Theme-Based Tourney; Signup & In Progress


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Theme-Based Tourney; Signup & In Progress

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Theme-based Tourney:

-HC only
-Trading is allowed with other tourney chars
-All quests and Waypoints are optional
-All skills are allowed
-Any players setting is allowed
-No 'Save & Exit Game' to escape death
-Untwinked, ATMA is allowed for muling of and muling on of 'muled of' items
-All areas can be rerun until the end of time
-Act bosses can be rerun until the end of time
-When your character dies I'd like some good items found by the character send to me to become part of the prize stash
-After sending in the prize stash you may start another character (can be the same build as the previous)

-Start will be on Saterday May-14
-After 2 months a 'tourney check' will be made and then will be decided what to do next: Set deadline or set next 'tourney check'
-Player with the highest score at the Deadline wins the Tourney
-Prize distruburion will depent on the size of the prize stash

Scoring system:
- 1 point for each WP
- 1 point for each quest
- 5 points for becoming Destroyer
- 10 points for becoming Conquerer
- 15 points for becoming Guardian

This is the special part of the tourney. The idea is that the character you make is based on a theme. It doesn't really matter what theme, use whatever theme you like (a book, a movie, a TV-serie, another computergame, mythology, etcetera, etcetera ). For instance a Necro using a scythe weapon and Fire Golem as "The Grim Reaper" (Necro) and the Devil (FireGolem). What kind of build you make is your choise, but please have a little imagination and don't use a Meteorb with the name of Merlin (If you want to, I won't stop you but I'd like to see what kind of creations you can come up with). In order to promote the use of your imagination there will be multipliers given to each build (your points will be multiplied by that number). Multipliers will be given on the friday before the start of the tournament.

************************************************** ************************

People who have joined or expressed interrest:
ForumName       Character    Theme                    Progress     Points
Reid Flemming    Barbarian    Rocky Balboa             Act1/Norm    ?
corax            Barbarian    Transformers             Act1/Norm    ?
XDoomasX         Barbarian    Berserk Anime            Act1/Norm    ?
Cattleya         Amazon       Xena:Warrior Princess    Act1/Norm    ?   
Sint Nikolaas    Paladin      Star Wars                Act1/Norm    ?
Lordmay          Assasin      Starcraft                Act1/Norm    ?
goltar25         Barbarian    Drunken Brawler          Act1/Norm    ?
AlterEgo         Necromancer  Bip (Mime Character)     Act1/Norm    ?
farting bob      Assasin      Matrix                   Act1/Norm    ?
JicamaEater      Amazon       Metroid                  Act1/Norm    ?
Amidala          Assasin      Krondor-Series           Act1/Norm    ?
Vildecor         Sorceress    X-Men                    Act1/Norm    ?
Horobi           Amazon       Norse Mythology          Act1/Norm    ?
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My build is based on one of the Valkyrie in Norse Mythology (Battle Maidens of Odin who took fallen warriors to Valhalla), Hildr to be exact. The precise build I will post later.

************************************************** ************************

If you are interested in joining I'd like to know the following thing of your character:
-Theme the character is build around
-Skill point distrubution
-Any other Rules/Regulations for your character.
************************************************** ************************

E-Mail: Jonathanatsma(at)
Can we change our character before the start date? because i was thinking either rocky or matrix, but i didnt see someone grabbed rocky first. I dont mind matrix style, but i've never really enjoyed the idea of a kicksin, and that makes a big part of the build, plus i have a MB/trapsin already so it would feel much like im just doing it all again, but with kicking.
EDIT: Matrix build summary:
MA (not sure which yet, i'll have to do some research) and MB as main skills, wears balck, no helm that has a graphic (circlets ok). SM to represent trinity and act 2 merc to show morpheus.
I rekon with practise it could be hell viable, but im a kicksin n00b.


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I have no problem with people changing their builds. As long as you are clear about what build/chara you use I don't see a problem.


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Yay, it's about to start. Well, as before, I'm still doing the drunken brawler, unless I come up with something better before the start date.


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"In a great hall under the mountains of Middle-earth, Aulë, the smith of the Valar, fashioned the Seven Fathers of Dwarves during the Ages of Darkness, when Melkor and his evil servants in Utumno and Angband held sway over all of Middle-earth. Therefore Aulë made Dwarves stout and strong, unaffected by cold and fire, and sturdier than the races that followed. Aulë knew of the great evil of Melkor, so he made the Dwarves stubborn, indomitable, and persistent in labor and hardship. They were brave in battles and their pride and will could not be broken."

Name: Thorin (In honor of D2Addict's lvl99 character, I will not use the name Gimli)
Theme: LOTR
Stats: Here's where I'm headed (may vary slightly)
Concentrate - 20
Battle Orders - 20
Shout/Iron Skin - 20 (not sure which I'll choose, Iron Skin seems to fit the theme better, but shout gives better defense boost...probably will go IS to fit the theme :))
Axe Mastery - 10+ (should this be higher? not that I expect help from my opponents hehe)
Natural Resist - 10+
Beserk - 1+
Pre-req's - 4
Rules/Restrictions: 2h axe only. Will use starter weapon until I find or can purchase a 2h axe.

This sounds like fun. I haven't made a barbarian in quite some time :).



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The Valkyries ("Choosers of the Slain") are beautiful young women, mounted upon winged horses and armed with helmets and spears. Odin needs many brave warriors for the oncoming battle of Ragnarok, and the Valkyries scout the battlefields to choose the bravest of those who have been slain. They escort these heroes, called the Einherjar to Valhalla, Odin's hall.

The Valkyries are also Odin's messengers and when they ride forth on their errands, their armor causes the strange flickering light that is called "Aurora Borealis" (Northern Lights).

The Idea is to make a Tankazon with an as powerfull Valkyrie (Slain Hero) as possible so all points go into Valkyrie 'synergies'. I don't think the build will be easy. But I do think I've seen more crazy builds in this Tourney....

Name: Hildr

Build: Tankazon

Magic (Valkyrie + 'synergy'):
-20 Valkyrie (Slain Hero)
-20 Decoy
Passive (All Valkyrie 'Synergies'):
-10 Critical Strike (56 %)
-12 Dodge (50 %)
-10 Avoid (55 %)
-10 Penetrate (+125 %)
-12 Evade (50 %)
Prereq: 2
Total: 96

Rules Restrictions:
-Only Act 1 Merc (Other Valkyrie)
-Only Javalin-Type Weapon + Shield
-No Jewelery
-No gloves
-Armor has to have + Light Radius (Northern Lights)

PS: I will obviously ask someone else to evaluate my build


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Do I have to sign until Saturday? Or can I join later, when the tournament will be in progress? I can't think of a good theme/build I would like to play and I have several other D2-related projects...

Sint Nikolaas

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Fidge was a child of the light, born and raised in the zakarum temple he learned about the powers of good and evil. Other than his friends, he only had little, he was more interested in the power of evil. He wanted to learn about it thouroughly before venturing and destroying it. As he was a young pupil, within Fidge the darkness grew and when he ventured out for the first time he met a Sith lord.
Siths are the sworn enemies of the light, however this lord was weak. As he fought the Sith, he felt his emotions take over and the moment he took the Siths life, the darkness took his.
Now Fidge ventures to find a pupil of his own... to train in the dark arts.

Fidge, level 1 paladin.
Sith Lord.
Level 1, scaring people in the rogue encampment.


Skill restrictions:
Fidge wanders on the dark path and cannot use any of the aura's a fighter of the light can use.
(so.. scrap offencive and defencive aura's..)
Fidge can never use the holy skills, he has learned them.. but cannot fight with them.
(so.. scrap smite, holy bolt, blessed hammer, holy shield, conversion and fist of heaven)
Prereq 1
20 Sacrifice
20 Zeal
20 Charge
20 Vengeance
Total: 81

Mercenary restrictions:
Fidge is looking for a Sith pupil. There are allways two.
No mercenary allowed, except for an act 5 barb merc. No gear restrictions on the merc as he has splendid grafics.

Armor restrictions:
Sith lords do not need armor, they fight with their lightsabres or they die.
Only leather armor and cap allowed. Only swords allowed, 2-handed preferably. No resctrictions on jewelry, belt, gloves or boots.

Quest restrictions:
All quests and wp's must be obtained. All venturing will be done without running away or quitting before I bite the dust. Sith lords stand tall and fear nothing. When I am a full Sith lord (learned all my skills) and my pupil is fully trained (the same level as me) my venture is done. So.. when I reach 81 skillpoints and level up my merc I'm done.. It is possible at clvl 69, but I'll probably die at Duriel.. I mean I'll probably be 71 orso.


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I'd like to make some adjustments to my character, Thorin, to make things more challenging :). Forgive me, the edit function doesn't work for some reason when I'm logged in on my laptop.

Concentrate: 20
Battle Orders: 20
Iron Skin: 20
All Resistances: 10
Shout: 10+

On top of the weapon restriction, I am limiting myself to the following armor and headgear classes (and the equivalent exceptional/elite version):

Armor: Quilted, Leather, Hard Leather, Studded Leather, Breast Plate (since you don't see too many Dwarves walking around in full plate mails)
Headgear: Skull cap, Circlets, Coronet (since Dwarves have too much hair for their heads to fit in anything else :lol:)



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poopie_pants said:
Forgive me, the edit function doesn't work for some reason when I'm logged in on my laptop.
I'm pretty sure that's because one hour had passed. ;) Can't edit posts beyond that point.


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Hrus: During the first 2 months of the tourney signups are still open. So feel free to join whenever you like.


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You missed me :(

I'm doing a char from Jordan's WoT I'm thinking Faile ('zon w/ swords and knives) Rouge would be "Bain", Valkrie would be "Chaid" those two are a pair, so I can't get the rouge w/o my valk. If there's anyway to get a wolf from equip (never been that interested in charges or + to skills for a dire wolf, so I have to go looking) then that'll be "Perrin"

Hmmm, I need to get on it.


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water_moon said:
You missed me :(

I'm doing a char from Jordan's WoT I'm thinking Faile ('zon w/ swords and knives) Rouge would be "Bain", Valkrie would be "Chaid" those two are a pair, so I can't get the rouge w/o my valk. If there's anyway to get a wolf from equip (never been that interested in charges or + to skills for a dire wolf, so I have to go looking) then that'll be "Perrin"

Hmmm, I need to get on it.
That's such a great idea! I love it! :)

This tourney would have been very interesting to join if i hadn't put myself up for something yet, and if i weren't such a slow player. But i'll think on it for a bit longer and might join up after all, would be fun!


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I'll post my finalized theme. I've changed a few thigs which I highlighted.

Protoss Elite Fenix
I got the idea from starcraft. In the game Fenix takes two forms zealot(melee) and dragoon(ranged).This will be an assassin. I will try to make her as true to the zealot as possible. She will obviously be dual katar. Dragon claw will be my main killing skill because zealots attack with both hands. In SC you can upgrade a zealots speed so I will use BoS. You can also increase their attack three times so that is 3 points(base) into claw mastery. It may get boosted higher by plus skills. I also want to include the shields that zealots get. It will offer me extra proection and more life. Protoss shields also recharge over time. I will accomplish this in three ways. Get any items and mods that give me X% dmg taken goes to mana, mana regen, and +X goes to mana after each kill. Also I cannot use mana potions. I will also have to pump my life and energy equally.

Now for the dragoon. I'll mostly focus on the zealot part but I want to have ranged damage also. Since dragoons fire slowly I'll use a xbow as my weapon. I'll load it up with as much lightning damage I can because the dragoons attack with phase disruptor bolts. I will mostly use the dragoon form when I fight physical immunes.

One other aspect of the protoss I want to incorporate is the psychic link that all protoss share.They are able to connect mentally with one another. MB will be my way of "connecting" with other protoss. If they are one of my clansmen then they will fight with me. If not then I wll have to kill them.

This idea come from Starcraft itself.Starcraft is a RTS. You don't attack one unit at a time. So I'll have a SW as another zealot to fight with me and a barb merc which represents a reaver which is the tank unit of protoss.

Weapons:dual katar/Xbow with lightning dmg
Skills: 20 dragon claw, 20 SW, 8 MB, 7 BoS, 10 weapon block, 3 claw mastery, 1 TS and CS
Stats: Enough str and Dex for katars, Vit and NRG split 50/50

I can't wait to start.


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Build theme: Metroid

<- Points vainly to Metroid Zero Mission avatar
The character is Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter. In the Metroid series there have been a ton of variations in various aspects of play. From no saves or map (Metroid for NES) to the heavily linear Metroid Fusion, in which a lousy computer told you where to go and gave you stuff, to the First-Person adventures in Metroid Prime and its sequel, it was hard for me to decide how I wanted the character to work.

But the first part was obvious. Between all the games, Samus has one thing. A huge variety of moves. Sorceresses have a good number of spells but when I think "a lot of abilities" my mind goes straight to Amazons. Plus, they're blonde, and the last one I played was the ill-fated JadziaDax (though this will only be MORE challenging than she was, I hope). Samus (the Diablo II character) will be based on the Metroid: Zero Mission game for GBA. In this game Samus may access Saves and Maps (in my view the map, while not necessary, is a convenience (especially for my playing style) that I wouldn't want to deny myself...not even if it will garner extra multiplier points), but her only option to regain energy and other vital supplies is to blast monsters to death. Samus will also explore every area searching for more and better power-ups. Monsters also respawn frequently in Metroid so Samus will be allowed to battle these respawns if it will greatly aid her survival. Samus fights alone. There will be no mercenary allowed. Not that it matters because once she enters the fray he will not be able to communicate with anyone (which I ripped off from AlterEgo's mime). She carries everything on her person, so there will be no use of the stash (muled items will be placed in ATMA, and not retrieved). Lastly, Samus has no real defensive abilities (barring Morph Ball, which has no D2 equivalent), and none of the Passive and Magic skills don't correspond to anything she has. The exceptions are Inner Sight, which could be compared to the Echo/Dark visor from Echoes or the X-Ray visor in Super Metroid, and Slow Missiles, which will make up for the lack of jump evasion. Plus they're just damn useful and I would never go without them.

So...the build:

Bow and Crossbow: 66 Points total
22 Points for Cold (prereq), Ice (prereq), and freezing Arrow maxed, representing the Ice Beam
22 Points for Magic Arrow (prereq), Multishot (prereq), and Guided Arrow maxed, representing the Charge Beam (improving single target damage hugely)
22 Points for Fire Arrow (prereq), Exploding arrow (prereq), and Immolation Arrow maxed, representing the multi-target beams (don't recall names, Wave maybe) from the series

Javelin and Spear: 22 Points Total
22 Points for Poison Javelin (prereq), Lightning Bolt (prereq), and Plague Javelin
The javelin skills are a bit of a stretch, I know, but there's not a whole lot to be done. It's not like Samus to get skills that are redundant (synergies). Plus there's more of a limit on the Javelins which works better with missiles.

Passive and magic: 4 points total
1 Point Inner Sight (the Dark Visor from Prime)
3 Points Slow Missiles (it just has to be recast too often otherwise)

The points total 92, which is a little high...because she can't return Izual or the Den of Evil she recieves only three bonus skill points, finishing the build at 89 (which she won't reach anyway). GA will be maxed last because it works so differently from the other skills, not using synergies and all. Plus it costs the least mana so it hurts the least.

Other restrictions: no retrieving items from stash, no communication with townsfolk, no mercenary, and of course my usual play rules (clear every area once, no running)

Whew! That was long!


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My character for this tournament will be Storm from the X-men. She'll be sort of a Weathergirl sorc, but without Meteor.

For skill restrictions, there will be no telekinesis, no teleporting, no fire skills (warmth is out, too), no static field (for more difficulty), and no cold shields. Before she gets blizzard and thunderstorm, she can only use the lightning-based attack skills (sans nova). The only skills she'll be putting more than 1 point in will be Blizzard (maxxed), Thunderstorm (maxxed), Cold & Lightning Mastery (maxxed last), and probably a 10/10 split between Lightning and Chain Lightning.

She'll be weaponless and shieldless, wearing only circlet-type helms, leather armors (including boots and gloves), can use any belts, rings, and amulets. She will also be traveling without a mercenary.

Can't wait to start.


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Name: Isildur
I will be playing with a LOTR theme, I always thought aragorn was so kewl with his 2 handed sword. After traveling for decades in the waste lands this ranger from the north with no thought for his own safety will purge the land of evil. Using the only sword that no one can be immune against, they will flee at the sight of him but be stunned with the wonder of his sword.

He will always carry a 2handed weapon along with bow and arrow on switch.
Merc? Where would he be without an elf (rogue) companion always keeping watch for the other they will be feared.

Berserk 20
War Cry 20
Sword Mastery 20
Howl 20

He will explore every last bit of the land clearing everything...
No real restrictions on gear, he will travel light weight though. And be fast.
Never needing to take a brake from his mission.

Ok Don't know if I can play that much, but will try to fit some time in soon. But it doesn't look like this is too pressured though. Never had a hc past normal baal though. Haven't tried before either! :cool:

this will be fun


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here, precise version of my char.

Name: Gorath (martial arts assasin)
theme: Krondor serie's


double katar, or sword+shield
equipment has to be magic or better (exept for beginning ones)
only act 2, or act 3 merc. (magician Owyn)
fade =8
shadow mastery= 13
weapon block= 5

martial arts:
dragon talon = 7
dragon flight= 8
Phoenix strike = 10
fist of fire =2
claws of thunder=2
blades of ice=3
dragon claw=2
dragon tail=2
(further skills for working up to better, lvl 1)

total= 82
(if i ever manage to get that far) ;)
amy, my neo kill kick (litrally) your MA sins ass. :uhhuh:
Oh, and im restricting my gear further so that wherever possible he wears a black item (or item socketed with skull), and will not wear gloves.
I might have to spend the first week ro so practising kicking and avoiding death but after that i will pwn all!