The Singer's Score


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The Singer's Score

Hello all this is my first attempt at writting a guide. So if it seems poorly layed out or so then feel free to criticize me. I have always given out advice out on the warcry barb and what one should have and do to build a functional character. So I finaly decide to write a guide at long last. I believe I qualify and have enough know how and experience to do so. Having built a singer barb back in 1.10 and improving upon it in 1.11 along side with almost 2 years of play time with them, I might even be the top singer barb player in the area.
This build is also widely known as the singer barb by many of you seasoned players. It is recommended that you should have some decent experience before attempting this build. This build is not for the true noob and requires some pretty expensive items. So I hope that this will answer many of your echoing questions.

A. Intro
B. Charater Description
C. Skill Tree Setup
D. Attribute Setup
E. Equipment Setup
F. Mercenary
G. Basic Tatics and Strageties
H. My Barb(s)
I. Final Note

Charater Description:

The basic over all principle of a singer barb works simular to a nova sorceress. In which you get close enough to you enemy and spam your novas. On the other hand, the versitility of the singer is much different from the sorceress. All singers have the tendency to be excellent support in a party PvM and acutaly quite effective (although slow) solo too. Everyone loves a really high level battle orders and the singer can provide it. They also have tons of life and very good crowd control. But with the lack of proper damage and the extremely high mana consumption, this build is quite hard to play. This is a 104 skill point build, the miniumal level that you may complete this is 93. From there you can expand on it. There are 2 main types of singer barbs, 105 FCR and 200 FCR.

Skill Tree Setup:

92 points from leveling to 93
12 from quest

1 Ironskin
1 Natural Resist
1 Shout
1 Battle Command
20 Howl
20 Taunt
20 BattleCry
20 Warcry
20 Battle Orders

Combat Skills-
NONE! You dont need any, unless you would like to place one to leap which
isnt really neccesery because you can get a pair of boots that give you leap.
You only only need 2 of these masteries. Iron skin and Natural Resist. No need to pump more than one each, with you items they will be plenty high. The option of putting points into Increase Stamina and Increase Speed is availble but sets you back 2 levels and places the completion at lv 95.
Heres the heart and soul and voice of the singer. Howl provides tons of crowd control which helps you live and not to mention other players on your quest to level up. You should max this first, dont worry about Battle Order yet. You will max howl before you can even put into it. Next is Battle Orders, people love taking orders from you. Max this quick to be loved by all. Then max BattleCry and finaly Warcry. You should also while maxing, place points into each of these skills when you can achieve them. Like puting one to Battlecry when you get to 24 so that its avaible and 1 to Warcry when you hit lv 30 so that you have some ability to preform. But of course all you seasoned players know that.

After level 93 skills
After the long boring leveling, you can tweak you character a bit at this point. You have the option of puting into leap, increase stamina, increase speed and increasing the level on your shout. If you really want to be hardcore and get to lv 99, and if your rich enough, you can even try WW. There are enough levels left to place one into WW, and each of the prerequisites, but you will lack the mastery. I actually plan on trying to do this. But require AR gcs angelics and possibly a good barb helm with weapon mastery of choice, most likely axe, Beast and Greif zerker axes of course.

Attribute Setup:

None! You dont need any.
None! Same here, not needed.
Everything, this is the only attribute you should be putting into.
If you put into this for any barbarian build, go hang yourself now. (Except true noobs)

It is very likey that you will have enough str to wear everything and if your lucky enough to come by the specific items that give you tons of str, you can even don a spirit monarch like i have.
Dexterity has no real purpose here, except to wear the wizard spike or if your like me and carry a heart carver too.
Well if you dont swing a weapon, why need the attributes for it. So what everything will go into life to transform you into one of the biggest most beefy tanks around. As a singer barb, YOU WILL BE TANKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE. A godlike meat shield in a sense.
Well if your even thinking about energy, dont be tempted. Even with the extremely high mana requirements, puting into this will not help you enough, better to make up for it with charms, items, and your uber pwnage BO.

Equipment Setup

Enigma no subsitutes. 2 skill and tele and big str bonus is key to this build
You have a couple of choices here, the main 2 are Arreats and Shako. Arreats is top tier for a barb regardless. Shako adds in much needed mana. Also, the option of finding a 20 fcr rare barb helm with other mods is an excellent helm, this is a requirement if you decide to make a 200 FCR barb.
Two choices here. Why 2 instead of spiders only? Because if you can craft a good caster belt (light/sharkskin/vampirefang belt + perfect amethyst + Ith Rune), you could say its even better than spiders.
One choice. Magefist battle gauntlets. Yes up them for more defence. 20 fcr and mana regenerate is extremely important. You say why not Trangs or Frostburns? Trangs is nice, fcr and resist, but mana is very important. Frostburns give mana too but has no fcr, on top of that, the 40% increase mana gets added into you bo, it doesnt stacks so its not as much as you predicted. Although mana it self is important, the recovery of mana is even more vital.
You got a couple of choices here. The main two are Silkweaves for mana, and Gorefoot for the granted Leap which is excellent for PvP. Up Gorefoot too to demonhide boots also.
Any FCR ring with decent mods. Better yet with Str so that you might wear spirit shield or tons of mana. Sojs and BK's are also excellent choices if you can get them. You wont get that much more mana from Sojs so I tend to lean twoards BK's.
Aww soo many to chose from. Lets start from the most important.
SPIRIT, yes spirit. Excellent mods, mana, life, fcr, fhr, how can you go wrong? If you really get ur str up there, wear the spirit monarch with the sword. Resist and a chance to block. You will have about 1100-1500 mana with these. Mix and match, wear spirit with hoto. If only you could wear two shields.
Heart of the Oak is the most common choice. No need to explain more. BUT you will only have roughly 500-900 mana with these.
Wizardspikes. Self explanitory, tons of fcr and mana. You need dex raising items though just to get enough to don these. These are also going to be your only weapons when you shift into 200 fcr mode.
On switch weapon, your only non optional weapon. A light insight which you can equip with a high level meditation aura. This is a godsend during duels and when your merc gets capped.

9Xwarcry gcs, with tons of life if you can afford it
Life Mana SCs if you can get them, otherwise mana will do. If you like u can add a couple of resist which isnt neccesary really, and fhr charms which also isn't neccesary if your using spirit.
Hellfire Torch, get the highest one you can.
If you can, get a hold of the anni, this will help extremely.
One tome of tp's. Don't leave home with out tp, you will regret it


You pretty much only have one choice in this department. An act2 merc with an Insight. Get any Insight you can for him, but more importantly than just enhanced damage on the weapon is the level meditation aura it provides. You want one with atleast level 15 otherwise your mana regen wont be able hold out and find your self holding out for only a little while instead of a good amount.

Insight with decent damage and high level meditation aura.
Two main choices here, Fortitude and Duress. Fortitude adds tons of damage to your merc which is abvious, to make up for your own lack of damage. Defence, resist and life is another biggy for him and also if its ebug. Duress is also an excellent choice. Resist, defence, some enhanced damage, open wounds and the big thing, crushing blow. Which really helps when you taking on end act bosses.
There are quite a few choices here. Delirum is always fun. Life leech from Andariels Visage always helps. But remeber, your a singer barb, so you will support him always. Even no life leech, your merc will have about a good 5 thousand health and be protected by you, so his own life regen can kick in to heal him. Considering this, Dream helm is a good piece for him as it adds more life and damage. More importantly, that damage is lighting, something besides physical damage, which will help you deal with physical immunites.

Basic Tatics and Strageties:

Besides the obivious things to do, there is a variety of actions that you may preform to enhance your singer's effectiveness.

Use ALL of your warcries.
Singers act as excellent host in baal runs because of their ability to manipulate the crowds. This also applies to cow games. Your Howl will be ubsurdly huge, use this to drive annoying mobs away like souls and dolls, (which cant hurt you much but will mess up other players). Sure Taunt agrovates the monster into atacking you, but their damage and attack rating will be GREATLY reduced and gets them your area of effect. This also allows for other players to dump spells into your area for more DPS while keeping them out of harm's way. Battlecry works on EVERYTHING (even bone prisons) and its level will be ubsurd as well, greatly and more than neccessarly lowering thier defensive and offense powers. It will even drive your target's defense to negative porportions if they lack a defense buff up, which will allow for your mercenary and other mercs and players to hit their target with a 95% rate.

Make use of teleport and your loads of health, resistances and your defence.
By level 80 with most of you gear together, your life should be floating around 5500 to 6200 or even greater. This lets you pretty much teleport freely like a hammerdin would without worry of teleporting into the wrong places. Since you can teleport, you can make better use of the obstical on the dueling grounds. ie houses walls trees even. Techinicaly it's not cowardly to hide in a building waiting for your target. As bowazons keep behind thier arrows, hammerdins sit in their field of hammers and sorceress buffer up many spells between thier targets, that is just their "wall" that wards off the unwanted.

CvC build.
It will be more difficult for one to deal with melee type charaters as they will have much more, faster hit recovery and a chance to block your "tells." Don't let them squench you, but rather than teleporting around, use your feet and run around and cast warcry a couple times then move on. This will act as your attack and a way to escape immeditatly incase they pursue you. Basicly buffer them till they die. Don't even bother with WW barbs as warcry will not stop or stun them and the DPS difference is too great between for you to have a chance. On the other hand, yes you do get a chance to take down the smiter. Quite hard though due to thier high block rates. But they don't possess moving AoE and warcry will stop their charges, other wise they will have to try and run you down. At this point, it's who is more patient. Sorcessess maybe your easiest targets due to the lack of life but note that nova sorcs pose a bigger threat to you than others. Remeber your Gorefoot boots? Now leap into the air and grant yourself immunity to most spells all the while stunning everything in your AoE and then going for the kill. Yes the hammerdin is a caster build in a melee's body, and you can target it easy. If it is a standard hammerdin, there will be gaps in his attacks and u can sneek into the sweet spot and warcry him to damage him, you might kill him, you might not. Either way, he will back off. Desynchers you will need to leap around instead to stop his charging and to keep your immunity to his hammers till an opening shows itself. Windy druids are a force to reckon with. So the swirling winds agaisnt the hot breath of echoes. This all can be won by manipulating them into doing their usual thing of teleporting on top of you. Leap annoys them and makes them want to get close because they are out of range and howl to drive his pets and oak alway to further bug him. Then when you believe its the right time, warcry in place and he will drop on you and on your warcries. At this point, you have the inital stun and the advantage as he is stuned and his pets and oaks are dying dying dead. Mostly likey, he will attempt to overpower you and try to kill you, don't give up! Keep on stunning. Trappers are a whole different game as in they work from many areas. Combine the tatics so far and use your best judgment of when to strike. Treat wolves the same as smiters.

Keep extra equipment handy in your stash to meet your needs
Keeping a pair of spirit swords in your stash can help you deal with situations that require more mana. Make use of spare items that can assist in your preformance. Most players with PvP builds tend to keep items for special ocaasions. You should do the same. For example, if you don't have your merc and have to tele to baal, you would use mana providing items, and if merc is there to recover your mana, you can go without that much. Or if you many need more resistant.

My Barb(s)

Well this is the part where I tell you about my barbarian singer. My first one was not built properly as i wanted in the first place and lacked my current knowledge. Actually this also happened with my polearm barb as well, but thats a different build. One thing was that spirit was no good on him (dam i was dumb) and there was no way of dealing any other types of damage besides physical. My second is all the good stuff. Version two of the product. Has more life, less wasted stats, better items and better overall.

Alpha - Primal-Cry lv 91
Stats- Str based 90, 181 equiped
Dex based 50, 94 equiped
Vital based 365, 414 equiped
Energy based 20, 64 equiped
Skills- 20 Howl 20 Taunt 20 BattleCry 20 Warcry 15 BattleOrders 1 Shout 1 Battle Command 1 IronSkin 1 NaturalResist 1 IncreaseStamina 1 IncreaseSpeed
Items- Shako Sapphired, Wolfhowl 6 4 5, 2X HoTo, Enigma Dusk Shroud, Arachnids Web, Magefist, Silkweaves, BK Weddingband, SOJ, echoing amulet of the apprentic (3wc 10fcr), Insight eth lv 16 med aura poleaxe
Charms- 9Xwc gcs with various mods, 20 15 Barb Torch, 18 14 6 anni, various resist and mana scs
Mercenary-Act2 Holy Freeze
Andy's helm, eth balrogskin fort, insight CV med aura 14

Omega - Gods-Breath lv 93
Stats- Str based 30, 165-184 equiped varies on items
Dex based 20, 74-76 equiped varies on items
Vital based 475, 502-573 equiped varies on items
Energy based 10, 59-61 equiped varies on items
Skills- 20 Howl 20 Taunt 20 BattleCry 20 Warcry 20 BattleOrders 1 Shout 1 Battle Command 1 IronSkin 1 NaturalResist
Items- Shado Sapphired, Wolfhowl 5 5 6, 2X HoTo, 30 fcr SpiritSword, 35fcr SpiritShield, HeartCarver, Enigma LightPlate, Arachnids Web, crafted caster belt (9fcr 17 str 54 life 34 mana) Magefist BattleGauntlets, Silkweaves, Gorefoot DemonhideBoots, 2X SOJ, 10fcr 105 mana 15 energy AR ring, 10fcr 5rengen life 38 dual resist mana ring, 3WC amulet, Insight eth poleaxe lv 15 med aura
Charms- 9Xwc gcs with various mods, 17 17 barb torch, 19 16 8 anni, various fhr life and mana scs
Mercenary-Act2 Might Aura
Dream ebug spired helm, Duress ebug wyrmhide armor, Insight eth thresher med aura 16

Final Note:
Well I hope this has answered many question on the singer barb. Wow i finaly acutaly wrote it! Any feed back is encouraged. I need your Insight to keep going. Thank you for reading this and I update this if it seems right to do so.

aka mech


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Very nice guide, i have a similar/exact singer at lv96 (gave up leveling). Currently using 200 fcr, as i recently required a 20fcr +2barb circlet. I went the leap route since i was planning to make him a bvc. I also wanted to write a guide, but need more field testing with him. Since you beat me to it, ill just help add to it :).
ps: i did find one mistake, upgraded gorefoot = Sharkskin Boots.


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lol thats right i forgot thank you, it is sharkskin
i wrote this up without referenceing my acutaly charater so its kind of off.
and i meant to write shako, not shado
and i got my med aura mixed up, my merc has lv 15, and i have 16
Gcs are
3-7 cold dam, 11life, 5str, 15% gold, 4 max dam, 4 dex, 7frw, and rest are plain
SCs are
13life 17life 17life 19 life 12 mana 17 mana 1str10fire 15pd11fire

the most standard setup i use is arreats, the fcr rings, crafted belt, gorefoot and the 2 spirits along with my non changable items
stats at 161 80 580 46
maxed out skills at lv 45
6660life 1353mana 9369def 16block wc doing 1794-1840