The Rapture


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its probably still getting fixed, who knows though.

sooo, is it wierd that i'm sitting here breathing through a wet bandana?

Pierrot le Fou

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There are only 3 of us left. Time to re-propogate the OTF.

Ash - You're our Spam Man, be sure to include 1 post that belongs in a *crowbar swings* forum instead
Corneo - Get some relationship threads going, toss some witticisms and senseless whining about life.

I'll work on religion, homosexuality, and Iraq.

Snap to it!


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Pardon my ignorance, but what does this mean? From the sounds of it, I apparently missed out on the last time this happened. Was this the cause for the great restart a little while ago? And if so ... ack :(

Ash Housewares

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what you want me to go ontopic? I don't even play diablo anymore, but I was thinking about making a fireclaws bear or a bowzon if I came back


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In 2004 Jan. 27, war was beginning.

OTF goes down.

Freet: What happen?
Gaile: Someone sent up us a bomb.
Gaile: We get signal.
Freet: What?
Gaile: Main screen turn on.
Freet: It was you!
Corneo: How are you gentlemen and gentlewomen?
Corneo: All you post are belong to us.
Corneo: You are on you way to destruction.
Freet: What you say?
Corneo: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Corneo: Ha Ha Ha

Ash Housewares

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sweet, voting

well I checked on the paly forum and they were talking about palys so I just robbed them and came back, got some campbells soup, groovy

Ash Housewares

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Black_Dog said:
my stupid trade threads got deleted :(
but look on the bright side, we still have our postcounts :p
yes but the only point in posting is to gaze lovingly at my avatar and I've got to start that over again