The Return of the Fish


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The Return of the Fish

Hey folks, how's it going? I know I never truly left the forums but I haven't touched D2 in almost a year so I wasn't here as often as I used to. I hope some people remember me. ^_^ (and I hope there's still a couple people left that I remember, too :D)

Since I've run out of other things to do I think I'll be turning back to this game again. And I'd like to start out by starting another one of those fun MP groups. I've been part of several in the past and though none really made it all the way through the game for a variety of reasons they were always good fun. I've made a similar post at the other place but since I consider myself a resident here as well as there I'm posting here, too. Anyway, here's some thoughts I'm having:

- Time: This one is pretty set for me as I have very limited spare time right now. I'm only available in the evening, european time.

- Version: 1.10, of course.

- HC / SC: I'd prefer to go HC (definetly using the FE Mod, though) but I'd be up SC if there's not enough interest in that.

- Twinking / Not Twinking: I'm kinda on the fence here. Going untwinked tends to make a lot of fun builds semi-impossible (unless you make everyone do MF runs for his char which I consider a waste of time if you already have the item sitting in a stash). Going fully twinked tends to take what little challenge is left out of the game. Personally I twink but using only items that NM Meph can drop. That's a good compromise, imho.

- Builds: I'd like to avoid powergaming, if possible. The game gets kinda boring if you've got an LFzon in the party that can take players 8 hell solo.

So, yeah, that's basically it, chime in if you'd like to play some MP games with the fish or just want to say hi. :D

edit: Hey, what's with the green ad text in my post? Who put that there? o_O


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Lemme see, I have a fishysin, a fishymancer, and a fishyzerker. Wonder who came up with those names?

GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK! New builds, please. :D


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Nightfish said:
I hope some people remember me.
Who wouldn't? ;) I remember you, anyway (but i'm pretty sure that 'sentiment' is not returned, hehe)

Welcome back! :)


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DougTheHead2 said:
Lemme see, I have a fishysin, a fishymancer, and a fishyzerker. Wonder who came up with those names?
Actually, if I'm recalling correctly. His sin and Zerker were never called "Fishysin" and "Fishyzerker"(Unless I missed out on something) and his "Fishymancer" was not coined so by Nightfish. I believe it was Gohanman that came up with the phrase.

I win.


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Thanks for remembering me folks. :) Actually I do remember everyone who posted here, so there. :p

Serdash is correct on the history on how nightfish's chars were named, btw. He thus earns the title of "Supreme Chronicler of teh Fish".

Doug, I'm glad you liked my guides. :) Especially glad that you played the others besides the necromancer. I might do another one someday but not in the near future. Too busy and I haven't played any good builds recently. (obviously)

Erm, yeah.... And besides remembering me, how about a couple of you guys join me in the realm of mortals? Dashy has already volunteered to be our valiant leader (aka suicide tank). :D


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welcome back!

BTW i will be interested in this mp group. i can host too if anything comes together. just let me know if anything stirs up. in my opinion untwiked is the way to go if you want to have fun.


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Welcome back Nightfish...I don't really know you but your Fishymancer guide is definitely one of the top 5 guides I've ever read:) Go go Nightfish. Hope you're feeling well and all!


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It's nice to see you again Nightfish, hope all's well with you..
I'd be interested in this mp group as well, I've never played HC, so I'd prefer SC, but I'm also willing to give HC a try (would be better in that case if I played with a build I know though)..

Sint Nikolaas

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Hey NF, good to see you're getting back to gaming again :)

I'd like to be part of the gameing group, since I don't play too often anymore (+I'm europe nighttime too).. so.. something like the campfire clan would be nice :D I'd like to see some HC untwinked play, but I'll adapt.. want to play something like a hydra sorc orso anyway (been a long long long time since I tried that.. allways got PK'd when I tried making one on since everyone thought I was a PK'er myself :rolleyes: ).


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Your time just pretty much ruled me out, unless it's weekend only. I don't care whatever style to use, as I have nothing to twink with in HC anyway.
Welcome back Mr Fish. Nice to have you back on the game. I think I can pop in and play some MP games, have some spare time in most evenings

I can also think of HC untwinked if there is enough people for it