The Return Of the Seed Command


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In follow up with my LK thread, I found a really good map. But I also like to play multi player with a buddy of mine, quite frequent. I noticed when I joined his game, my map (a decent Meph map) got lost. After our last MP session, I found my awesome LK map, which I do not want to loose.

There are many 10 years old threads, in which a lot of the people are guessing back and forth, I could not find a solid answer.

Do we have new knowledge about the use of the -seed command? I am not thinking about "tainting" my items in regards to trading, since I don't trade, but I am more concerned about future runs. Does using the seed command properly "ruin" my map, with regards to same set of drops just going in loop?

Proper use:

Enter -seed command in the shortcut
Run the game
Chose your character and your difficulty
Save & Exit
Close the game (Alt+F4)
Delete the -seed
Continue as normal without the seed command


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Well, keeping track of your seed isn't that great. Its a grey zone to say the least that when used at a later point turns into a black one if you gain advantage of it while restoring a map after you get a better mephisto map for example. What I just would recommend if you don't want to lose your map is clicking very carefully on that Hell button and when you missclick just press ctrl alt delete and end your process so you keep your map at that point.


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From the rules:
A way to recover lost maps. This should rarely be used and should always be declared. The only acceptable use is for recovering maps which are accidentally lost and if used correctly. Seeds should never be posted or shared.

Just wanted to make sure to not abuse -seed command in a bad way. As for other implications of using -seed command (like it ruining a map or something) I have no knowledge of.


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The loss of maps usually comes from MP with my buddy. I am mostly interested in if it affects the future runs, IF done properly, as Gripphon mentions.