The Return of Forum Mafia


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Hello and welcome to a once of a kind battle royale! Here we will sort out the men from the boys, the mafia from the town, and in the end one side will be crowned the winner! Of course, who knows what other factors may come into play ;)

The game will be played with 8 players! Day phases are going to be 72 Hours, with 24 hour Night phases.

I will be using quicktopics again for any private chat rooms. These are confidential and no information may be posted verbatim from them to in this game. Please give the rules a good read through!!

Mostly Blatantly Stolen Rules

1. Talk about your role and this game is strictly prohibited outside of the game
thread until it is over (with the exception of designated QT pages).

2. Do not post during the night phase. Any post within a few minutes after the end of
the day will be ignored. Any post made after that, will result in a mod kill of the
poster. Repeated posts during the night phase will also result in a mod kill.

3. Editing, for any sorts of reason will result in a mod kill.

4. Any story given regarding lynches and kills is for flavor only.

5. Once you're dead, stay that way. Dead people tell no tales, or in this case, dead
people make no posts.

6. Every player gets one lynch vote during the day unless told otherwise in their role
PM. Votes and unvotes need to be bolded . If your unvote isn't bold, it doesn't count
and please try to put it at the bottom of your post (I'm not very observant.)
Capitalization or proper spelling of one's name is NOT REQUIRED, however, it must be
clear who you are voting for; please try to avoid nicknames.

Vote: Caluin Graye
Unvote: CG

7. Lynching requires the majority of players to vote for the same player. that is, half of the remaining number of players rounded down + 1. A lock occurs when someone with enough votes to be lynched receives another vote, and will be lynched at the end of the day (cannot be unvoted)

8. If you have any issues with your role, or any other player, please PM me
in order to find a resolution. Please don’t suicide or do anything rash before
contacting me. Please wait for a response; it might take me a few hours but I will

9. Any player may claim any role. I.E. Any player may claim to be something that they
are not. For example, I claim to be innocent of (almost) all charges.

10. Do not post any information sent to you in a pm by the host. This includes, but is
not limited to, numbers of words/letters/punctuation marks. If you want to claim a
role, don't copy paste the PM I sent you.

11. Day lasts 72 hours and night lasts 24 hours. The game starts with a 48 hour day

12. You will get mod killed if you are inactive (at least 2 contributive post per day

13. If you are (temp) banned, you will also be mod killed.

14. If you cannot continue playing the game for any reason, PM me beforehand
to find a solution.

15. Read the rules and your role PM once more. Have Fun! Good luck! May the best team

Living Players (bolded upon check-in):
Caluin Graye
Bad Ash

Further set-up information MAY be given upon check-ins from everyone.


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Yes leave any questions you have during the day and I will answer them at night. I will not be actively participating in discussion. If you Lynch me I autowin.


I encourage you by all means to post during the night phase. A sound strategy.

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