The way 2 kill baal w/ a fb sorc

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The way 2 kill baal w/ a fb sorc

I know ive been askin alot o questions but no1 ever helps me in the game....i nd a way 2 mf with my sorc and ive tried andy, 2 many immunes, mephy, council, and i wont even try diablo KNIGHTS, so baal is my last chance. my gear is pretty solid and i do about 14k-15k dmg with my fireball and my merc ranks pretty high w/9k dmg but i just need 2 know how 2 kill baal and his minions and get the stuff he drops. ive tried once by myself and lister killed me, hes always immune 2 me, wut do i do?????


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Why not just stick all questions in one thread instead of posting 4 successive ones? If its supposed to be some kind of a joke, considering your name, its not that funny but rather annoying.

...anyway, fb sorces shouldnt need to worry about fire imunes at andariels throne since your job is to tele up to her and quickly finish her off with your fire balls.


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Baal is not a very good place to run for a FB you already know Lister and his cronies aré immune to fire, and it will take way too long for your mercenary to take them down, if possible at all. I also think the Balrogs have high fire immunity so it's very difficult/impossible with only fire damage. You can try to branch out a bit with Frozen Orb, which is quite effective, even with a small investment...20-25 points.

Why don't you just run Mephisto...he shouldn't be too hard if you have a though mercenary...just teleport past all those council guys, let your mercenary engage Mephisto and fire away.


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to be doing the sort of damage you are talking about 14-15K fireball you've got something like a fully synergised level 39 Fireball / 39 Fire mastery right?

exactly what items beyond what you are using are you looking for?

as for Baal runs...Since Lister and his minions are immune you can always park them...have them ALL chase you away from Baal...retreat to the doorway to the level or down one of the sides...then teleport back to Baal...he'll laugh maniacally and go into the final chamber allowing you to follow.

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K, ill probably stick with the mephy runs or andy, i just wanted 2 c if i could get 2 baal, hes ez 2 kill but its his minions lol, and yes my fb, mastery and other synergies are maxed and i am usin 3 5/5 fire facets and p eschutas w/ fb ormus and pshako w/ 5/5 so ty guys :)


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OUCH, that's an expensive setup for an MF sorc. If you want to stick to Fire, I woudl recommend focusing on Meph and maybe adding Pindle, Shenk and Countess (you kill minons, merc kills her).

What might be a more efficient method to MF would be to switch to a Meteorb or pure cold Bliz sorc (I prefer the Bliz myself). My Bliz sorc will do Andy, Meph, Pindle and Baal in a run. I can actually run anywhere in the game except the completely CI areas (Snakes, Ice caves, etc). Anywhere with only a few CI (even Pits) I can run with my merc. A Bliz MF sorc is much cheaper than your current setup (which sounds more focused on dueling than MFing).

Shako (PTop)
Tal Ammy
Tal Armour (PTop)
Tal Belt
Wizspike (Ist)
Spirit or 2x PDia Up'ed Moser
35 Spirit = 105 FCR BP, Moser = Max resists, your choice.
I can hit almost 800 MF with Ist'ed Ali Baba and Rhyme on switch and still survive anywhere. Just a thought.