the shock and awe druid discussion thread


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the shock and awe druid discussion thread

i found this one thread that actually deals with the subject:
If i read correctly he plays as a pure caster but I beleive for bnet that is not a great solution. The game we play is more fast paced and for MP you just plain need more damage output.

The shock and awe druid was proposed during the 1.10 public beta IIRC, but becuase armageddon gets so much hate, and the skill points are kinda tight, you hear very little about this build.

I wasn't sure it was going to work when I started, I'm still not sure how well it's going to work in the end. It's worked far better than I expected up to this point but figuring out the right gear has been a challenge.

my build is very dependent on AR from gear...
weapon: nord's (huge AR% boost)
angelic ring + ammy (big +AR/clvl)
ring #2: just some rare (with AR)
helm: jalal's, it does everything
sheild: any good sheild would work i spose... i'm using moser's
belt: i'm just using a blood belt for now
boots: rare dual res
gloves: just usin blood gloves right now (with a little more AR)....
body: upped vipermagi
charms: i got a couple of steel GC's

I think Nord's is really the weapon of choice here, comments?

observations on strategy:
-IT looks like I'm using mostly melee gear but my original intent was to be a caster and then add on a melee component, this way of approaching the problem may reduce frustration
-I maxed grizzly, he can kill stuff. handy
-there are a couple of ways I have used for single bosses that were being difficult:
1) blood raven: had some trouble hitting her so I shifted into wolf form an used feral rage
2) PI boss: once all his minions were cleared out I unshifted and spammed moulten boulder on him. It's far less damage than geddon but it hits reliably.

well ok this is what happens when you wait overnight to post something you forget what else you were going to say.

questions or suggestions?


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Re: the shock and awe druid discussion thread

Sorry, by his post I assumed he changed some stuff around.


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Re: the shock and awe druid discussion thread

yeh sry. it is a different skill distribution.

It is kinda like a shaman but that dueling build iirc is constanly unshifting and using different techniques, I wanted to avoid that as much as possible. This guys stays in bear form unless the timer wears out. Now that i think on it more the build was probably propsed as a Shaman variant. my build is not the slightest bit intended for dueling btw.

and for those who don't know, always shift into werebear BEFORE casting Armageddon, because you do not want to be a weak human for 6 full seconds waiting for the timer :p

i'm still level 71(?) so not finished yet...and have been feeling it out as i go..

skill plan:
all the prereqs (12)
20 geddon
20 boulder
5 firestorm
5 oak
20 grizzly
5+ maul?
1 fireclaws

that adds up to level 82 i bleeve so anything else is to taste..

I wanted to max grizzly so i did. Its just something I wanted to do and I'm finding it works well