again what isn't an orber these days? It's just play style is different is all, rather than reliance on FCR and +skills, it's just more survivability. I want to have a cost effecient sorc that is as indomitable as it is destructive (a volley of very strong, very fast, archers coming at me--heh that tickles!, now time to return the favor). Oh and also to try to take full use of Lawbringer's mods (or lack thereof).


tbh I'm trying to incorporate Viscerataunt into this build, ie. I'm aiming for gear that are fairly attainable. And for that reason I actually left it unupgraded (since it requires a mid rune) in order to increase DEX req to raise the base AR of the build.


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In terms of Cold sorc, there are two choices: FOrb, or Blizzard. Both of these can utilise Fire skills (MeteOrb, BlizzBaller etc.) Personally, I'm a Blizzard fan. :)

Sorc's gear layouts are pretty much the same, so it's nice to see some new thoughts on the items. I'd say build it, and see how often you get to engage in melee. I believe with your Cold Damage, and mercs Physical, not much will stand in your way. As to tanking volleys of arrows... I don't know. :D Give it a go.


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What about using the Rift runeword and maxing out enchant and FO's synergies? That runeword tosses level 21 frozen orbs "on attack" so even if you miss you will be spraying cold damage everywhere. Plus it gives extra boostable fire damage and %attack to boot. Then you can really get crazy and put Lawbringer on an act5 merc if you want, since Insight is no longer needed. Seems like a far more interesting build concept and doesn't stray far from your original intent.


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Yeah, I don't think lawbringer is a very good sword for an enchantress either.
Passion is usually used to get zeal for faster attacking. I also like Grape's idea about using Rift if you have it, although it won't be as fast as a phaseblade. VoR is another option, cheaper, can be built in phaseblade, lower level FO but also comes with ctc iceblast which can also be synergized. Also gives CBF if you don't have a ravenfrost available.

For crowd control delirium is just wonderful, and I reckon it would give more protection than decrepify (your physical damage will suck anyway so the damage boost won't matter). You can also throw it on your hireling instead of using it yourself so you can keep the pdr from circlet.

For AR you could use Hsarus belt + boots combo instead of angelics, since you don't have anything exciting planned for belt/boots. The neck slot is also imo key for pdr with life everlasting suffix.
For the shield slot a Gerke's is probably better than a Visceratuant, if you have one. Can add a iron pelt / Glads bane and keep going for a PDR + MDR setup rather than a PDR + resists setup, both have their merits but the latter has less customization. For resists I second treachery over smoke for general pvm, since it even gives more resists once fade is active. Getting it active can be a pain though... That's enough rambling from me.


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I'd keep the Leaf staff in the stash and have a a FCR set up on switch (Oculus/Spirit & Lidless Wall/Splendor - which only requires 58 str) so that you can get out of any bad situations.


30% - Oculus OR 25-35% Spirit
20% - Lidless Wall OR 10% Splendor
10% - Rare Ring
10% - Rare Amulet OR 5-20% - Caster Amulet OR 5-10% - Caster Belt

You can easily break 63% FCR with barely any alteration to your build. If you get a caster amulet of 17% FCR and a 10% belt and 10% ring, then you can also reach the 10-frame cast rate which requires 37% FCR. This will allow you to cast static much better on your physical switch.