The skeleton-flingy-in-the-sky-that-looks-like-hell game i


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The skeleton-flingy-in-the-sky-that-looks-like-hell game

i remember this game from a while ago, where there was a skeleton and he would flop everywhere if you grabbed him, can anyone give me this link?

PS: dont tell me to do a search because what in earth what i search under


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OH OH OH I know what you are talking about, it was originally designed to test the Half-Life 2 physics engine!

I know EXACTLY what you are looking for, I'll try and go find it.


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mudvaynefan said:
thats not what im lookin for, but its similar
talkin about the one where the skeleton's on some sort of platform with stairs and stuff on it, and the back ground looks kinda firey orange/yellow, and you can toss him around and stuff, or even throw him over the side?

if that's it, i remember it, but dunno where to find it