The Summoner needs directions


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The Summoner needs directions

Hey, I need help where to spend my last skillpoints on my lvl88 summoner.

1 teeth
1 bonearmour
3-4 corpse exp
max RS
max SM
max Skelmage
1 blood golem
1 summon resist
1 revive
1 amp dmg
1 weaken
1 terror
1 decrep
1 iron maiden
1 life tap
1 lr

There u have a view what i've spent so far, I would like your opinion what i should do with my last 18 points.

I was thinkin either put all into poisonnova, or max out CE. :scratch:


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As it seems you have already maxed skeletal mages, i would suggest that you spend your last skillpoints on Corpse Explosion.
Also, you might want to put 1 point into dim vision, confuse and attract each (before maxing ce).
This because attract really helps a skelemancers life.

Edit: Ravenforce im not sure i agree with you on that one.. A summoner doesn't really need that much bone armor, imo.


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That 1 point in Bone Armour... I can smell Marrow Walk? :p

You will need Dim Vision, get to a level where you are happy with the duration and dump the rest into CE. You need the Dim Vision against those Black Soul and Snake that will do piercing attack. That buys you enough time for your summon to close in.


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One point in Attract and gob the rest into Dim Vision. You will thank yourself once Hell Black Souls, Spear Cats and Vipermagi start appearing.