The website script is assuming things about us :O


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The website script is assuming things about us :O

On looking, I saw the design/strat forum descriptions:

"Design and development for the Amazon"
"Design and development for the Assassin"
"Design and development for the Sorceress"

the rest say "Design and development for Your [class here]"

It's assuming that we have all male chars and none of the female classes.. the forum calling us.. ..sexist..? :jig:


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I believe he is 'babbling' about the fact that some of the character specific boards, say for the amazon, for example, and others say for your druid.

It only seems to be the female gender characters that don't have "your" in the description... which, admittedly, i've never noticed untill now, heh... So yes, I find that... rather amusing myself =\


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Nah, all it's saying is that you can never truly own an Amazon.

She'll always be wild, free, and showing cleavage.