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[Guide] The Time Traveler's Vortex - Part 3 - A brief stop in 1.06b

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by helvete, Jul 9, 2016.

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    Jul 17, 2004
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    [As with my other guides, this can and will be edited to reflect new information]

    Hi, and welcome to the 1.06b part of the Time Traveler's Guide to Diablo II

    If you haven't already, read my general time travel guide first to better understand this one.

    1.06b was the final version of Diablo II before the expansion Lord of Destruction was released. As I already did an extensive guide to 1.00, and as a good guide has already been written for 1.06b in general, I'll make this short.

    Our use of 1.06b will be singular: Cubing rare amulets for 1.07 and later, with ingredients gathered in 1.00. The only really interesting recipe is: "6 Perfect Skulls + any rare item = new rare item with ilvl 99". The recipe was introduced in 1.04, but I don't believe anything changed with regard to amulets or the recipe until the expansion, where this recipe can never yield item levels above 65.

    In case you want to have a go at 1.06b anyway, these are the changes which make the biggest impact:

    - Plentiful stability improvements, none of which matter to present day computers
    - Cow level portal can no longer be opened by any character who got credit for a King Kill (1.02)
    - Whirlwind is significantly nerfed; however, lances can now drop, so it's still brutal
    - Infernal and Milabrega sets can no longer boost skill levels indefinetly
    - Two-handed swords, hammers (and bows) now have their proper damage
    - Corpse Explosion has greatly reduced radius, and no longer scales with extra players
    - "Bonefarming" no longer works (1.04)
    - Gem effects are no longer randomized
    - Iron Maiden/Blood Golem combo is not as good as it used to be, but still feasible.
    - Lord De Seis no longer "thieves" potions
    - Experience is no longer awarded for maggot eggs nor young [can someone plz check?]

    Well, back to the cube!
    As there is no use for skulls in 1.00, we will forward them to 1.06b for a chance at some pretty nifty amulets
    [INSERT SCREENSHOTS HERE] <--- to be updated
    As you may already know, classic has no "magic only" affixes. However, LoD 1.07 lists +2 class skills as magic only. And in 1.00, the only feasible way of getting +2 class skills amulets is gambling with a lvl 84+ character.

    Here is the list of available affixes on amulets:
    Pre/Suf        Name               Effect                                     ILVL
    Prefix        Glimmering         +1 to light radius                         1
    Prefix        Bronze             +10-20 to attack rating                    1
    Suffix        Strength           +1-3 points to strength                    1
    Suffix        Craftsmanship      +1-2 points to maximum damage              1
    Suffix        Greed              + (40-60)% extra gold from monsters        2
    Prefix        Lizards            +1-5 points to mana                        3
    Suffix        Jackal             Adds 1-5 pts to life                       3
    Prefix        Crimson            +5-10% to resist fire                      5
    Prefix        Azure              +5-10% to resist cold                      5
    Prefix        Ocher              +5-10% to resist lightning                 5
    Prefix        Beryl              +5-10% to resist poison                    5
    Prefix        Fortuitous         +10-15% chance of finding magic item       5
    Suffix        Dexterity          +1-3 points to dexterity                   5
    Suffix        Apprentice         Fast Cast Rate                             5
    Suffix        Energy             + 1-5 points to mana                       5
    Prefix        Glowing            +2 to light radius                         6
    Prefix        Snakes             +5-10 points to mana                       6
    Suffix        Fox                Adds 5-10 pts to life                      6
    Suffix        Light              +1 to light radius                         6
    Suffix        Leech              +4-7% life stolen per hit                  6
    Suffix        Bat                +4-8% mana stolen per hit                  6
    Suffix        Health             Damage reduced by 1                        7
    Suffix        Warding            Magic damage reduced by 1                  7
    Suffix        Remedy             Poison length reduced by 25%               7
    Suffix        Maiming            +3-4 points to maximum damage              7
    Prefix        Vulpine            10% damage goes to mana                    9
    Suffix        Skill              +4-6 points to dexterity                  10
    Suffix        Regeneration       +3 life regeneration                      10
    Suffix        Might              +4-6 points to strength                   10
    Suffix        Mind               + 6 - 10 points to mana                   10
    Suffix        Thawing            Half Freeze Duration                      10
    Prefix        Burgundy           +11-20% to resist fire                    12
    Prefix        Lapis              +11-20% to resist cold                    12
    Prefix        Tangerine          +11-20% to resist lightning               12
    Prefix        Jade               +11-20% to resist poison                  12
    Suffix        Excellence         +3 points to minimum damage               12
    Suffix        Chance             +(10-19)% chance of getting magical item  12
    Prefix        Serpents           +11-20 points to mana                     14
    Prefix        Rugged             +5-10 points to maximum stamina           14
    Suffix        Wolf               Adds 11-20 pts to life                    14
    Suffix        Radiance           +3 to light radius                        15
    Suffix        Fortune            +(20-35)% chance of getting magical item  16
    Suffix        Regrowth           +5 life regeneration                      17
    Suffix        Sun                +5 to light radius                        17
    Suffix        Wealth             + (80-120)% extra gold from monsters      17
    Prefix        Garnet             +21-30% to resist fire                    18
    Prefix        Cobalt             +21-30% to resist cold                    18
    Prefix        Coral              +21-30% to resist lightning               18
    Prefix        Viridian           +21-30% to resist poison                  18
    Suffix        Amelioration       Poison length reduced by 50%              18
    Suffix        Ox                 +7-10 points to strength                  18
    Suffix        Accuracy           +7-10 points to dexterity                 18
    Suffix        Brilliance         + 11-15 points to mana                    18
    Suffix        Protection         Damage reduced by 2                       18
    Suffix        Sentinel           Magic damage reduced by 2                 18
    Prefix        Drakes             +21-30 points to mana                     20
    Suffix        Tiger              Adds 21-30 pts to life                    20
    Suffix        Precision          +11-15 points to dexterity                22
    Suffix        Giant              +11-15 points to strength                 22
    Suffix        Sorcery            + 16-20 points to mana                    22
    Suffix        Life               Adds 5 pts to life                        23
    Prefix        Dragons            +31-40 points to mana                     24
    Suffix        Mammoth            Adds 31-40 pts to life                    24
    Prefix        Amber              +31-50% to resist lightning               25
    Prefix        Ruby               +31-50% to resist fire                    25
    Prefix        Sapphire           +31-50% to resist cold                    25
    Prefix        Emerald            +31-50% to resist poison                  25
    Suffix        Defiance           Poison length reduced by 75%              25
    Suffix        Absorption         Damage reduced by 3                       26
    Suffix        Guarding           Magic damage reduced by 3                 26
    Prefix        Prismatic          +15-25% resist all                        27
    Prefix        Wyrms              +41-60 points to mana                     30
    Prefix        Fletcher           +1 to skills - Amazon                     30
    Prefix        Slayer             +1 to skills - Barbarian                  30
    Prefix        Monks              +1 to skills - Paladin                    30
    Prefix        Summoner's         +1 to skills - Necromancer                30
    Prefix        Angels             +1 to skills - Sorceress                  30
    Suffix        Colossus           Adds 41-60 pts to life                    30
    Suffix        Titan              +16-20 points to strength                 30
    Suffix        Perfection         +16-20 points to dexterity                30
    Suffix        Wizardry           + 21-30 points to mana                    30
    Suffix        Life               Damage reduced by 4                       35
    Suffix        Negation           Magic damage reduced by 4                 35
    Suffix        Flame              +(1-2) - 6 points fire damage             40
    Suffix        Shock              +1 - 8 points lightning damage            50
    Suffix        Blight             +2-7 points poison dmg - 3 seconds        50
    Suffix        Frost              +1-4 points to cold dmg - 5 seconds       55
    Prefix        Archers            +2 to skills - Amazon                     90
    Prefix        Berserkers         +2 to skills - Barbarian                  90
    Prefix        Priests            +2 to skills - Paladin                    90
    Prefix        Necromancers       +2 to skills - Necromancer                90
    Prefix        Archangel's        +2 to skills - Sorceress                  90
    Now, there are three things which need to be crystal clear:
    1 - Anything with a RANGE in this list, such as "titan", suffers from the "off by one" bug. This entails that even if "titan" is listed with a range of 16-20, the actual range is only 16-19. This goes for ANY affix whith a "-" in it.

    2 - Amulets in 1.00 through 1.06b have a "magic_lvl" of 2, which means their ilvl gets a bonus of +2 before affix selection. Thus, the actual ilvl required to get +2 Character Skills is actually ** (eighty-eight), not 90 as indicated in the above table.

    3 - Prefixes and suffixes are grouped. Any affix CANNOT be chosen on a rare IF another (or the same for that matter) has already been picked from that group for that item. I have no hard evidence, but from what I could gather from testing:

    - Anything which grants the same bonus, but in different ranges, are in the same group. Thus, an amulet with the "titan" suffix CANNOT also have the "giant" suffix. This is what we're used to from LoD.

    - Skill bonuses are in 5 DIFFERENT groups, which allows a 2/2/2 sorc/necro/pala amulet, but NOT a +3 skills amulet.

    - A prefix cannot be in the same group as a suffix, so any combination should be allowed, which SHOULD make 48MF amulets possible...

    - Resistances are grouped by fire, lightning, cold, poison and all. Two resist fire affixes cannot spawn on the same item UNLESS one is part of the "prismatic" prefix. Same for the other elements.
    [Still needs confirmation for dual leech. Could both leech suffixes be in the same group?]
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    [Reserved for future use]
  3. helvete

    helvete Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 17, 2004
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    [Also reserved for future use. Probably screenshots of some sweet amulets!]
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    Edit: I asked many questions that may be more appropriate in the initial thread so I moved this post there.
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