The result of 100 Pit runs


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The result of 100 Pit runs

Thought I'd share the first 100 results from my ongoing empiric examination of the Pits, as I know myself how motivating similar threads can be. :lol:

I've been doing Pit runs with my lvl 87 Hammerdin.
I won't go into detail about the equipment he wears, I'll just sum up the total MF, and eventual changes to total MF during these runs.

NOTE: In addition to the items name, I've also included which monster dropped the item, and at which level of the Pit this happened. Just for comparsion and entertaining purposes. ^^

Total MF: 205, Solo 1 player games, softcore ladder.

001: Nothing
002: Sigon's Shelter (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
003: Blackleach Blade (Dark Archer, PitLvL 1), Cleglaw's Pincers (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
004: Nothing
005: Cathan's Mesh (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 2)
006: Nothing
007: Nothing
008: Crushflange (Devilkin Champion, PitLvL 1)
009: Angelic Halo (Chest, PitLvL 1), Angelic Wings (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
010: M'Avina's Tenet (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1)
011: Nothing
012: Nothing
013: Nothing
014: Andariel's Visage (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1), Ironstone (Dark Stalker, PitLvL 1), Arcanna's Head (Dark Archer, PitLvL 1), Arctic Binding (Dark Stalker, PitLvL 2)
015: Nokozan Relic (Dark Archer Boss, PitLvL 2)
016: Nothing
017: Infernal Torch (Dark Stalker Champion, PitLvL 2)
018: Nothing
019: Nothing
020: Nothing
021: Nothing
022: Nothing
023: Marrowwalk (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)

Switched PTopaz Vipermagi for a PTopaz Skullders, giving an additional 108% more MF at lvl 87.

Total MF: 313, Solo 1 player games, softcore ladder.

024: Nothing
025: Sureshrill Frost (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1)
026: The Meat Scraper (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1), Sigon's Wrap (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 2)
027: Nothing
028: Culwen's Point (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 1), Cathan's Mesh (Devilkin, PitLvL 2)
029: Dark Adherent (Dark Stalker, PitLvL 2)
030: Nothing
031: Laying Of Hands (Dark Stalker, PitLvL 2)
032: Howltusk (Dark Stalker, PitLvL 1), Verdungo's Hearthy Cord (Dark Archer, PitLvL 1)
033: Sigon's Sabot (Dark Archer Champion, PitLvL 1)
034: Nothing
035: Nothing
036: Milabrega's Rod (Dark Archer Boss, PitLvL 1)
037: Hexfire (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
038: Nothing
039: Sigon's Shelter (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 1)
040: Nokozan Relic (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1), Aldur's Advance (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 2)
041: Nothing
042: Sander's Taboo (Dark Archer Boss, PitLvL 1)
043: Isenhart's Case (Dark Stalker Champion, PitLvL 1)
044: Nothing
045: Isenhart's Lightbrand (Bone Warrior Boss, PitLvL 2)
046: Isenhart's Parry (Bone Warrior Champion, PitLvL 1)
047: Nothing
048: Nothing
049: Nothing
050: Nothing
051: Nothing
052: Angelic Halo (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
053: Tancred's Crowbill (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 1)
054: Nothing
055: Nothing
056: Nothing
057: Nothing
058: Hsarus' Iron Heel (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1)
059: Griswold's Edge (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1), Dangoon's Teaching (Devilkin Champion, PitLvL 1)
060: String Of Ears (Dark Archer Boss, lvl 1), The Gladiator's Bane (Devilkin, PitLvL 2)
061: Nothing
062: The Gnasher (Devilkin, PitLvL 1)
063: Nothing
064: The Vile Husk (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 1)
065: Nothing
066: Etheral Brainhew (Dead Rogue, PitLvL 1)
067: Grim's Burning Dead (Bone Warrior Champion, PitLvL 1)
068: Soulflay (Devilkin Shaman, PitLvL 1), Angelic Halo (Magic Chest, PitLvL 2)
069: Nothing
070: Trang-Oul's Guise (Bone Warrior Boss, PitLvL 1), Pierre Tombale Couant (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1)
071: Nothing
072: Nothing
073: Nothing
074: Nothing
075: Nothing
076: Blackleach Blade (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 1)
077: Cleglaw's Pincers (Devilkin, PitLvL 1), Steelgoad (Devilkin Boss, PitLvL 1), Harlequin Crest (Dark Archer Boss, PitLvL 2)
078: Nothing
079: Nothing
080: Nothing
081: Nothing

Gained a level, increasing total MF to 315 (Because Skullders increase MF based on character level).

Total MF: 315, Solo 1 player games, softcore ladder.

082: Milabrega's Robe (Dark Stalker Boss, PitLvL 2)
083: Nothing
084: Fleshrender (Devilkin, PitLvL 2)
085: Nothing
086: Nothing
087: Shadow Dancer (Devilkin Champion, PitLvL 1)
088: Nothing
089: Nothing
090: Nothing
091: Cathan's Seal (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1)
092: Tancred's Skull (Devilkin, PitLvL 2)
093: Bloodrise (Dark Archer, PitLvL 1), Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer (Dark Stalker Champion, PitLvL 1)
094: M'Avina's Embrace (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1)
095: Nothing
096: Natalya's Soul (Bone Warrior Boss, PitLvL 1)
097: Cleglaw's Tooth (Bone Warrior, PitLvL 1)
098: Etheral Baezil's Vortex (Devilkin Champion, PitLvL 1), Tancred's Spine (Dark Archer, PitLvL 1)
099: Nothing
100: Nothing

A few keepers here: Verdungo's, String, Gladiator's Bane, Shako, Shadow Dancer, M'Avina's Embrace and Marrowwalk.

I'll post more results when I've finished another 100 Pit runs (or maybe I'll do 100 Baal- or Mephistoruns instead... Just need my darn Enigma first :D ).
don't forget that trangs guise..

btw, nice post! must have taken ya a long time to do this, thx for ur input, greatly appreciated!


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Ah yes, you're right. Add Trang's Guise to the list of keepers.

Thanks for the feedback, I really had no better to do, keeps me from being bored when I'm doing numberous Pit runs. :D


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a hammerdin should have no trouble doing pit in full games or near full. u will turn over more items and lvl fast. IMO, pit runs in full games is the best way to lvl and get your mf time in as well, aside from baal runs. post results of 100 pit runs in game with 5-8 ppl, we will all like to see it, and you will love posting it too, ill bet on that one :D

gj, and have fun mfing


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I'm curious as to how long it took you to make these runs.

Both single run stat and total time for all 100..

I find that my 92 hammerdin can clear the pit in any # of players games with no hinderance on time. But Finding games with more than a few people in it is hard (I play softcore).

I still think its all luck, in the months I've been doing pit runs the keep-able uniques that fall are completely random (I found an azurewrath yesterday and nearly ____ my pants). I've also managed to find an arachnid there. But I've never found things like shakos or the elite set stuff.. etc..


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I did a comparison of several pit runs as well to compare results.

Your runs seem to mimic mine a bit.

A few interesting points I noticed (and thanks for posting the monster type)
-Most of the decent drops came from the boss class monsters, which have a better chance to drop higher qulity items.
-The addition of Skulder's MF seems to almost double your item-of-interest drop rate. I've found that even having a second player in the game has nearly the same effect (see my post) 300 is a nice all-round MF sum to use.


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Singollo: I thought of making this list as a comparsion, so I wanted the conditions for each game to match the previous one as much as possible. Therefore I found it best to do one player games, not worrying too much about getting experience or trying to maximize item drops.

Saidinhc: It took approximately 12-14 hours or so, but then again I'm not the fastest Pit runner, and I also had to note information regarding itemdrops while I did the runs. :p
Luck definitively plays an important role while MF'ing, but nevertheless you will find good stuff sooner or later. It's just a matter of time and patience I guess. (Edit: just found Eaglehorn while giving one of my RL friends a tour to the pits :teeth: )

Vizier: I think you are right. I've had my best drops from bosses so far, except for the Gladiator's Bane, which dropped from a normal Devilkin. It would be interesting to know if this tendency still occurs after, say 10000 runs. If it did, one could save quite some time by only doing bosses/champions, or at least not killing every single monster in the Pits.

Your runs make up for some interesting reading. I think I'm going to do Shenk and Eldritch as well now. I will try to increase my MF a bit more before the next 100 runs. Perhaps by IST-ing my Wiz Spike and getting a Nagel or magic/rare ring with decent MF. Should make things a bit more fun. :D


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this may seem a bit stupid...but where are the pits? im interested in doing some runs. All i've ever done is andy and meph, never even heard of the pit before this forum. thx ahead of time.


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bunghole said:
this may seem a bit stupid...but where are the pits? im interested in doing some runs. All i've ever done is andy and meph, never even heard of the pit before this forum. thx ahead of time.
Tamoe Highland. It is only useful to do in Hell. There is something about the lvl assigned to the Pit in the Tamoe Highland (lvl 86 I believe) that makes it one of the best places to find things. Plus it is relatively safe place to kill things. No physical immunes. No exploding dolls. No life/mana killing Gloams


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Beyond said:
There is something about the lvl assigned to the Pit in the Tamoe Highland (lvl 86 I believe) that makes it one of the best places to find things.

The tc of the area is 85. It makes Monsters able to pick from higher treasure classes when picking items. (ie glad bane from a devilkin in the pit)

The Champs I belive are 86? And the bosses are ** and they have a high enough qlvl to drop the 3 rarest uniques (azurewrath, tyreals might and arachnid mesh).


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talking about pit runs

i found an Ik armor with pindle, (on ladder) traded it for ik armor on non ladder

just a mom ago, i started to do a pit run with my barb (concentrate barb with 49% mf from travies) and guess what..

one nice green sacred armor..
damm, i could hit myself for trading my ladder for a non ladder version.. :s


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2 best runs i've had gave me ik armour and draculs..not bad for 4 runs in 2 days.but not much since.