The Top PvP Sorcs on EAST!


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The Top PvP Sorcs on EAST!

Ok, so who are they? Who on useast are considered to be the best PvP sorcs and why? Is it just because they tele well (btw I'd love some tele advice from a pro, I'm a noob sorc) ? Or is it something else? So to recap, who are they and why! :creep:


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melianor said:
Why only on east btw? Advice can come from any realms, no? ;)
Not much of a point knowing i'm the best europe sorceress dueller while he's at east wonderinng what it's like dueling me.

Nah in all seriousness, it's not like paladin & druid forums. We don't have a "fenris" around here. I'm lacking the equipment to be one of the best sorceresses on europe :teeth:


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most of the best legit ones quit =X (although, a few still play ladder, i dont think they would wanna give out acct... lol) i dunno about pub sorcs; i don't good ones often

anyway... some of the secrets are in the tele'ing -- make sure u have 8 fps tele, dont try to tele beside enemy and tank...

a good energy shield (w/ good lvl TK) helps greatly vs zons, but not against elemental damage characters (energy shield does not factor in resistances i heard, but anyway, it drains mana in a hit) also, when using energy shield, you will want some % damage to mana equipment....

dont get max block w/ a storm (its just too much life to sacrifice; max block with whistan or dr/no block with storm works a whole lot better)

any other strategy is probably going to depend on your type of sorc... if you are good enough, orb works great... but it takes a lot of practice to get the tele right... you will need to get just the right distance from your enemy in a very small amount of time and get away after you attack without getting hit...


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Soepgroente said:
Not much of a point knowing i'm the best europe sorceress dueller while he's at east wonderinng what it's like dueling me.
:) Well my Orb sorc aint so bad, seriously though if you're stuck, check this mini guide i kind of made

I was semi drunk at the time, on bears of course! And decided to help this guy make a good orb sorc. Some tips there if you want ;)


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Well, too bad ur on east...if you were on west, you could msg *vst-darkone.
the BEST sorc I've ever seen. Doesn't matter who you are/gear you have (cept absorb ;D), he'll kill you. Of course, if you got on, he would prolly tell you to f### off or something unless he knew you. we're even in the same clan and he still doesnt talk to me that much, cept when he needs an xfer or something :lol: I'm gettin better with this sorc

<----------points to avatar.

Orb still rocks for pvp. When I saw the sudden influx of fire sorcs, it made me want to gear up my old 1.09 FO/TS/nova sorc and show those lil' ones some old school magic. She still does great in pvp, even without icebolt maxed O_O.

I wouldnt recommend a FB sorc if you are looking for be super successful in pvp. It's hard to aim and you end up having to stand still and tank alot, so if u are dueling a barb with enigma.. ><

Anyways, I'm sure there are great FO/ts pvp sorcs on east, but even though I'm not the superbest but if you want to get onto uswest real quick, I can show you some tactics/gear I use for dueling.
Have fun