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The tunneling Orb sorc - please advise

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by krovak, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. krovak

    krovak IncGamers Member

    Feb 9, 2006
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    The tunneling Orb sorc - please advise

    I have started playing a new sorceress, a pure frozen orb one, which should specialize in running ancient tunnels(no cold immunes there). I have chosen orb above blizzard because of two reasons: blizzard does not always hit and waiting for the monster to step on the right place can be annoying; using orb saves great number of skill points, these can be spent in telekinesis or elsewhere.

    Now the sorcy is lvl 80 and has this skill point allocation:

    1 Warmth
    20 ice bolt
    20 frozen orb(+1 prereqs)
    15 cold mastery
    1 frozen armor
    4 shiver armor
    1 static field
    20 telekinesis
    1 teleport
    1 energy shield(+ 1 prereqs)

    spirit monarch
    2x nagelring(26, 27)
    skullder's ire/PTopaz
    upped goldwrap
    upped chance guard's
    natalya's boots(haven't found war travelers so far)

    1x gheed's 37MF
    1x cold skiller plain
    several 7MF SCs
    some resist SCs

    My main questin is, where to put additional skill points. I see 3 main possibilities:

    cold mastery(i already have some -150% res. with equipment, embalmed mummy only has 33% cold resist and other monsters have 0%(not counting champions and uniques); i will also be using more skillers when i find/cube them),
    shiver armor(i have already started putting points here)
    static field(now ~10 yards radius)

    As you could see, i am using spirit shield, thus i'm playing without block. Trying to increase defense seems to me as a good idea, putting additional 10 points in shiver armor(at clvl 90) should earn me another 70% bonus to defense.

    In static field i also see a good option, with ~16 yards radius (at lvl 90) it could be quite useful - hitting static field between orbs.

    Thank you in advance for your kind comments:wave: .
  2. PhatTrumpet

    PhatTrumpet IncGamers Member

    Jul 18, 2003
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    The defense from Shiver Armor will not do as much for you as you think, and Cold Mastery looks fine where it is. I'd probably do some combination of EShield (about until you start to hit nasty diminishing returns), Static (until you're satisfied with the radius), Teleport (until the mana cost is low enough where you can spam it without losing any mana), and/or Warmth (anything else).
  3. SSoG

    SSoG IncGamers Member

    Jul 4, 2006
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    Energy Shield does not suffer from diminishing returns. Actually, if anything, it suffers from ACCELERATING RETURNS. Each skill point invested will do *MORE* than the skill point before it, except for at the breakpoints (after slvl 1, slvl 8, and slvl 17).

    In other words, going from slvl 0 to slvl 1 does more good than going from slvl 1 to slvl 2... but going from slvl 2 to slvl 3 does more good than going from slvl 1 to slvl 2.

    Think of it this way- going from 94% absorb to 95% absorb will cut the damage you receive by a whopping 16.67%, while going from 20% absorb to 25% absorb will only cut it by 6.25%. Because of that, the 40th point in ES is almost three times as effective as the second.

    Sorry for the hijack. We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of Frozen Orb. I definitely vote for beefing up your ES, since Static has plenty of range, Shiver Armor adds very little defensive boost, and additional CM is sort of pointless at this point.


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