The Untwinked Level 99 Progress Thread, Revenge of the 99ers


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And soon you're 9x by AT running. Little switch to CS and hey, you can almost keep up to your best leveling times. Why not?

Now you're wondering at lvl 98 what would be the most efficient way to 99.

Gripphon confirmed going for 99, GG.


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Indeed. Found another Gul and Mal before rerolling map. This LK map was fine, but it had too many bosspacks in huts, it was too annoying and I died too often for my taste. I'll take a chance to try to roll for a better map, though didn't manage to find any in 30 min rerolling. But I'm fine, now I'm basically 50% into CtA if I cube runes, but since I need charms, I might as well farm much more than just CtA, though I don't have desire to use other runewords. I would need elite base for Insight so I will probably need to hit cows at some point to farm base, heading into AT with exceptional base merc is not exactly brilliant idea I think. AT is still far away, don't even have 3 rows of usable charms yet.


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Spent 45 minutes to roll a better map and now I'm total of 8.5 hours into LK running: 2xPul, 2xUm, 2xMal, Ist, 3xGul and Sur. Luck is not really good since by now at average I should have farmed ~3 Vex+ runes, but quantity is slightly above average at least. 1 more Gul to cube Ohm, but I would also want Lo to make Fortitude for merc. MF charms are going nicely, but I would prefer to find something soonish to move out of LK to finish quests and then cows for bases and possibly lucky Lo or something. I also can't find +2 or +3 cold skills amulet while already found +3 to nearly everything else...


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Mercy hit 98.5 earlier today. I think I’ve finally gotten comfortable with the runs.

Mercy is now landing at the bottom right of Nihl's platform with the final teleport almost every time. And I also have figured out how to target Nihl almost immediately, which allows me to see his mods, and then drop 5 traps before switching to FB (now on RMB to avoid another misclick). If there are vipers nearby or Mercy has an XP shrine and Nihl is cursed, she takes one more teleport to the top right corner of the room before laying down traps.

At a leisurely pace, she’s averaging ~2.35M XP per hour, and focused running nets >2.45M. She is still picking up all Hel+ runes and every elite unique/set, plus SC/GC and jewels. She generally picks up flawless amethysts, but not always, and also checks out interesting normal and exceptional uniques to see if they are ethereal.

Stopping this latter practice and focusing only on Pul+ runes would probably let her get over 2.5M XP per hour. But I will probably keep up the current approach, as Mercy has helped make good progress on my ethereal grail.

Solid finds, including a 5% life leech BKWB to replace the 4% one (and match the Ravenfrost!), a Mara’s upgrade to [email protected] (with my preferred art), an eth Steel Shade (a grailer for her), eth Spike Thorn, Nat’s Claw (grailer for her), another Ravenlore (-16 efr, so better than first one), another Medusa’s Gaze, 50 MF War Traveler (first for me), and Graverobber skiller with GF.

The Nat’s Claw was ilvl 84, so it dropped from an Ice Spawn, which is pretty unexpected. Assuming I did the drop calc correctly, it is something 1:5 million odds, which is less likely by far than a Zod (1:2 million odds). :eek: So Mercy will take it!

Runes for this tenth of the level were okay: Vex, Um, and Vex #2 (hiding off on the edge of the screen again).

To commemorate the milestone, Mercy used the Vex from RFL3 to reroll HoTo, hoping to upgrade her [email protected] one. Sadly, it was not to be ([email protected]).

But, in the course of doing that, she swapped out a plain +20 life SC for a +19 life one with 15 mana. It resulted in a much more aesthetically pleasing inventory (this pic also shows the improvement in appearance that the Mara's and BKWB upgrades allowed).
98.5 inventory.jpg

* * *

Phaedrus finished up the 50 rune set and then completed a second, for a total of 151 runes found since returning to LK this month. He found an Um and a solid FCR ring that will come in handy for him down the road, I think.
Eagle Spiral
Required Level: 48
Fingerprint: 0xc1666bc9
Item Level: 80
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+10% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to Maximum Damage
+56 to Attack Rating
Cold Resist +16%
All Resistances +10
Damage Reduced by 1
Nothing higher than a Lum beyond that. But he had another 5 Hels, and set to rerolling. On the fourth try, after 25, 26, and 31, Phaedrus finally got 35 FCR on his spirit. I went back and checked – 18 tries before hitting it! But it’s nice to have that out of the way :D

He will continue plugging away in LK, finishing off another 100 runes to get to 500 total so far. I also realized that I forgot to post a Vex Phaedrus found in RoF back in February.

* * *

The pace with Mercy is going to slow down a bit and focus on the weekly goal of 15M XP per week. I will also pick Hiatus back up and start chipping away for 96.5. Keep up the progress, everyone!

Table Update
Name          (C)            SC/HC    Class  Level/exp   Extended Stash  #of S/U   Grail/504   #of deaths  # of Hours
zticazzy      Perkele         SC      Barb      99             No            -          -            -           -
Pb_pal        Eleanor         SC      Sorc      99             No         3068        437            5           -
NanoMist      Izuna           SC      Sin       99             No         5109        470            4         360
Neksja        Aura            SC      Paladin   98.50          Yes        8606        464            -           -
PhineasB      Mercy           SC      Sin       98.5           Yes           -        470           11           -
T72on1        Neverland       SC      Sorc      98             Yes        2190+?      446           13         260
hasuprotoss   Reina           SC      Sorc      97             Yes        1751        384            -           -
PhineasB      Hiatus          SC      Sorc      96             Yes           -        380           18           -
Tarantella    Tarasha         HC      Sorc      96             Yes           -          -            -           -
XyleneCyanol  Fishie          HC      Sorc      95             No            -          -            -           -
ThomasJohnsen xInTheBuffx     HC      Sorc      95             Yes           -          -            -           -
darkstarhub   Neptune         SC      Sorc      94             Yes           -          -            -           -
Reyz          Qty             SC      Sorc      93             No            -          -            -           -
Chaostar      Prairie         SC      Sorc      91             Yes         659        261           12         126
OldSoldier    Battleforge     HC      Pala      91             Yes           -        236            -           -
tokerdin      tokeress        SC      Sorc      91             yes           -          -            -           -
Southpaw      Njord           SC      Druid     90             Yes           -          -            -           -
Qwernt        CanbeOnlyBlizz  SC      Sorc      90             Yes           ?          -      Dont want to know
MercMan       Este            SC      Ama       90             Yes        1212        278            2      Classified
Me2Nik        Fugu            HC      Ama       90             Yes          80
PhineasB      Phaedrus        SC      Pala      90             Yes         296        164            10           -
BKC           Meteorbin       SC      Sorc      90             Yes           -          -            -           -
Lynchgrinch   Tattersail      SC      Sorc      89             Yes           ?        321         too many     lots
LiquidClear   Sally           SC      Assn      **             Yes         225          -            1           -
liquid_mage   zDadColdSorc    SC      Sorc      **             Yes           -        160            -           -
Zenigma       Ayura           SC      Barb      **             No            -          -            -           -
Neksja        Turirao         SC      Druid     87             Yes         191        124            5           -
Gladstone     Socrates        HC      Druid     86             ?             -          -            -           -
Zenigma       Gnosis          SC      Druid     86             No            -          -            -           -
Lord Molyb    Cruise_Control  SC      Necro     84             No          104         87           16          idk
Naturallog    Athos           HC      Barb      84             No          159        105            0           -
Qwernt        AmaAgainstAll   SC      Sorc      81             Yes           -          -            -           -
Gambit        Mallenroh       SC      Sorc      81             Yes           0          0            0           0
Jean Avila    SpeedAdict      SC      Ama       77             No            -          -            -          50
logo          Digimon         HC      Nec       76             Yes          85         65            0           -
TwentyMule    Rayne           SC      Sorc      76             Yes         195        140            ?           ?
Gripphon      Ryu             SC      Sorc      76             Yes           -          -         over 9k       13
Darke Rahl    Bells           HC      Ama       74             No           19          -            0
Vildecor      Celia           SC      Ama       59             Yes          52         43            0           -
ioupainmax    Durnik          SC      Paladin   52             Yes          50         42            -           -
Lord Molyb    Verisimilitude  SC      Ama       50             No           12          9            0         idk
Kitteh        Darozzo         HC      Druid     45             No            -          -            -           -
TrU           Henryk          SC      Barb      41             Yes           -          -           22          12
Gambit        Colossus        SC      Pal       39             Yes           0          0            0           0
Smancer       Smancer         SC      Necro     26             Yes           1          -            -           -
Ergroilnin    Erilinda        HC      Sorc      20             No            -          -            -           -

The Fallen
Name (F)    Name (C)       SC/HC   Class   Level/exp   Extended Stash   #of S/U   Grail/504   #of deaths   # of Hours
coju        NintyNine_orRiP HC      Sorc      81             Yes           -          0            0         a few
TwentyMule  Valus           HC      Barb      76             Yes           -          -            1           -
Tenecabo    OldShatterhand  HC      Druid     49             Yes           -          0            1           -
coju        fB              HC      Sorc      29             Yes           1          1            0           2
Kitteh      Verallus        HC      Druid     26             No          N/A        N/A            0          N/A
logo        Rolex           HC      Barb      21             Yes           0          0            0           1


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@PhineasB Congrats, very well done !!!

I finally picked up playing Neverland as well, next to my oskill Sept. Nothing major, but at least I made a start again. I was quite worried about going down to Nihl after such a long hiatus, so did some LK runs first, then rerolled until I got a good Nihl map again. To my pleasant surprise the runs went really well. Not so much in terms of efficiency, as there were quite some misclicks and slow runs overall, but they were all very safe, which is the single most important thing for me at the moment.

I only did a bit below 60 minutes of running, but in that time I managed to find a poison facet, Crescent Moon amulet and a HoZ, so that was certainly nice.

Crescent Moon
Required Level: 50
Fingerprint: 0xddb0ff2f
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
15% Mana stolen per hit
6% Life stolen per hit
+45 to Mana
Magic Damage Reduced by 10
10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
-2 to Light Radius

Rainbow Facet
Required Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x7afa9e62
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
100% Chance to cast level 23 Venom when you Level-Up
Adds 37 Poison Damage Over 2 Secs (50 Frames)
-5% to Enemy Poison Resistance
+4% to Poison Skill Damage

Herald of Zakarum
Gilded Shield
Defense: 454
Chance to Block: 52
Durability: 46 of 50
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 89
Fingerprint: 0xb3604770
Item Level: 84
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+2 to Paladin Skill Levels
+30% Faster Block Rate
30% Increased Chance of Blocking
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+169% Enhanced Defense
+20 to Strength
+20 to Vitality
All Resistances +50
Progress will remain slow, as I plan to focus on the Sept, but it feels good to be back to Neverland as well.


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@NanoMist - the Steelshade was exciting, as it's the first eth one I've ever found, and I was very happy with the rolls. Although, if defense had been perfect, I would have been compelled to donate it to @Grape for the Zod God sept!


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On The Bench: Jim the 77 Frenzy Barb, Bertha the 20 Spearzon, Sally the 90 Trap Assassin, Russ the 20 Holy Freeze Pally, Clarence the 36 Skelemancer, Larry the 68 Fissure/Grizzly Druid

Actively Playing: Bliss the 87 Blizzballer

I started the Pally and did Act 1 with him... but was kind of disappointed with how quickly I bored of him. I thought Holy Freeze would be a bit more powerful considering I was able to dump insane amounts into synergy before even getting the skill. Clarence the Skelemancer was born next so I could do some playing on auto pilot with my brain turned off. He moved along with ease (surprised?) and is parked at the Arreat Plateau WP for now. I lost a bit of the will to play him when I thought about what I'd do with him once getting to Hell; non-Enigma'd summoners don't tend to run many targets particularly well. (And by "well" I mean "quickly")

So I decided to pick up Bliss the Blizzballer again and finally push to act 5 and her Pindle destiny. She reached the red portal, where she would devote herself to EXP until her present 87. (I definitely didn't plan it, but how convenient that I stopped just shy of the level that has been hijacked by Nazi propaganda and gets blurred to a lovely "**"! And now I can skip it before the next update and pretend it doesn't exist! Hurray!)

So basically my plan was to level up at Pindle for a while then head to Mephisto and run him a bajillion times to get the basics out of the way, and because I haven't run him in years. For the 10 levels at Pindle my most prized find was easily the white Monarch that I cubed 4 sockets onto for my Spirit. I was rolling with about 150 MF, so expectations weren't super high, but I was hoping for a bit more than white items. So I moved to Meph, thinking he would be a bit more fun for someone with nothing since he drops more frequently, albeit with a lower ceiling.

Then, maybe 5 or so runs after I started, I found something to top my white monarch.
 Arachnid Mesh
Spiderweb Sash
Defense: 131
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0x7b16d4f7
Item Level: 87
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Slows Target by 10%
+108% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 5%
Level 3 Venom (11/11 Charges)

So that was basically the entire reason I was planning to run Meph for a long time, because of the qlvl requirement on that item making it a no-go for Pindle. So I ran him for another 30 minutes or so before deciding to bid him farewell... probably forever. Or until I get to a point that I need essences. I rolled a mediocre LK map and did that for a couple hours with nothing notable. Hoping to get an Ohm for CTA (I got an Ist from HF earlier) and maybe a Vex for HoTO. Obviously long-term I want Infinity, but I'm not going to isolate myself in LK until that happens; I don't have a proper polearm for Infinity, or even anything to make CTA in now that I think about it. I hate Blizzard, but at least I can pound pindle with it without needing Infinity.

So if I were to ever even approach 99, I figure Nihlathak would be the target of choice. I found a video Pb_pal had uploaded to YT running Nihl with sorc using Blova build. (As I state every post, I hate Blizzard. The spell, not the company) From glancing at a D2 wiki and watching the video, it looks like he can roll Cold, Fire, or Lightning immunity, but only 1 at a time and only Cold being unbreakable by Infinity? Is pure Lightning a viable build for this sort of thing? Would be interested to hear other thoughts on Sorc Nihl runners.

And random question time, topic: Socket quests. One of the things I spent the most time thinking about before starting a project in this thread was what to do with socket quests. Going through various stages of gearing a Sorc, if I weren't self-found I'd be popping sockets in Tals Armor, Tals Helm, Tals Orb, Shako, Griffons, Fathom, possibly things like Ormus Robes, any nice Circlets I'd want to use, and who knows what else. With only 3 I'm holding off on using any of them until I decide what my final goals would be. (A Griffon's, if it ever drops, seems a prime candidate, but even then I have to consider: if it's a crap roll, do I hope for another better one?)

So what have you used/do you plan to use your socket quests on?

(still not messing with the table until I get to a more noteworthy level)


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@LiquidClear - Nihl can still be unbreakable LI if he spawns LE+Magic Resistant or LE+Spectral Hit. Base 33% + 75%(LE) and 40%(MR)/20%(SH) gets him over the 117% threshold that Infinity can't break. That said, a pure light build would be a really effective Nihl runner and would just skip the runs where he spawns unbreakable LI. zgpmf used a pure light build for a while running Nihl, but later switched to Light/FW, though IIRC he didn't notice that it saved him any actual time over the pure build.

Long story short, if you're okay with aborting whenever he's unbreakable, then pure light would probably be the fastest build you could take. Bonus would be you could run D and Baal quite well as well for when Nihl gets tedious.


Stevesy Pindled until he hit 54 to get both Holy Shock and it's first synergy Resist Lightning maxed before venturing out into NM. He also decided not to take any chances and switch out of full MF gear in favour of a Vipermagi and 'Lore' circlet to give him some respectable resists and a couple + skills.

I had no idea Holy Shock was this powerful mid game! We're basically two-shotting everything we come across, and even the pulse is still doing respectable damage to big groups. This means progress is smooth and quick, and after snatching a Goldwrap in the Stony Field, we were soon facing down the big gal herself. Other than a few merc deaths, it went pretty much without a hitch and we were on to Act 2.

Well with ~4k lightning damage act 2 was limited only by the increasing squishyness of the merc. Despite increased babysitting, progress is still quick and Radament, Coldworm, and Fangskin were soon dead.

Partway through the Arcane Sanctuary we found our first 4-soc pally shield. Despite it being only +7 res all, we decided to make Stevesy his first Spirit:

Before we knew it we were fighting Duriel. The merc just couldn't stay alive however, so Stevesy decided to take the big bug on solo.

No problems there, and he eventually bled the bug out and was on his way to Kurast.

Almost immediately in Act 3 we found a 4-socket polearm and we made an Inisght for the merc. We don't need the mana, but you just can't find a weapon with comparable firepower at this stage, so that settled that. The rest of Act 3 melted and we found our first nagelring (28%) in the flayer jungle before plowing our way to Meph.

He was easy enough, and the merc even survived the fight! Stevesy will rest a bit in the Pandemonium Fortress before heading out, and will level some more before adding himself into the table (he's 59 now).


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I thought about pursuing this challenge soon. Though all my characters have shared gear, so I'll start fresh with a necromancer.
Anyway, I felt the need to post my advice on getting to level 99. It's obviously very difficult, and there isn't too much info around.

Tips for getting to level 99 [WIP]
First, we need to examine the penalties applied to raw XP. We have:
- Exponential decay past level 70
- Level difference of +5/-5 (and if your under lv 25 another penalty)
- Split XP amongst party members

Of these things, we can eliminate ALL but the first one. To do this, we need to find qualifying monsters. Due to the +5/-5 penalty, this means lv 85 areas will cap out at 91 (and for uniques [8_8] this will be 94). This leaves us with only three monsters higher than lv 8_8.
- Diablo (mlvl 94)
- Nihlathak (mlvl 92)
- Baal Crab (mlvl 99)
- Ubers (mlvl 110)

As you can see, running Nihlathak the +5 penalty WILL kick in at level 98 (92+5=97). Therefore, only Diablo/Baal will avoid this penalty going from 98 to 99. They also give much more XP, and Baal gives about twice as much as Diablo.

From a sight, it appears Baal would be your best source of XP.
- Start game in /players1
- Get to Baal and kill the waves
- Enter /players8
- Go to throne room, kill Baal

Alternatively, although this is probably classified as "twinking", you can do a TCP/IP game which may be faster:
- Start TCP/IP game with sorc
- Tele to Chaos and kill only seal bosses
- Enter /players8
- Static Diablo halfway
- Go to town, and bring character in you want to level
- Character enters portal then unparties, kills Diablo

This is, in a nutshell how the XP bots work on bnet. They make an 8 players game that does Cbaal/Nith runs, then they unparty to give the leecher all the XP. These bots will run 24/7 and hit level 99 in 1-1/2 weeks.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this information helpful. Its a lot harder getting to 99 than it is in 1.09, which had higher mlvl's and less of a penalty. I still plan on getting all my toons to level 99 in 1.14, but most of them are twinked.


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I don't believe Baal gives any more experience at /players 8 than he does at /players 3 hence why Baal running has decreased in popularity (and efficiency) compared to Chaos Sanctuary/Diablo and Nihlathak running.


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Nihlathak is mlvl 95, not 92.

There is a maximum experience ceiling of 8388607 (2^23 - 1) from a single kill before penalties, which is only reached in single player by P3 Baal and P7 Diablo (excluding Uber bosses). This is done to prevent signed integer overflow in the penalty calculations that come after the bonuses.

In fact P3 Baal will provide about 1% less experience than P7 Diablo at level 98, since there is an additional penalty of clvl/mlvl if clvl < mlvl.

All experience bonuses, except shrines, Anni, and Ondal's, are applied prior to this ceiling check. Interestingly enough, signed integer overflow can occur in multiplayer settings where there is an additional party bonus granted when partied players are in the same area. This lead to the infamous Wave 2 exp. bug where 8 player games received very little experience from Wave 2, due to the mummies having a base experience high enough to reach the overflow. Having 1 person unparty fixed this issue. Wave 2 was bugged in 1.10 but no longer occurs 1.11+ due to a small reduction in party bonus that put the mummies under the overflow. Overflow can still occur with a few monsters (like Hell Baal) in multiplayer games, however.

On the (off)topic of leveling in multiplayer, this thread by Corrupted in the theorycrafting subforum provides a nice approach to a fast level 99 ladder reset character that can be done with a core group of players. Irrelevant to SP, but I found it interesting.


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And random question time, topic: Socket quests. One of the things I spent the most time thinking about before starting a project in this thread was what to do with socket quests. Going through various stages of gearing a Sorc, if I weren't self-found I'd be popping sockets in Tals Armor, Tals Helm, Tals Orb, Shako, Griffons, Fathom, possibly things like Ormus Robes, any nice Circlets I'd want to use, and who knows what else. With only 3 I'm holding off on using any of them until I decide what my final goals would be. (A Griffon's, if it ever drops, seems a prime candidate, but even then I have to consider: if it's a crap roll, do I hope for another better one?)

So what have you used/do you plan to use your socket quests on?
That´s an interesting question for me aswell.
At level 93 I still have all my 3 socket quests open. At the moment I would only use it for a potential Griffons, even if it´s a bad one. I might also use it for a nearly perfect Eschutas (but can´t afford to lose allres / HoTO right now anyway). But other than that? A Lightning Ormus comes to my mind or a perfect Lidless Wall or Shako, which I wouldnt ever be able to upgrade again by a potential drop in the future.
Even if an upgrade for those 2 items is pretty much useless I couldn´t bring on my heart to vendor one because my worse item is already socketed.
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Hmm, interesting I didn't know XP capped at P3. Nihlathak is mlvl 92, but I guess since he's a superunique it adds +3 so 95 then huh?

Either way, I think doing baal or diablo would be better and safer. One death at 98 is about 1k+ runs worth. If your playing multiplayer, the obvious quickest way is to get other players to TP you to D/B/N. But that's not the case if you solo. I got to lv 97 by doing straight baal runs years ago, was about to hit 98.

Edit: read corrupted's post. Basically the same thing the XP bots do: leech D/B/N and use other characters to clear the way.


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If you go through this thread, you'll find plenty of info on the quickest ways to reach level 99, including comparison between Diablo, Baal and Nihl. This has been done both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. This way the overall conclusion was that for most characters Nihl is the most efficient target. Main exception to this is if you run a build that isn't very good at Nihl. For example @Neksja 's Hammerdin switched to Diablo runs again, because he couldn't target Nihl well, due to the nature of the build. But the three people in this thread who already finished the journey to 99 all did Nihl.

Obviously there's indeed the risk of dying as an important factor. Then again Neksja died once after 98 in CS, while none of the 3 99ers died at Nihl iirc. I'm also doing Nihl and haven't had a close call or death once I figured out how to properly run him (stepping away from your merc right after teleporting in being the major factor).


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Lol sorry, that wasn't my intention.

Amazing news here. Since Monday my computer suddenly didn't want to boot anymore. I always got an error message, and whichever option I chose, I couldn't reset the computer to an earlier version, a recovery point, couldn't get it fixed, no nothing. So I was afraid I had lost all, including everything D2 related. I had taken a backup a while ago, after the RFL, as I often do, so it wouldn't be too bad, but still.

Luckily the IT guy at my work could recover what was on the SSD, and today I reinstalled everything. Did 2 Nihl runs with Neverland, but loading times were slow, at which point I recalled I had to use Sven's glide wriper. Installed it, and on my very first Nihl run, bam:


I was too surprised, and since there were snakes around, also suddenly very nervous, so I had to backtrack a little and kill everything before I picked it up.

Definitely a good start again for Neverland :).

Edit: and a grailer ...

Ward Bow
Two Hand Damage: 56 - 149
Durability: 37 of 48
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 72
Required Dexterity: 146
Fingerprint: 0x7c5902e7
Item Level: 95
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Fires Magic Arrows
182% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
33% Deadly Strike
+4 to Guided Arrow
Grail -26.
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@T72on1 - Glad to hear you salvaged Neverland! Nice find as a welcome back present too. :)


Act 4 saw things get a bit tougher for the duo, the squishyness is becoming quite real. Stevesy can't take more than a couple monsters at a time without the merc dying so it was definitely some slow going at times. CtH has started to fall below 70%, so Stevesy switched his main weapon to his Skewer of Krinitz (ITD) and keep his Steel sword on switch for when he needs the OW. They eventually plodded their way to Izual, grabbed a Pul from the HF and got the RoF WP.

The increasing toughness of the monsters and the general scariness of the CS prompted us to dial it down to /p3 to get through in a timely (and safe) manner.

D himself was quite easy as Stevesy snugged up in front of the hose and tanked with his 75FR/85LR. Open Wounds and the merc took care of the rest.

We kept it at /p3 to quest through Act 5, and before long we were through to the Ancients. After a quick rout of the trio, and a quick clear of the WSK it was time for the waves. The first 3 were very straightforward, and the fourth and fifth had to be separated as usual but eventually were killed.

Baal fight was pretty much as pictured, open wounds plus a couple trips for potion restocking and the big guy was dead, making Stevesy attain Conqueror status just shy of lvl 69.

We now sit at our first real crossroads of the journey. We should definitely level before heading into Hell, but we can't really handle anything above /p3 without too much risk. An elite polearm for a new Insight would help with that, but the merc is too weak to deal with LIs in Hell right now to go and find one. Stevesy's gear is quite lacking as well, but we run into the same problem with run times being very slow right now for any good targets (Pindle, Baal).

Hmm. Decisions decisions, but for now he rests.


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Nice progress @Pb_pal! I feel like transition to Hell and somewhere in the **-92 range (without hitting LK until all needs are met) are the toughest. And I suspect that is at least twice as true for HC! :eek: Good luck figuring out the strategy. Pindle with a melee build would be a bit too risky for my tastes (in HC, as you are), so maybe p3 Baal runs or crafting a runeword like Smoke with high resists to allow progressing to Hell?

As for Mercy, calling it quits for today. A nice milestone and close to the next major update (~4M XP to go). Screenshot003.jpg