The wiki and Xiansai.


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The wiki and Xiansai.

Hello, I have something to say about what I have noticed about the name of "Xiansai". I am not an English speaking native so please bear with me.

The wiki mentions that "Xiansai" consists of 3 Chinese words particular "Xi'an ????", name of a place in China, and "Sai", meaning small/little.

It is interesting to note that Chinese is not a language (as diablo wiki suggests), but a language family that includes various untelligible dialects. I call them "dialects" for a political purpose. Here, I mostly agree that Xian sounds like the Mandarin pronunciation of Xi'an ????, but Sai meaning "little" seems to have little in relationship with the name in general. Because in Mandarin, "little" is more commonly known as "xiao ???".

However, while the name "Xi'an" is a Mandarin pronunciation of the location being in the Western region, the word "Sai" coincidentally also means "West" in one reading of Japanese and Cantonese, and I believe this may have been added to compliment the Mandarin "Xi" in "Xi'an". I say this because I find that the word for little/small is very uncommonly pronounced as "sai" in Mandarin, and find it very awkward.

But to speak truthfully, I don't think the name "Xiansai" has any relationship with directions. It is probably made to sound Eastern, but meaningless, agree no?