the title: The Punisher


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the title: The Punisher

Hey guys, i'm developing my own build of a paladin right now, and i want sort of an orginal name for him. I was just wondering if their was a paladin build out ther that went by the name: the Punisher?

Because i was going to call my build that for two reasons. One is because it will deliver punishment unto hordes of monsters and players alike. And after the marvel character. After the marvel character because he is so versatile in weapons used as well as the fact that he carries some big guns (widowmaker PvP, Brand PvM) and also can get nasty in hand to hand (charge).

I will write a guide for my build if i take him through hell successfully and he turns out to be a good dueler.


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I was thinking of a similar build for PvP use... But using Zeal + Widow GA...

Let us know how it goes.



fight that guy who posted last week sayin no Hdin could kill him, Thor i think his name was, on USWEST NL, he raped all my guys........... if u beat him ill be impressed...