The Survivor Tourney Thread


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Hiedran said:
@Savage: The mule you sent appears to be empty...
I can't believe this... I just looked on mule in ATMA and its not there like you said.

Its not on my character as well, I dont get it... where is it?

What am I suppose to do now?


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Well try to look in your Atma backup files. You probably did something wrong when moving the item into the stash for Hiedran. Backups are located in the same directory as the normal file. Rename your (last) backup stash/character file to recover.d2x/d2s. Try to look for the itme there.


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I can't believe I found it, somehow it got on a character that wasn't shown on the character files but i moved it onto the mule and I'm now sending in a couple minutes. I'm glad I found it and there is no difficulties.

@Hrus thanks for the help.


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Congrats on making it past Act II NM. I have not received your challenge e-mail yet. Please send it when you have a chance. Thanks!


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For some reason I got confused and kept left clicking to try to leap when it was assigned to my right click. As a result, Slash died to two burning skeleton boss packs and a group of burning mages while trying to hack his way to Radament.

Congrats to SuperSavage for Surviving!

R.I.P. Destroyer Slash
Sewers Level 3

3-1 challenges

For those who can't wait for azn_apocalypse to post his spreadsheet, I'm posting my level breakdown.

Act 1: 8
Act 2: 15
Act 3: 20
Act 4: 25
Act 5: 27
Act 1: 30
Act 2: 35 (dead)
Final Score: 475 or somesuch.

Much fun, but I don't think I'm going to play in this next tourney. Maybe the third. As for now, I'm going to try to guardian my exhibition group for TWD II. And then guardian the other four characters classes. Slash would have made guardian if I had been progressing with higher levels. :)


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Congratulations SuperSavage!

It's interesting that the winner lost all of their challenges. (And its not as if I didn't try to make it hard on you! :D ) I can't wait to see all of the challenge results.



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Congratulations SuperSavage!

Well I did Baal at lvl 22!
But I underrated the strength of Andariel and tried to melee her at lvl 24. Without block 2 consecutive hits make me dead.


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Thanks guys. If there is another Survivor Tournament in the future, ill join in for sure.

I could of lost this tournament easily when I almost died in the Jail on NM, when I ran into Pitspawn Fouldog and was below 10 life while trying to escape.

The low level route vs the high level route is always a discussion. They both have their advantages and their weaknesses. Having lost all 6 challenges, which means losing my best item six times as well as 6 out of 9 cursed slots total. I went the high level route because of more skills/stats. I got to put way more points into vitality than anyone else as well as have my damage so high because of so many skills I get to pick than everyone else. The bad things were of course losing my good item everytime as well as getting an item cursed. My score was a lot worse, so I had to win... not tie somehow.

I am gonna convert this character to my HC and take off all the cursed items and replace them of course with anything better that I have or can find.

My Act/Level Breakdown:

Act 1 Complete: 20
Act 2 Complete: 26
Act 3 Complete: 30
Act 4 Complete: 32
Act 5 Complete: 45
Act 1 NM Complete: 47
Act 2 NM Complete: 50
Currently Act 3 NM Level 50

Strength: 76
Dexterity: 70
Vitality: 175
Energy: 38

Challenges: 0-6
Defense: 137
Attack Rating: 560
Plague Javelin AR: 1394
Plague Javelin Damage: 4530-4649 over 10.3 seconds
Life: 689
Mana: 132
Highest Rune Found: Hel
Sets/Uniques Found: 8 (mabey more threw away)
Final experience: 50935310

Fire: 24
Cold: -30
Lightning: -22
Posion: -8

20 Plague Javelin
14 Posion Javelin
9 Valkrye
3 Critical Strike
2 Dodge
1 Everything else

Full Helm of Remedy = Cursed
Defense: 39
Durability: 0 of 16
Required Strength: 31
Required Level: 5
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 18
Fingerprint: 0x7529d0d7
Poison Length Reduced by 25%
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)
Vulpine Amulet of Brilliance = Cursed
Required Level: 9
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 14
Fingerprint: 0xde606279
+8 to Energy
8% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Small Shield of Blocking = Cursed
Defense: 12
Chance to Block: 40%
Durability: 0 of 9
Required Strength: 12
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 7
Fingerprint: 0x9bd48260
+10% Increased Chance of Blocking
15% Faster Block Rate
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)
Garnet Chain Mail of the Jackal = Cursed
Defense: 74
Durability: 45 of 45
Required Strength: 48
Required Level: 13
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 28
Fingerprint: 0x241e30a0
+5 to Life
Fire Resist +27%
Carrion Grip = Cursed
Light Gauntlets
Defense: 16
Durability: 0 of 10
Required Strength: 45
Required Level: 16
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0xb6b83405
+3 to Dexterity
Lightning Resist +11%
17% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired)
Lizard's Ring = Cursed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 2
Fingerprint: 0x4fa90dd3
+2 to Mana
Bitter Lock
Plated Belt
Defense: 16
Durability: 24 of 24
Required Strength: 60
Required Level: 15
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0x28c93f5
+1 to Strength
+26 to Life
+18 to Maximum Stamina
+35% Enhanced Defense
17% Faster Hit Recovery
Viper Coil
Required Level: 16
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 21
Fingerprint: 0xcf725d38
+10 to Energy
+1 to Life
+18 to Maximum Stamina
Fire Resist +27%
10% Faster Cast Rate
+1 to Mana After Each Kill
Treads of Cthon
Chain Boots
Defense: 25
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Strength: 30
Required Level: 15
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xf965277f
+10 to Life
+39% Enhanced Defense
+12 Defense
+50 Defense vs. Missile
30% Faster Run/Walk
50% Slower Stamina Drain
Grim Spike
Short Spear
Throw Damage: 10 to 22
One-Hand Damage: 2 to 13
Quantity: 108
Required Dexterity: 40
Required Strength: 40
Required Level: 18
Javelin Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 35
Fingerprint: 0x2a418ff
+92 to Attack Rating
Adds 1-73 lightning damage
+50 poison damage over 5 seconds
Increased Stack Size
Mercenary Gear:

Gemmed Superior Full Helm
Defense: 28
Durability: 33 of 33
Required Strength: 41
Required Level: 18
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 20
Fingerprint: 0x93516e20
+6 to Strength
+6% Enhanced Defense
+14 to Maximum Damage
Increase Maximum Durability 11%
Socketed (2: 2 used)
Viper Shell
Scale Mail
Defense: 78
Durability: 33 of 36
Required Strength: 44
Required Level: 9
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 19
Fingerprint: 0x6497ec05
+28% Enhanced Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 1
Fire Resist +14%
Lightning Resist +20%
10% Faster Hit Recovery
Poison Length Reduced by 25%
Raven Fang
Two-Hand Damage: 22 to 98
Durability: 25 of 25
Required Dexterity: 45
Required Strength: 60
Required Level: 25
Spear Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x5a65963d
+57% Enhanced Damage
+115 to Attack Rating
+1 to Minimum Damage
+100 poison damage over 6 seconds
5% Chance to cast Level 3 Fire Bolt on attack


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Congrats Supersavage, and you too Hiedran... You defeated Duriel at level 15, and I think that's quite an accomplishment! (But that could have something to do with the fact that he killed me at 16... :D ). And I too would very much like to see the challenge results...


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Congratulations to SuperSavage for winning this tourney. You have proven that, at least for this tourney, high level trumps good items. However, your level was WELL above the people you were competing with towards the end. Had they been closer to your level, perhaps things would have been different.

The prize stash has been sent. Not too many good items in there, but that's to be expected because of the low levels that people managed to get. A couple of exceptional uniques were included, though (Those were put there by me). Let me know when you receive it so I can delete it from my computer.

The scores have been posted and are available at:

Some superlatives:

Best Act 1 score: Cattleya, @ level 7 (7!)

Act 2: Hiedran, @ level 15

Act 3: Bull(R), @ level 18

Act 4: Hrus, @ level 21

Act 5: Hrus, @ level 22 (22!)

Act 1 NM: Hiedran, @ level 30

Worst curses: Cattleya, with 3 ethereal magic items donated :)

Most traded item: Nokozan Relic (3 times), Garnet Chain Mail of the Wolf (3 times)

Closest Challenge: For most of the challenges, exp points were not needed to decide, b/c the total score was different. There was one (can't remember which one) that was VERY close and decided by a few exp, though. I'll look back through my inbox and try to determine which one.

Most Lopsided Challenge: Easily the Act I NM SuperSavage/Hiedran challenge. By this time the cumulative scores had become so far apart that it was 401-475 in favor of Hiedran.

Bring on Survivor Tourney 2!


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Congrats SuperSavage!

A fun tourney, even if I did die way too early... Unfortunately I can't participate in the next one as I have too much going on already (D2 and RL).

Interesting to see that places 2-4 were all very close in levels and that only Duriel managed to take down 2 contestants. We always knew he was the toughest boss in Normal!


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Two quick comments:
1. Hrus would have been in a lot more trouble if I hadn't decided I had to have BO by the time I faced Diablo.
2. Don't be so proud or in a hurry that you can't take the time to level up if you're having trouble. Remember, this is about surviving. I should have heeded the warning the first time I tried killing monsters in the sewers and had trouble hitting them, even with -58% def and -29% dmg cast on them. (L5 Battle Cry)

Okay, a third comment:
Believe it or not, a singer-based barb is probably one of the easiest characters to low level through the tourney. +4 life per vit point, plus BO, plus a warcry that makes the enemy easier to hit + weaker hits (including bosses), plus a warcry to stun non-bosses. Don't forget taunt to make ranged enemies stop attacking as they come closer and stop resurrections. Then pick your offensive skill and mop up. Don't forget Leap to help get through tight areas. It allows you to escape even if you're surrounded because of its knockback feature. Low level teleport, but still effective.

Funny thing about leap:
In Act 5, the demons have built all sorts of walls. Despite the barbarian apparently leaping higher than the walls, he cannot jump over them. Unless the wall happens to have a door or seige tower in it, which means he can jump over the section of wall higher than the portions of the wall he can't jump over.