the teleport across moat trick


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the teleport across moat trick

I recall reading somewhere ages ago that there was this method you could do, involving 1 or 2 assassin skills, that enabled you to teleport across the moat before Mephisto.

Does anyone know what I'm talking aobut? I recall it involved name locking something I think and a kicking skill or something


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I dont know how that is done, but probably you use a PH to name lock and DF to teleport to target... I guess i'll wait till some1 explain it better so i can learn something else!

Silent Shaddow

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several ways, im going 2 list the obvious just 2 b annoying mostly :rolleyes:
dragon flight, if u can target mephi across the moat then u will tele kick which is dandy,
eni, duh
tele charges, duh
the old summon shaddow master and then use dflight combined with unsummon 2 tele trick, - tbh i dont know how this works
and now my favorite,
its called running,
check this, just when u enter the lvl 3 run thro the door way so all the concil members are infront of u, then cast a shaddow master in their face and run round them,
then when u get 2 the second group (a mini boss with vamps) cast CoS on them and then run 2 mephi remembering 2 telekick at his 2 collect merc and shaddow master =-)

hem dflight is a kicking skill that requires an enemy 2 attack and teleports to the enemy and delievers a heft kick