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TheHoundIOO, Barb Baron

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by TedDeeBoy, May 11, 2017.

  1. TedDeeBoy

    TedDeeBoy Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 24, 2006
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    Sounds the trumpets for

    Baron TheHoundIOO, version 1.00 classic
    Barbarian Level 71 Build WW/LA


    Hard Skill pts
    Max Spear Mastery, BO
    14 WW (yet to max)
    4 LA (IM option, get to 10 at least)
    2 Leap (2nd pt an error)
    12 NR
    1 BCry
    1 Find Potion
    1 pt wonders and prereqs, expect Inc Speed
    no BCommand, no Hork

    STR - 70/**
    DEX - 60/60
    VIT - 285/285
    ENE - 10/10

    normal / after BO
    Life 1374 /2253
    Mana 159 / 260

    Unspent Stats 25

    LCS Damage
    LA 236 - 1022
    WW 210 - 908, an attack per frame

    See the pics
    The gear is essentially MF oriented

    TheHoundIOO-Char.jpg TheHoundIOO-Itamz.jpg TheHoundIOO-Skillz.jpg

    Skills +1
    FHR 4 steps
    LL 10%, ML 6%
    **% MF

    Key Skills with + Skills
    lvl 21 BO (+64% Life and Mana, 150 sec dur)
    lvl 2 BCry (-52% def, 26% dam, 14.4 sec dur)
    lvl 21 Sp Mast (+130% dam, +190% AR)
    lvl 15 WW (+160% dam, +95% AR, 53 mana, an attack per frame)
    lvl 5 LA (+220% dam, always hit)
    lvl 13 Nat res (+60 [email protected])

    Deaths several in Normal mainly attempting to level other characters and forgetting him in the MP games, he is a sturdy build overall, once he got WW just a few. One notable in the Hell CS to Champion OKs

    My thoughts

    Overall this about 3 months in the making as play time was occasionally limited and I did plenty of side project detractions. The TheHoundIOO did the vast majority of the levelling and questing for the original 8 throughout the journey
    He was the first char used to in Normal Act 1 with OrbtressIOO tagging along

    He was used until Act 2 Normal when the game dropped a nice rare dual leech Poleaxe with 65 max damage and his brother TheMountainIOO took over the questing until Normal Act 4 as in Act 3 LK the game dropped a rare pike with 91 Max and cold dam so back to the TheHoundIOO in Act 4 Normal

    The journey was difficult when young. He had a lot to learn about fast attacking. The going was slow at first with 1 pt bash the 1 pt concentrate and just weapon mastery helping with hitting and damage.This only sped up once he learned WW at 30. From there each level we gained he became quicker through the game

    At about 34 he became a decent farmer of Maggot. At 36 useful for normal cows Normal Cows
    At 40 with any rare pike he is a tank. He struggles with any mana burn pack if his WW gets interrupted

    He quested through NM, with Orbtress again until they made Lord and Lady
    Together these helped the other original 8 and many other support chars get to each Sir/Madam or Lord/Lady

    The final journey through Hell took several hours of intense game time over 1.5 weeks duration of a single MP game with OrbtressIOO included

    - Questing Act 1 and 2
    - Level break for 6 characters at the Canyon WP
    - Questing Act 3 and 4
    - Levelling break for 5 chars at the RoF
    - Finishing off Diablo with crew to became Baron last Sunday night,

    The other characters with the Baron/Baroness are

    Zeila the Light Queen, 69 Sorc, Nova and SF currently, and a stack of spare SkPts. Plans are unknown as yet for these SkPts. She lvled herself in parts of the game up to Hell A2 then rushed
    GamblerV, Lvl 33 Zon, PoiJ/CS, used to open Hell games and Hell Cows portal, self levelled by Maggot farming in Nor Act2 and Act 4 then rushed

    The other six
    Lady OrbtressIOO, Level 70, Orb/Blizz build, special mention and stats there
    Lady Atheia, Level 61, Orb/Blizz build
    Lady Melia Ice Queen, 68, Orb build and a stack of spare SkPts
    Lord TheMountainIOO,62 Barb , WW/LA, PA Mastery Build
    Lady EnchantressIOO,68 Sorc, Enchant/Hydra Sorc, will be part of the char rushing team
    Lord GodoBlood, Necro 58 currently, CE/IM/BG Zookeeper, essentially a MF only char.

    Some of the finds from the team since the TheHoundIOO started
    Useful Uniques

    1.00 SoJ count 3, 2 from Normal CK and 1 gambled (when gambling for rares), None on the TheHoundIOO
    WormSkull, Normal Duriel and 1st unique found
    Wall of the Eyeless, NM Duriel, awesome!

    Other awesome drops
    Scroll of TP, Hell Duriel.
    Rares - that will need a whole article with days of preparation.

    Why 1.00
    - Well it is about the rares
    - Gameplay is different with more emphasis on solo play without the help of mercs
    - The element of danger seems a little higher because the lack of godly RWs and life charms that make your character and merc invincible
    - One final restart - we know restarting from scratch takes a lot of time and effort so I started where it all started
    - Want to know more - see the Time Travel guides and the videos in those threads

    Future plans for the TheHoundIOO

    1) Unfinished business maggot farming in the Hell RoF
    2) Rushing some characters
    3) RoF levelling in MP games
    4) Hell Cows and Act 4 MF

    My future plans in 1.00
    1) Quest the CE Necro through to Act 4 Hell with MF Gear on a players 4 game while questing them (next)
    2) Finish of the grim wand imbuing project, just same characters in NM to complete
    2a) Rushing some other support chars aka mules to Hell for storage of rares
    3) Lvlling the original 8
    4) Gold Finding
    5) Gambling
    6) goto 4)

    Thanks to
    - @Treeharl and @helvete for the awesome guides and advice. Otherwise , I would playing less DII with the current version and I never would have got anywhere with the builds. I've would have still been stuck at lvl 25 somewhere in normal
    - Bliss for the version switcher, makes 1.00 multi play possible and time travel fun
    - All of contributors to the 1.00 threads, great to see the Jurassic age of DII is alive and well
    - SPF members- so helpful and knowledgeable
    - A mate who bought me the original DII 1.00 game back in 2001, otherwise I would not be able TT even if I wanted to

    Apologies if I don't answer your questions immediately over the next day. I will have more time tomorrow (Friday) night after work and other responsibilities
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  2. DiabloTwoinDC

    DiabloTwoinDC Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 12, 2013
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    1.00 .. I was wondering why I've never seen that congratulations screen before. o_O

    Playing with some low level gear there! A combined total req lvl of 156 on gear.. That's impressive!
  3. maxicek

    maxicek Moderator Single Player

    Aug 5, 2005
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    Congratulations, love the Game of Thrones names on the barbs.

    I have Arya (Assassin) and Cersei (Sorceress) in 1.07. Also Melisandre (Fire Trapper if I complete the gear) in 1.13
  4. Grape

    Grape Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Nice accomplishment! I was thinking about doing a Baron thread for my Barb as well when the time comes. Be sure to post a link to this in the Mat/Pat/Guardian collection, there isn't too many classic chars there, let alone 1.00

    Good luck with your future plans! Sounds quite familiar :)
  5. TedDeeBoy

    TedDeeBoy Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 24, 2006
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    First of all, thanks for the likes

    @DiabloTwoinDC , Classic is like a whole different game. Having access to low level rares is the rushers dream and made the levelling fun after 30. End game gear by 22, as that damage pike is very rare. It would be interesting to see a no level requirement equipment Baron/Baroness. An interesting thought. Could be project one day perhaps, thanks

    @maxicek GoT is the only fiction TV show I watch, great series.The first ever episode hooked me. Watch the occasional movie but most spare is spent gaming , DII, yes more time needed. I'll watch for Arya, Ceresi and Melisandre with interest. Think of a personalised weapon Arya's , ideally a Fleshripper , but I think that is not available for 1.07 so maybe some sort of nasty Suwayyah would be awesome her if. Great theme with Melisandre and Ceresi. I watch out for threads about them

    @Grape- thanks Definitely go for the thread because you need to restart and the grind in the early part of the game is long so you definitely earn that right and people like the story. My thread was long and took me several hours to compile the pics and story but I still feel the journey explanation to be incomplete. Yet if it was any longer many would not read to the bottom of it. After a day or two I will link it to Pat/Mat Baron/Baroness companion. Cant wait to level the Necro. I am missing a nice rare Demonhide sash and perhaps a nice matching Mage/Ornate Plate rares to finish these builds

    Hopefully I give someone some inspiration to try 1.00 and those grinding through the early part of their 1.00 levelling process keep going.

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