The Shoutput and other assorted track events thread!


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The Shotput and other assorted track events thread!

what're your best records for any assorted track-oriented event?

mine, being shotupt, is at the forsh-soph level with a throw of 50' 1"
at discus (which i'm not fond of) it's about 90'

and if you've never done anything having to do with track, shame on you

edit: shotput thread got dlted i believe
I don't know shoutput. . .

I haven't done track since Middle School, I prefer martial arts. . .so pretty much wrestling in high-school.


What's a shotput?
And I'm only further confuzzled by your 3 different spelling of the word...


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Farthest ive gotten is 32' - 12lb
We are practicing though.
As for the dicus, i dont know how to throw that yet!
but my friend and i tried, and i did better than him - i probably got 60' or so.
But once i actually know the tecknique i know i can throw it way farther! :thumbsup:

edit: im a Jr, but we dont have different High School levels.
What the hell is Fresh-Soph level - what weight? and what weight is Jr-Senior?


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alrighty...i ask for any Mod to see this to chnage the title to "Shotput"


Frosh-soph is freshman sophmores

no weight classes


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i know its Freshman and Sophmores, but how is it different?

and what weight do you throw?


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My best times on track events are kinda iffy, I was a varsity cross country runner and I really didn't like running in circles, so I only really ran track events in practice.

My best mile was 4:55, under 5 which is good, but slow for varsity and my coach was not happy that day.

my best 400 was 58 seconds, and I ran it after running 9 or 10 400's before it with equal rest(equal from the guy who finished first). I celebrated by running the last one or two to total 12 400's, averaging under 63(or we were off varsity). that sucked. I remember it was really hot out and we had run that morning too. I ran into someone and almost fell, I had to get my time back to stay under so i really pushed it on one of the last few. when we finished our assistant coach sprayed us all with the hose to keep us cool....and we were all laying down doing the breathing thing and pedalling our legs to avoid cramps.

lol been awhile since i thought of that. good thread.

anyway, other track events...I never remember shotputting, but i did one time clear 6.5 on the pole vault. That's really low (the rack starts at 6 I think), but the cool thing was that I did clear it before winter track ended. lol pole vaulting is hard.