The Sorrowful Knight - A Quixotic Quest for Adventure


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Hey all, I've been lurking around this forum for a very very long time now, and I've only recently started becoming more active in the forums and following updates. I've beaten Hell Baal in SC, and time constraints are pushing me to stay out of HC now. With two kids, two jobs, and going to college full-time...the RL time for a high level character's death would be measured in months if I'm being optimistic.

That said, I've never really gotten to the point where I've done any real amount of MF. I've never seen a Reaper's, most elite runewords, a rune over that Lo that dropped that one time, or any of the other gear that would take you past mid-game. A great kit for my characters includes sigon's shield, Skin of the Vipermagi, and a total of +8 or so to skills. I'm looking to change that...slowly. ;)

I found a list on the sorc forum here:
I found another on a wiki that I'm not sure I can link to, but if you search for "Level 85 Magic Find Areas v1.10" without the quotes it pops up just fine.

Mausoleum: Skeleton (LI), Hungry Dead (LI)

Pit: Devilkin (FI), Dark Archer (LI), Dark Stalker (CI), Bone Warrior (CI)

Maggot Lair (lvl3): Black Locust (PI), Death Beetle (LI), Rock Worm (PoI), Sand Maggot (PoI), Scarab (LI)

Ancient Tunnels: Embalmed (PoI), Horror Mage (LI), Invader (FI), Plague Bearer (MI)

Kurast Temples: Blood Diver (FI), Bone Scarab (LI), Flesh Archer (CI), Serpent Magus (CI)

River of Flame: Abyss Knight (LI), Blood Maggot (PoI), Grotesque (CI), Maw Fiend (PoI), Pit Lord (FI), Strangler (LI), Urdar (no), Venom Lord (FI)

Chaos Sanctuary: Oblivion Knight (CI), Doom Knight (FI), Storm Caster (LI), Venom Lord (FI), 3 superuniques (up to TC84), Diablo (up to TC84)

WSK + Throne: a lot of various monsters with various resistances; Baal minions and Baal.

Are these accurate lists? I'm considering getting into dedicated MF runs for my first time ever, and to do so on an untwinked character that could turn into an untwinked 99er. I'd rather not do Baal runs for an extended time, particularly if the run doesn't include Baal himself, so just thinking ahead I'd prefer something that can level fairly quickly in Pits or AT. I'm leaning Poison Necro (Pits) or Windy Druid (Pits or AT).

I'll likely use this thread to keep myself updated, request input, and hopefully serve as a chronicle to link to for if/when I get a character to 99 sometime in 2023. For now, I'm just doing a bit of reading, because it's what I can do on my phone in between tasks at work. :rolleyes:

So hi. Hopefully I can tilt at a few windmills.


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Nice post! Those lists are indeed accurate but are perhaps not the best way to think about starting to MF. Are you looking to play a single character or start multiple? I would advise something like this.

Sorc will definitely be the fastest and easiest to start, just because of the native teleport. And the most effective of those (though def not the only option) is blizzard sorc. If you do start with a sorc, your best targets before having the high level items will definitely be hell mephisto (look up moat trick if you dont already know it) and lower kurast (LK). The first for MFing items such as vipermagi, shako, arachs, reapers, and the latter for runes ofc. Now don't take that to mean that's all you can do. "Best" doesn't mean "only productive target". Switching things up by running cows (runes), pindleskin, ancient tunnels, and quest bugged andariel (those last 3 for MF) will be good uses of time as well.

Starting another character is fun and you may want to do that for variety. However without the native teleport, they are all much slower until enigma. You may be fine with doing some "walking" style runs, with the best areas to do that usually being pits and ancient tunnels, but this will yield results more slowly. And running in LK is still the best way to get runes, but will likely be substantially slower than sorc. However, some can run pindleskin quickly. So I might start with a sorc and hit all those areas mentioned above (though focusing on meph and LK) except for pindleskin. And have any other characters I make focus on pindle mostly. Javazon and fissure druid are two that come to mind that are good at p3+ pindle so you have a chance at runes from his minions, and barb can do pretty dang efficient p1 pindle runs for mf without enigma.

I would leave chaos and wsk/baal mostly alone until higher end gear is available just because they're a little harder with higher monster hp. The exception being you may want to do some lower psetting runs for essences if you use up all your respecs. But ofc you can see if its enjoyable to play here regardless.

But first things first ofc, enjoy playing through the game with whichever characters you like :). The above would be my approach to a reset though.


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You're totally right, Blizz sorc or FO/FB is Queen of all things restart MF. I don't love them enough to play them for very long though, and if I'm going for a potential Druid or Necro untwinked 99er, them any sorc-found items may as well be let in the Blood Moor.

Thanks for confirming the list, I was especially surprised to see how few phys immunes there were. Something to consider for windy.


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After some consideration, I realized that I've always loved the Druid class. I know it's not optimal, it's not the fastest, but there's something about the class and its utility that I really like. I *like* the solar creeper and carrion vine. I love how useful a 1pt grizzly can be. Cyclone Armor for windies is the bomb dot com. Physical damage has few immunities, and those that do exist are tanked by merc/grizzly and taken down by hurricane's 50% cold damage and a 1pt arctic blast. I'm going to go windy (at least for the forseeable future).

DeLaMancha is now level 80 (dinged just last night while questing through Travincial), and has made an upgrade or two to his gear.

First up was this CV that dropped for me white, and on a whim I threw it in the cube with the recipe and got...
2020-02-03 4osCV.png

4 sockets! This thing will probably be a high candidate for a hurty merc stick later on. Only issue is that str req for the merc...I realized only after throwing insight runes in it that my merc is not strong enough for that kind of weight.

2020-02-15 Insight CV.PNG

Decent roll, but terrible AR bonus. Ah well, cheap runes.

Continuing the upgrade theme, I now have two sources of CBF, one from Spirit Shroud, the other from Rhyme. I also crafted a Lore helm, since I had the runes and was only getting resist all and str from my previous coronet.

2020-02-03 Rhyme.png
2020-02-15 Lore Tiara.PNG



2020-02-15 Spirits.png

Went to do a few AT runs after finishing A3 this afternoon, and a 4os Superior Crystal sword dropped, then rolled into 35% FCR! Huge upgrade over the 27% I had been using. Nice to not have to worry about rolling another spirit sword ever again. Now if only I could get a monarch, Whistan's, or Stormshield to drop...


In addition to all that, I have swapped over to GoMule from ATMA. I've heard nothing but good things about GoMule over the years, but was comfy with ATMA. Problem is that apparently ATMA crashes all to crap when you have essences in your inventory and try to load your character. Oops. To GoMule I go!

Next plans for DeLaMancha is to try to get through Act III (currently in Durance of Hate 2 WP), and then probably head back to AT to farm a few levels and hopefully some upgrades. My only SotVM is eth, and is currently being worn by my merc.


Right now, I'm wondering where to put extra points. I have maxed out the windy essentials (Hurricane, Tornado/Twister, and Cyclone Armor). Now I need to decide if maxed Grizzly or Oak is better. The Oak sage dies all the live long day, so I'm leaning grizzly, just because extra points increases survivability via summon resists. Thoughts? Does maxed Oak Sage actually stick around? I'm currently at a high level of block from the Rhyme (sitting at 60%, don't want to overinvest in Dex), does that change the weight that Oak sage gets? Inquiring minds want to know!
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IIRC, points in grizzly improve defence/damage while points in dire wolves improve summons hp (?) So maybe few points in dire wolves to improve survivability?

If you prefer more aggressive style then I would suggest investing in grizzly, oak might be helpful if you play more defencivly and try to keep some distance and stay behind the merc/grizzly. Anyway,
windy is a close range char so oak sage will get hit a lot (and die).