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Theory Crafting

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by Bigru, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Bigru

    Bigru IncGamers Member

    Oct 27, 2004
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    Theory Crafting

    Just wanted to throw some ideas out there for some feedback.

    Firstly has anyone ever tried using dodge and avoid, but no stating evade (either at all, or leaving it as a one pointer). Figure this would help against assasins using wof to dodge lock you while your trying to run away.

    Second is a pvp poison/LF/GA ama that I've been thinking about:

    Max PJ
    Max PJ (lol)
    Max LF
    Max GA (or till it gets to low mana cost)
    rest into D/A (no E as above) and CS
    Possible the three skills on left to get decoy.

    Either Harmony or Faith MB depending on the enemies, harmony for super fast run speed, +valk skills (can't skill it if no evade). Faith when you wanna be a royal pain in the arse dealing damage in many ways, good for characters you struggle to run against

    Eth titans/stormshield or sanctuary for res, or swordback hold for OW.
    bramble (I live in New Zealand, so teleporting is terrible due to lag, and I prefer bramble anyhow)
    20 ias 2 java gloves (great if kb, res, stats etc.)
    2 ama 30 frw 2 sock tiara (great if other mods) 2x ias/res or ias/ed jewels (i'd go res)
    Wts if using faith, else tri res frw boots
    highlords/cats eye/frw craft with 2 ama and other mods

    cube for cta and other equip swaps (jewelery and belt)
    8x java frw skillers
    11x res/frw scs

    Should be breaking 160 frw with that, more on java switch. Combined with harmony and your into desynch town.

    dex str enough for gear/max block
    vit rest

    Will have low bow damage even in faith setup, due to MB and low dex, no forti and no max charms. However I figure any chip you can make will help, and it is great for finishers.

    Life won't be bad with cta prebuff and with vita build.

    I especially want to try this with harmony to poison and then run around.

    Won't reach the 52 ias breakpoint without cats eye, but I guess that's all good as the frw helps.
  2. SeCKSEgai

    SeCKSEgai IncGamers Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    Re: Theory Crafting

    I sincerely doubt that would be an effective counter - As sins will use both MB and WoF in unison, you're still vulnerable as the mb would prevent you from running, or stop you as you start to.

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