The Week in Review (6/26 - 7/3)


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The Week in Review (6/26 - 7/3)

Hey all! Another week has passed around here (and in the real world, I guess...)

Not so many newcomers this week... (but it's quality, not quantity, right? :lol: )
Dark Myth

If you didn't know, farting bob was banned. Everybody had their own opinions about him, and we're not discussing them anymore.

A lively discussion of BNet forums versus DiiNet forums happened if you missed it
A number of posts have come up regarding the ridiculous speed run of Diablo II
Quickdeath has produced a guide to the perfect grail
How much work was it for you to get guardian (if you have one at all)? Answer here.
And a joke by Disco-neck Ted may have gone too far this time.

Character progress (Mats, Pats, and stuff)
Sure, he hasn't finished Hell, but seige's conqueror is still quite an achievement
Matriarch PandorasRevenge, a meteorb, has finished off Baal
Patriarch Bjorn has finished the game's icy challenges as well
One heck of a week for nepeta, as
Glenys_nepetam has proven himself an Immortal King
and Zephyr has dominated as well
And I didn't forget about Amnesia, a lightning sorceress
PinkeyandtheBrain has been playing classic and he has something to show for it
And Atmosphere has hit the first of hopefully many landmarks with his fishymancer
Last but definitely not least, killian27 has finished a bowazon

Thanks to water_moon for her help and for writing last week's Review
Sorry, dashy, you'll just have to try harder next week. If all else fails date a celebrity (an inside joke from another forum. Just horrible of me, I know).

corax said:
Our Overlord Kremtok appeared heavily in this thread.
Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about :D .

Thanks for reading.


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TY, JE. Good write up. And here's a line for AA:

The SPF was joined by a new EU to be. Congrats to the proud papa.

edit: and corax you already volunteered for next week, I'll be sending you a PM on Sat. to remind you. :D
Now the week after that is open to anyone who wants to give it a go...


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Ashmer Amadeus said:
Apparently my wife giving birth this week isn't important enough to make the week in review huh? :scratch: :lol:
I apologize greatly. I have a reasonable "excuse" but really I'm not all over the OT posts in general. My eyes normally just glaze over them. Still, I read them...

I went to see "The Winter's Tale," a totally awesome play by Shakespeare last night but it rained, delaying the play by nearly an hour and a half (it was outside). I got back and started writing at 2. By the time I thought I was finished it was after 3. If I had saved it to post this afternoon then everything would have worked out. People reading this thread will catch it, though, so this story ended happily. Congrats! I didn't post in the other thread.


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Ashmer Amadeus said:
Apparently my wife giving birth this week isn't important enough to make the week in review huh? :scratch: :lol:
No. No it isn't.

And stop trying to hog all of the attention.

That's my job. >.>



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This thread is neat. Do it again. :D

I should make a poll thread to decide whether Corax should be banned for a while or not. Or slapped. On that note, which is worse: Banned or slapped?


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I vote for a ban on slapping

and Durf

and beer (not for bans on them, just voting for Durf & beer)


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So have Corax forgot to write the Week in Review this week? If you guys want to see one I can take time to write one tomorrow.