TheDragoon's Werebear Guide


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VictusMetuo said:
This thread was made for discussion, comments, and questions on TheDragoon's Werebear Guide. You can find the link below.
I'm building a wearbear based on your guide. A few comments:
I suggest Hsarus' complete set to use as equipment for low level (what you call very low level). Good resists, defence, attack rating, can wear it very quickly, 20% frw, cannot be frozen,... It fit very well with the 1h weapons you suggest.

Just a question. I supose the skills points you suggest are based on points to invest, without any +skills?


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Great guide i just didnt see ne new runeword like botd beast etc and along with new uniques for ne viability in the build. It would be nice to know what is good/decent/bad choices out of the new uniques.


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I think this guide is 1.09.

(Just check the last update ...)

Which also explains the lack of some items, as well as the fact that upgrading isn't taken into account.