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The Rabid Wolf Guide v1.0

Discussion in 'Druid' started by flamingcow329, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. flamingcow329

    flamingcow329 IncGamers Member

    Mar 15, 2004
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    The Rabid Wolf Guide v1.0

    Umm this is my crappy guide im working on it so dont be too harsh on me.

    The Rabid Wolf - By Flamingcow329

    Table of Contents
    I. What is a Rabid Wolf?
    III. Stats and Skills
    IV. Gear Selection
    V. Charms
    VI. Leveling Guide
    VII. Advantages and Disadvantages
    VIII. Conclusion

    I. Intro
    As playing a druid (my favorite LOD character class) you open yourself up to many builds and subclasses not available in 1.09. In saying this you are about to embark on one of the lesser builds played in 1.10, yet still in my opinion one of the most effective and fun to play.

    II. What is a Rabid Wolf?
    So what is this rabid wolf this guy is talking about. Well a rabid wolf concentrates mainly on the skill "Rabies". It uses poison damage to vanquish it foe's back to the fiery deps of hell. This build is one of the most effective in pvm and very fun to play in pvp.

    III. Stats and Skills
    Strength - Enough for Gear, maybe 5 or 10 extra just to be safe

    Dexterity - Enough for 75% to block(duh)

    Vitality - Once your satisfied with you strength and dexterity feel free to pour as much into this as youd like.

    Energy - psh whats that?

    Yes the Meat of the build the Skills

    Lets start with....

    ShapeShifting Tree

    "Transform yourself into a Werewolf". A mandatory skill if you are going to play a WW (Werewolf) Druid, this skill adds to your hit points and stamina. Multiple points here are mandatory for successful combat as a wolf. The bonuses to Attack Speed are very nice, but diminish in returns pretty steeply. You may still want to add points all the way to the max though, for the big AR bonus.

    This is a no brainer, it enables you to use Rabies
    My Opionion - Maxed

    Passive - improves duration and life when in Werewolf or Werebear form.

    This skill increases the duration your in wereform
    My Opinion - Maxed

    Feral Rage(Pre.)
    When in werewolf form, go into a frenzied rage to steal increasing amounts of life from your enemies with successive hits. This skill does bonus damage as well as adding to the Druid's foot speed.

    This is good if u need leech or FRW
    My Opinion - 1

    A biting attack that deals poison damage, usable in Werewolf form only. This damage isn't very high; you can add as much with a few poison charms, so not a very popular skill. It is a pre-req for Fury, the best Werewolf skill, so at least one point is necessary. Like all poison attacks in Diablo 2, multiple uses of it just reset the poison damage over time, rather than stacking up for bigger damage.

    Well the Skill the build is based around,
    My Opinion - Maxed Immediately

    Multiple attacks while in the form of a Werewolf.

    This is a good second skill for poison immunes
    My Opinion - 1

    Summoning Tree

    Poison Creeper
    "Summon a vine that spreads disease to all it contacts". Formerly known as the Plague Poppy, a much-derided name. This vine deals poison damage to monsters as it pops up out of the ground here and there, about every three seconds. The damage isn't very high, but it can be helpful early on. Poison Creeper does nothing to Corpses, unlike the other two vines.

    This is a synergy for Rabies, It also has a bug that if you use a carrion ring it gives you a lvl 21 poison creeper not needing to put any in this skill
    My Opinion - I think this skill should be maxed because with +skills this could ultimately do more damage than the carrion ring.

    Oak Sage
    "Summon a spirit pet that increases life for you and your party". This Spirit adds to the hit points of the Druid, his minions, and all friendly players and their minions. The hit point bonus is to their base hit points, not any bonus state.

    1 point is a must in this but feel free after maxing your other skills to put the rest into this
    My Opinion - 1 - Max

    Other skills to mention
    Grizzly Bear - Now who doesnt need a tank? A good choice for if u get swarmed by a mob.
    Fire Claws - Another good secondary skill

    IV.Gear Selection
    The best choice here is Jalal's Mane it has everything a shifter could need Nice res's +skills FHR (UM'd or PSN Faceted)
    For the lesser rich - A cerebus could be good or a rare circlet with +skills and res's

    Body Armor
    Enigma - Godly Runeword amazing stats Teleport, +skills, MF, FRW just all around godly armor
    Chains of Honor - Another great choice for +skills res's the +% dmg isnt really useful on this since your not using physical dmg
    Bramble Runeword - %50 more poison skill damage is very nice
    Shaftstop - Another good choice for the lesser rich
    Guardian Angel - Good for the +to max res's
    Skin of the Vipermagi - Great armor

    Only thing i can mention here is a Stormshield (Um'd or PSN Facet)

    I recommend a x6 Shaeled phase blade to try and hit a good breakpoint
    Other choices are
    Plague Bearer Unique Rune Sword
    Death's Web Unique Unearthed Wand

    Trang Oul's Claws Set Heavy Bracers - %25 more poison skill damage
    Venomgrips - Not bad for mid lvl
    Soul Drains arent a bad choice either

    Sandstorm trek - All around good boot nice +psn resist, FHR, FRW
    War Travelers - Another great choice MF, FRW

    Soj - +skills, +mana very godly ring
    Bul Kathos - +skills, leech another great choice
    Raven Frost - Cannot be frozen is great
    Carrion Wind - Dmg goes to mana is nice and can be used for the exploit

    Arachnids Mesh - +skills, slow target great belt
    Nosferatu's Coil - IAS, slow target
    Verdungo's Cord - DMG Reduction, Replenish like my personal favorite
    And one thing i forgot to mention is that crafted items can be better than some of the items listed above.

    Good charms to get are PSN dmg charms or +to shape shift or summoning and always an annihilus

    Leveling Guide

    Level 1-6 go through Blood moor and just hit stuff to get experience, Put a point is Werewolf, Lycanthropy, Poison Creeper and Oak sage
    Level 7-12 join public games and work your way through act 1, Alternate between PSN Creeper Werewolf and Lycanthropy
    Level 13-18 to public tristram runs, " "
    Level 18-21 To arcane runs till your level 21, Everything in rabies
    Level 21-25 Do some cow runs and do your ancients, Yep the same
    Level 26-50 Baal Runs Max Rabies and PSN Creeper
    Level 50-70 Nightmare Baals Max Wolf and Lycanthropy
    Level 71-up " " and oak sage

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    -The poisoned opponent also delivers the poison to other opponents at close contact, so rabies can be used as a mass destruction skill.
    -Rabies cant be blocked
    -No Other PSN Source can effect rabies while poison is in effect

    -Lack of physical damage or other sources of elemental dmg

    Well this is it guys, This is only version 1 of my guide so please allow me to add more detailed information on PVP, Breakpoints and tables and answer some frequently asked question please dont flame me to bad :)
  2. mepersoner

    mepersoner IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    The bonus only comes from points invested, not + skills. Therefore the most that will benefit rabies is up to level 20. Therefore carrion wind actually gives a bit extra damage...

    Good start. May need a little more experience first, look around for some information about rabies and how it works etc.
  3. Pent

    Pent IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    You must do more research for this... I've been working on my rabies druid for weeks, still not done but closer...
    You need to edit your gear to include what I am using and the strategy behind it (borrowed from some other folks in this forum)

    My exact gear for my pvp rabies/fireclaw druid *RabidMosquito*:
    +4/9%LL/103%AR Cerebus socketed with 5/-5 poison facet
    4 shaeled phased blade with 2 15 ias/AR jewels, making it 110ias/135 AR
    StormShield with an empty socket (for the DR/high block/lightning resist -contemplating shaeling it)
    Gore Rider boots (crushing blow, frw, might switch to something else)
    Verdungo's Hearty Coord belt (for the vitality, the DR is just gravy)
    Stone Runeword Scarab Husk (for free fireclaws synergy, putting my fireclaw dmg to 5k with only 40 skill investment)
    Carrion Wind ring (for free synergy, which also surpasses the damage added by putting physical points into the vine)
    Raven Frost ring (a must for any melee, you NEED the AR/DEX/CBF)
    Trang Ol's Bracers (for the 25% increase in poison damage -A MUST)
    My amulet is just a plain +3 shapeshift skills ammy, I am looking at getting a +3 shapeshift with life amulet soon. I don't care for maras.

    on weapon switch I have a -41 death's web with a 4 socketed poison facet monarch (16/-16)

    My inventory is filled with ar charms, faster run/walk charms, and 2 shapeshift charms (need 8 more)

    AR and speed is *essential* to any rabies druid. try hitting a barb with maxed iron skin and shout, you won't be able to hit him at all. My AR right now is 10,000 k, but I plan on getting it up higher.

    My strategy (borrowed) is I dish out the initial hit using my phase blade and once they are infected I switch to my death's web/poison shield combo and switch back. This effectively adds all the bonuses from my weapon switch to the rabies. woohoo.

    I have a 6 PAmythyst socketed phase blade in my stash for those "extra defense" characters, it adds 900 AR to my attack, which gets multiplied by my wolf and my helm.

    I'm going to sleep now :)

    "Good charms to get are PSN dmg charms or +to shape shift or summoning and always an annihilus"
    also I don't agree, do you even read what you posted?
    or was this just a quick copy and paste from the other threads so you could find fame from other peoples work.
    Advantages and Disadvantages

    -The poisoned opponent also delivers the poison to other opponents at close contact, so rabies can be used as a mass destruction skill.
    -Rabies cant be blocked
    """-No Other PSN Source can effect rabies while poison is in effect"""

    also teleport doesn't work on enigma while shifted making that armor useless for that purpose. sorry
    bramble is the superior armor for a pure rabies build afaik
  4. wolfstar

    wolfstar IncGamers Member

    Jul 1, 2003
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    I think what he means is that he will be using poison creeper also. The lvl 21 PC in carrion is fixed and cant be changed. By putting points in PC and +skills, he can potentially have a lvl 40+ PC helping him.
  5. proudfoot

    proudfoot IncGamers Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    But the vine is pretty useless for full point investment except as a synergy to Rabies, so...

    Welcome to the Druid Forum flamingcow!! :D :D

    Hopefully this guide will get developed lots, and combined with the knowledge of the Druids here, should blossom into something awesome and really helpful!

    Good luck!

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