The Summoner: Extra Skill Pts


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The Summoner: Extra Skill Pts

Now finally at lvl 89 With all the extra skill quests, I have Mastery, Warrior, Mage and C.E. maxed with 1 in each curse ect.

Now That C.E. Is finally maxed (with an impressive 14 yard range!) where should I put my points so they are most effective?

I'm thinking Revive or Golem Mastery, Give my golem more hit pts and speed just for the hell of it or make my army bigger. I'll prolly only get 2-3 more skill pts so its really not a big deal,, but I can't stand having new skills!


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Summon resist good?
More revives?
Bone armour? (depends on +skills you have to see if even worth it. Can be a handy early 'you are getting hit' warning)

Not realy sure what to advise exactly - depends a bit on your gear and what you use the necro for (ie mf, baaling, multiplayer/solo, etc...).

I ran into same question at end of my necro build - probably no wrong answers - just what sounds good i guess.


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1 pt revives (will give you like 10-16 revives with gear)
1 pt summon res
1 pt golem mastery
1 pt clay golem

should be pretty decent with those 4 pts...=)


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in the words of the great nightfish himself. go to the dark wood and plant a skill tree. also maxing amp can be good for extra radius (depends on gear) and a couple of points in revie and summon res


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well.. it all depends on how many +skills do you have. If many, then you dont have tp worry about your golems, curses, summon resist etc. If you have low +skills, then consider boosting some of these skills up.. though not many people would EVER suggest putting more than 5 points into summon resist.:cool: