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The Ultimate Unkillable MF Barb build

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Wolfpaq777, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Wolfpaq777

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    Jun 9, 2004
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    The Ultimate Unkillable MF Barb build


    So it recently came to my attention that Barbarians will be the premiere magic finders in the game. Birthright Hammer of the Ancients and Terrify Threatening shout both modify drops like no other runed skills I have seen in the game.

    However, the problem with stacking magic find is that other stats suffer. How will you manage to balance MF with all the other stats you'll need to clear inferno? The ultimate unkillable MF barb. The basic idea behind this build is to gather large groups of inferno mobs utilizing Call of Arreat Leap Attack, weaken them with "extra loot" threatening shout, and use their large numbers of weak hits to trigger revenge which will help you stay alive, as well as triggering a 21% crit bonus which can then be used to either further heal yourself (spamming overpower -> no cooldown on crits) or to gain even more loot (birthright hammer of the ancients -> 18% chance mobs drop loot on crit).

    So without further ado, the build!ceb!cZaZca:


    1) Terrify Threatening Shout (16% chance for affected monsters to drop additional loot)
    2) Call of Arreat Leap Attack (Knocks monsters towards me from up to 34 yards away - this is a point blank AoE build so this is good)
    3) Best Served Cold Revenge (21% flat crit chance increase for 10 seconds, 5% max health healed for every enemy hit)

    4a) Revel Overpower (8% max health healed for every enemy hit) - NO COOLDOWN ON CRIT
    4b) Birthright Hammer of the Ancients (18% chance on crit for enemy to drop health orb or loot)

    5a) Broad Sweep Cleave (150% damage)
    5b) Reaping Swing Cleave (+1 fury for every enemy hit up to 4)

    6) Invigorate War Cry (16% max health increase, 122 health regen / second)

    Remember all rune effects on the skill calc are @ rank 4. Rank 7 will be much more powerful!

    * It may be possible given the extreme amount of survivability in this build that I do not need 2 AoE healing skills, in which case I'll want higher fury gen for HotA spam. For the rest of this guide I will refer to 4a & 5a as build A, 4b and 5b as build B.

    Inspiring Presence: Double shout durations, 2% health regen / second while war cry is active.
    Superstition: 20% reduced non physical damage.
    Nerves of Steel: Defense is raised by 25% of Vit.


    1) 16% max health increase from Invigorating war cry
    2) 5% max health gained for every enemy hit with revenge
    3) 2% of max health gained every second
    4) 122 health gained every second
    5) 8% max health gained for every enemy hit with overpower (build A)
    6) Every 4 points in vit is 1 point in Def.

    1) 100% increased armor from war cry.
    2) 20% flat DR from elemental damage.
    3) 50% reduction on ALL DAMAGE TAKEN from every enemy I hit with Threatening Shout, which is my only fury spender (aka I will not be fighting an enemy who isn't afflicted by this).
    4) Defense (the flat all damage DR stat) is increased by 25% of vit

    1) Revenge (grants 21% flat boost for 10 seconds)
    2) Overpower (Build A, no cooldown if it crits)
    3) Hammer of ancients (Build B, 18% chance for enemy to drop loot if it crits)

    1) 16% chance for every monster I kill to drop "additional" loot
    2) 18% chance on hammer of ancients crit to have enemy drop loot (Build B)

    ---Stat emphasis---

    1) Vit. I know you're a magic find build, but you can't do much magic finding when you're dead. Check out the max health section of synergies. It is LONG. We want our health to be as absolutely high as possible.
    2) Magic find. Fortunately, due to the incredible nature of the passives & skill runes in this build, you shouldn't need a ton of tank gear to survive. That's why MF can be prioritized above armor, health regen, and armor. The one exception is your weapon. Since every skill scales of weapon damage, and you do want the monsters to die so you can loot them, you will want a very high damage main handed weapon, the highest you can get.
    4) Crit. No matter which build you choose, having a high base crit percentage will benefit you.
    5) Tank stats. Defense, Armor, Resists, Life/second. We already get a lot of this from our passives, but the goal of this build is to tank anything and everything, so get these as high as possible.


    This is different depending on what build you picked, so even though they start the same I'll end up splitting later on in the gameplay section.

    1) Invigorating War Cry. This skill looks amazing for solo and group play. Spam every 30 seconds for fury. Never EVER let this fall off.
    2) Call of Arreat Leap Attack. Practice with this skill. Figure out how it works. Regardless of which build you choose, the key is to have yourself swarmed by hordes of greatly weakened monsters so make sure you have learned how to surround yourself to best effect.
    3) Terrify Threatening Shout. Being surrounded sounds like a great way to get yourself killed in inferno, unless you can permanently reduce their damage in HALF on top of giving yourself a 16% chance for bonus loot. Another skill that is great for group play. Keep this debuff up as much as possible. It is your only fury spender.

    Now this is where we start to diverge. You've buffed yourself & party, lept into the midst of the demonic hordes, and debuffed them for half damage. Now what do you do?

    4) Spam cleave while waiting for revenge to activate. When it does, cast it, then spam overpower and revenge as much as you can. They are 360 arcs and they heal you.
    5) Remember, more monsters means more revenge procs, more chances for overpower to crit, resetting its cooldown, so you want to hit and be getting hit by as many monsters as possible.
    6) Prioritize revenge procs over overpower because revenge never goes on cooldown. The faster you use it, the faster you'll have a chance to proc a new chance to use it.

    Build B (Got Inferno on farm)
    4) Spam cleave while waiting for revenge to activate. When it does, hit it and spam HotA like there's no tomorrow.
    5) Don't spam revenge. You have inferno on farm, you shouldn't need the heal (unless of course, it's not as "on farm" as you think it is, staying alive is the highest priority). Pay more attention to keeping the crit buff up than to spamming revenge. Your goal is to be maximizing your fury generation with reaping cleave and then spamming hota. Try to save revenge procs for when the buff is about to expire.

    Remember, as solid as a build as this looks to be for single player, where you will REALLY shine is in groups. You don't have a very high dps, but you are an incredible tank with great group utility (threatening shout, invigorating war cry). Most people will probably be optimized for damage, not for survival, so having someone there who can take the hits for the group will be welcome.

    That's pretty much all I've got. Let me know what you think!
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  3. ElementEight

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  4. Tamer

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    Re: The Ultimate Unkillable MF Barb build!ZWh!bcbaZY

    basically the idea with this build is soften them up with AOE cleave/revenge then kill shot with Hammer of Ancients for that phatty drop rate bonus. If its an MF barb you want to abuse Hammer of Ancients and Threatening Shout as much as possible to modify the drop rates. So some weak AOE from cleave to soften up the enemies before the kill shot with Hammer of Ancients made sense. Too much damage to your enemies with AOE thats overly powerful and you risk not getting a chance to use Hammer of Ancients for the kill shot.

    WotB gives monster crit rate. Revenge gives monster crit rate... again its all about exploiting that hammer of ancients kill shot making it drop as much loot as often as possible. The life leech from Revenge is nice as well (hopefully will add enough survivability where I dont need to waste a passive on more survivability)

    Call of Ancients seemed like fun and made sense for some extra oomf in a tight spot with the Boon of Bul Kathos passive (which also lowers the CD of WotB as well as Call of Ancients)

    So by the numbers you got:
    10% crit from WotB
    21% crit from Revenge
    5% crit from Ruthless (passive)
    15% crit from Hammer of Ancients
    = potential 51% crit for your Hammer of Ancients kill shot.

    Thats not counting crit from gear. Obnoxious crits rates not only make your fury spender damage more efficient but also can drastically increase your chances to get nice drops. I have no clue what crit can be achieved from gear but 51% from abilities alone doesnt seem half bad.

    I originally picked Animosity because i figured more fury = HoA and TS spam (higher drop rates). However, Animosity can get swapped out for a few options depending on your play style and game balance on the release:

    Bloodthirst - survivability
    Tough as Nails - survivability
    Superstition - survivability
    Nerves of Steel - survivability
    Juggernaut - survivability
    Relentless - DPS and survivability
    Brawler - damage
    Weapons Master - damage (especially if you get 5% crit bonus from Maces/Axes)
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