The return of Zabo's random crap!!

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The return of Zabo's random crap!!

Well it's been about 2 months since Ive posted anything I've written, so what the hell!!

Also curious to see what people think, so if you have a moment after reading, by all means, VOTE!


Wipe your blood on the ferns
Some people just never learn
Selfish *****es should wait their turn
Loathing is what they earn

I wish I could be around
Never thought I could be this far down
I scream but it doesnt make a sound
Attempts failed, I cant be found

Depths of sorrow are so vast
I gotta stop living in the past
I think the worst has passed
This better be the last

Watched my dreams combust
Every hope turned to dust
You no longer have my trust
My anger is not unjust

Blinded by pain, life is fading
Memories lost, faces unfamiliar
Grasp on life, slipping into nothingness
Death's cold hand creeps ever closer
Praying for a swift end, death welcomed

Every breath another battle
Refusal to admit defeat
Looking ahead, optimistic for tomorrow
Pleas for an end, ring out in the distance
Ignored by physicians, greed runs them

The forboding journey home creeps closer
Foolish attempts to help, bring her sorrow
Wishing for an end to the torture
Where is the humanity in the spiral of pain?

Frustration rising, anger boiling
Kindness drifting, patience crumbling
Fears realized, hopes soaring
Lost in the catacombs of animosity
Break down the walls, no more of this

Every day another trial
Reaching my breaking point
Loathing against the innocent
Rage fills me, blood stains the walls
Ending this petty existance

Kindness cowers beneath this anger
Trampled by ill intentions
Inflicting pain, the only release
Losing the will to maintain control
Next casualty is my empty soul

Engulfed by the fear of failure
How many times must I condemn myself
Sorrow is a burden, look for another way
Hopes soar higher, maybe everything will be fine
Dreams destroyed, engulfed by the flame

The way to sanity, forever lost
Does anyone care that I'm not there?
Efforts are wasted, I am useless
My soul sliced, scarred for eternity
My wounds bleed for all to see.
I agree with Annabarge11.
*Takes advantage of the situation and steals the shiny slippers off Zabo's striped feet, watching them curl up*


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Ahhhhhhh!!! You smashed my TAT!! I just paid for that too..

*Looks around*

Angst? I see no such thing!! *cough* ok maybe slightly...

Now really was that called for! My feet are cold now...they shriveled up!


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It's amazing how we managed to take the original OT manner of this thread and change it into the wizard of oz ;)

Frostbite is bad! I blame bubbles. Shes the color of frost


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I think you need to work a little more on your word choices. But you have a good foundation upon which to build.


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My word choice is the epitome of suckiness ;) Im usually half asleep when I write that crap anyway. lol


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Canadia142 said:
I liked it, did anyone think of afi when they were reading that?
Yeah, sounds like a lot of their stuff. Reminds me of God Called in Sick Today.
Edit- Morning Star also came to mind right after reading this.