The Return of Bad Ash vs. Noodle Mafia Game!

Who did it?

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Still think it's kind of BS that no one saw through Bad Ash's feeble playstyle and lynched him. C'mon, people!

The Silver Shroud

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One thing still has me confused:

Bad Ash did not vote Noodle in the poll.

Noodle sure as hell voted Bad Ash.

I also thought up an idea for new players: either scum team them, giving them at least one person they can talk to privately. Or Town Mason/Town Neighbor them which also gives them someone they can talk privately with.


Leopold Stotch

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Mason is good.

I KNEW I should've voted you, Zemaj!!!! XD Never. Again. Will I go against my gut.

Sorry, Scarlet. I REALLY thought you were mafia.

Thanks for the award? Lolololol!! But thank you for hosting. ^_^

I'm down for another game. I'll try to make it work with my hectic July schedule.