The Tournament of the Ring.

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The Tournament of the Ring.

I know multiple tournaments are running at the moment.. but here goes :smiley:

The tournament of the Ring.

As the fellowship of the ring set out to find the best path to destruction no one could help wondering what would happen if they put the Ring of Power to their own use. Would the wizard step up and claim it? Only if the swift hobbit would let him or if the Elf would sleep. Suddenly the strange influence of the Ring worked his magic and the Ring was lost. The fellowship knew that it would find its way back to the dark Lord, the Lord of Destruction...
As they set out they knew they would have to split up and claim it back in order to destroy the very pillars they had build upon.

There you have it. The fellowship fell apart and you are picking one of the characters up to play with in order to claim the ring back. You can choose any class you want with of course a few limitations in order to keep this tournament within the right paths. Also, there are more goals to this tournament then one. The first is naturally to try to get a Guardian.. you need to find the Lord of Destruction and defeat him. Also, since there are three LoD’s (three difficulties) you will need to find 3 rings. You must find the ring Baal has stolen!! Take a screenshot on each difficulty level proving Baal has dropped you a ring, the item quality doesn’t matter. If you have ATMA you can also provide us with an ATMA read-out.

On to the rules.

This tournament will not have a time limit. It’s almost vacation so I’m sure the interest will lay low after a while but I’ll close it when I see fit (when everyone dies, is Guardian or no one updates anymore).
This will be a Hardcore tournament. You may play any Diablo version you want, however I recommend using either 1.10 or 1.11. You may also play with the RRM and RWM. No limitations on RWM usage.

Now the characters..
I’ve picked each character class to represent a fellowship of the Ring member, however it doesn’t fit entirely so here goes:
Amazon = Elf
Assassin = Hobbit
Barbarian = Dwarf
Druid = Sorcerer
Paladin = Human
That’s right, no Necromancer or Sorceress... sorry.

Stats: You may use your stats in any way you can think off.
Town: You may wander around town and use everything you can think off.
Multiplayer: You will play alone.. the party split up remember?
Stash: You can store any item. No limitations on stash or inventory.
Muling: Muling off is allowed, no muling on.
You may use any player setting you seem fit. You may switch at all times.

Skills and Equipment:

Weaponry: Bows & Spears. This means you’re two handed at all times.
Skills: Magic Arrow, Guided Arrow, All the Fire Arrows, All the Passive Skills, Fend, Impale and Jab.

Weaponry: You cannot use a shield.
Skills: No trap skills allowed, No elemental Martial Art skills allowed (so no Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice, Phoenix Strike or Dragon Tail), All Shadow Disciplines.

Weaponry: Axes for weapons. No shield.
Skills: All skills allowed except for Double Throw, Find Item, Find Potion and Grim Ward.

Weaponry: Staves and Swords. No Shield.
Skills: All Summoning Skills, No Shape Shifting Skills, All Elemental Skills.

Weaponry: Swords, Knives and Shield. You may choose to go two handed.
Skills: Combat Skills allowed are Sacrifice, Zeal, Charge and Holy Shield, No Offensive Aura’s, all Defensive Aura’s.

There are no limitations on other gear you want to wear.. if you find a Barbarian helm with +3 to Grim Ward you may use the helm, but not the skill. Same goes for any item you find with charges. You may use the charges if you are allowed the skill, this also means no cross class charge using (so no Enchant for anyone but also no charges of Cloak of Shadows for anyone except for Assassins). No limitations on items which have chance to cast.

The tournament will have a winner of course. It is the person who claims the most ground before dying or if more people have found all three rings it is the person who has the lowest level. I will just give a hint: Don’t go playing the game trough as fast as possible.. you won’t gain a lot by playing on /players one instead of /players eight. The tournament will not have a prize stash. I will play this tournament for fun and I hope others will too. Winning will give you glory and honour.

I think that’s it. Some classes will have it easier then others, however I think that the Role-Playing involved was more important then to keep every class equal :smiley:

Good luck everyone!

Sint Nikolaas

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I set up a table. I'm playing an Elf :smiley:

EDIT: yeah skunk I thought about that, but they are sword to the hobbits themselfs, so katars and the likes (the things Assassins will probably use) are a nice mix of them :smiley:


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A suggestion: Hobbits should be limited to dagger-class weapons, since all their swords in the books are described as being knives or daggers (that looked like swords on such small folk).


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I like this!
I won't take part in it tho...too many tournaments ATM and not really much time to play them...
I do have a couple of suggestions though:
- Dwarves should be allowed to use Mauls, I think it's actually a bit more appropiate than an axe! And maybe they should be allowed to use Find Item, but not WW, or maybe Leap....even though this may make them a bit vulnerable, it's your call, I'm just trying to be consistent with the books/films/Role Playing games.
- Maybe hobbits could equip the smaller shields....(buckler and small shield)
- No Multiple Shot for elves? Legolas seemed a bit proficient with it in the film :laugh:
Then again, your rules may help to balance the field a bit....I'm just adding my .02, great idea!


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Stop making these great fun tournaments when I'm too busy to join them please... :cry:



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Hamburger said:
- No Multiple Shot for elves? Legolas seemed a bit proficient with it in the film :laugh:
Actually, I think LoTR actually has a passage where Legolas shoots two arrows at once. I seem to recall thinking it was cool but "Hollywood" in the movie, then rereading the book and saying to myself, "Oh wow, that *was* from Tolkien."

That said, I could be remembering some other little combat detail. Anyone out there geekier than I am, who can provide a quote to back up my suspicion? (If so, MS should be permitted).


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Introducing the Axe-Wielding Dwarf named Thorin.

Born in the year 2746 of the Third Age (TA), Thorin was driven into exile by the dragon Smaug in 2770, along with the rest of the surviving Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. At the Battle of Azanulbizar in 2799, when he was just fifty-three (a young age for a Dwarf) he marched with a mighty Dwarf-army into Nanduhirion beneath the East-gate of Moria. Thorin's shield was broken and he used a tree branch to defend himself, thus gaining the epithet "Oakenshield".

Thorin became King in Exile of Durin's Folk as Thorin II Oakenshield after his father, Thráin II, disappeared. It was not until a century later that Thorin learned his father had been captured and tortured to death by Sauron (then secretly in the guise of the Necromancer). He worked hard and long, making many things out of iron and prospered somewhat in the Blue Mountains, although he was never very happy there, since the Dragon and Erebor were constantly on his thoughts.
^ Credit to Wikipedia

(Storyline for this character)
Thorin was said to have been killed at the Battle of the Last armies, infact he was even said to have said this to Bilbo, "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But, sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell" But with this he did not die like most thought, instead he sank in a coma. He did not wake untill days later, starved and weak he went to find shelter in a nearby inn. But within this inn he not only found shelter and revitilization, but a quest. While drinking his ale and regaining his strength he overheard the mutters of a young hobbit, and a tattered ranger. They spoke of a quest...

This is where his story continues, and a new chapter is written in Dwarven history.

(It was wrote on the fly, because I'm in computer science right now, however I promise the continuations of the stories to be much higher quality. If you guys want them that is. Just say something if it bothers you or takes up to much space in the thread.


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Ha, another chance for my attempt to do a passive char...

I'll play Baldo the Hobbit.

Question: what about mercenaries?
Question2: we have to run Baal in each difficulty until he drops a ring? Do we have to do that before advancing to the next difficulty?


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I think once it gets into 20 arrows though it takes out the the whole theme of the character. I think it should be up to 3 arrows on multiple shot. Strafe would probally be the most accurate way of portraying him though.

Edit: Thorin actually used a sword in The Hobbit. He used the Elven blade "Orcist" which he got from the trolls. Although I like axes so it doesn't matter.


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Excellent, I've been looking for a good place to create my HC chars of the classes I don't have.

Glasur the Dwarf will join the hunt for the rings.

I had a tough time with a name until I found this, a LotR name generator.


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jjscud said:
Excellent, I've been looking for a good place to create my HC chars of the classes I don't have.

Glasur the Dwarf will join the hunt for the rings.

I had a tough time with a name until I found this, a LotR name generator.

Noignus Orc-death... cool I'll be in with the Dwarf


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I'll give it a go. What's more any sets or uniques I gain that I already have, I will place in a stash for the winner. I know that the rules said no prize stash, but I wish to throw something together for the winner just to generate a little more interest.

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He comes from the forests of Mirkwood, a pack of wolves and one raven at his beck and call. For many years he sensed the rings movements through Middle-Earth and knows that the strength of men, elves, nay even the stout dwarf may not stay the Lord of Darkness' hand. He will walk alone, his only companions the children of the forest. He will wield the elements themselves against the infection moving abroad in the world.

He is Milar the Grey.

Milar the Grey, Sorcerer
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I like this one... how do we go about posting our progress, on the table, Sint?


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I'll play, although I don't know how often I will be able to get around to it. I just recently moved so am busy with that.

Garin son of Migan, human
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I was also wondering if you can restart once dead... I died at level 4... shouldn't talk to my girlfriend while playing


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I was wondering if I can restart, I realized I was using my starter shield at level 2. I then deleted my character and restarted, hope I can still continue. If not i'll just go alongside the tournament.


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I like a tourney that doesn't have a time limit and I've been looking for an excuse to make an elemental druid, so count me in.

Introducing Pallando the blue.

Probably won't get much time to play and want to take my time so that I don't bum out in the first few levels (again) :). Oh and thanks jjscud, that name generator rocks!


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"In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, the Half-elven (Sindarin singular Peredhel, plural Peredhil), are the children of the union of Elves and Men.

   Aragorn == Arwen 
   |            |
Eldarion    Unnamed daughters

Fiwen Peredhil, one of the unnamed daughters of Aragorn and Arwen begins her quest for the three rings. Mistress of the burning bow, she will journey alone, hoping to add her true name to the tree...

Thanks jjscud for the name generator. :smiley: I'm not a middle earth fan, but I did feel it was appropriate to do a small bit of research on the name.

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Alright I seemed to have forgotten a few things :rolleyes:

- Dwarfs using mauls.. the idea is decent although I just like them better with axes. I don't recall alot of dwarfs that used mauls in combat either.
- no shields for the little ones.. I haven't heard of a hobbit who blocked an attack by an enemy twice their size (which is pretty much anything they come across)
- Hm.. I left multi out because it seems crazy to shoot that many arrows.. but for the fan out there you can use upto level 3 multishot :grin:
- Ah mercenaries.. yes you can use them. No restrictions.
- Yes you have to run baal to get the rings, you can do it at any time you see fit, however the goal is to get the rings so if you reach guardian with no baal-rings someone who got a ring from normal baal will beat you (well.. not really but you know what I mean..)
- Thanks for the name generator JJ
- Yes you may begin
- Oh... ok.. I'll allow a restart if you forgot to unequip your shield or if you die before you finish act 1.
- I made a table for progress, but I'll also keep it up to date. I don't have time for it now but I'll work some magic this afternoon.

Good luck!