The Return of Smokin_Hippie!


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The Return of Smokin_Hippie!

Yes it is true, if my plans come together I will be purchasing a brand new computer with my (for once good) Tax Refund.

Now assuming people remember me here from my old posts on these and other incarations of this board or for my 1.09 Pure Elemental PVP Guide, I thought maybe you would care to know about my return.

My D2 life came to an abrupt end when I found due to hardware issues that my computer was not compatible with the 1.10 patch. Now I as with most of you waited so long for that patch that when it got here and I was unable to play I became upset. But I did not give up. Soon I should be able to return to playing and even writing guides if people feel that I could be of service again.

I figure in the week or week and a half that it will take for my return to be direct deposited, and the few days it will take for me to shop around for the new powerhouse of a pc that I want, that I can start to read the boards again, ask questions if I need, and maybe give an oldtimers insite where it can still apply.

I hope to meet the new people of the board, get back in touch with old friends, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

I love this site, this board, and I have missed you...

Wish me luck!

Smokin_Hippie soon to be returning to USEast! Wooooooooooooo!...


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Garbad_the_Weak said:
wb, don't be a 1337 wind druid.


Yeah, well being as I was one of the people that played pvp with a pure elemental for the challenge, back when the common comment about it was "elemental druids suck" or more often "eles r much s0xx0r" or whatever, for me to play a sell out like that would probably make me cry.

I again plan on making something work that most people will laugh at and make it work, even if I do not always win duels, or kill every monster in one hit, at least I will have fun...

And thanks for the welcome back Mep and Garbad...


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I remember the forum name, but I didn't play East, so Smokin_Hippie means nothing to me.

But I remember the forum name. Welcome back, you whose forum name I remember! :D

~Kazama Fury~

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i remember you, but you probably have no idea who i am.

i play on east, but i dont remember a smokin_hippie. did you particpate in any of scoot's tournies?

i was wolfieangrygrr


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you must have left before I frequented here. I'm an Eastie as well, but much more so Necromancer than dr00d.

Necrophylia > Herbophylai (or w/e making intimate with trees is :lol: )

Just kidding my druid buds

:buddies: :drink:

Welcome back anyway



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Whoa. Hey darrious!! Keep an eye on the grove..

In case you dont remember, I was pretty much any character that haunted the grove with a Gaia- prefix in the name ;)