the quest for ber


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the quest for ber

i intend to run the hell forge with a twinked sorc until i can cube a ber rune.
i dont know how long it will take, maybe the rest of the year.
to make it more interesting i will keep every set/unique that drops in a stash and give it away at the end. i am running 1.11 rwm.
to win the stash simply guess how many items will be in the stash and the closest will get it.
character   NM forge   Hell forge    total time

hforgeone   ?          ?             ?
256 (my graphics card power, hehe, needed some random number)

EDIT: oh, until you can cube a Ber rune. Well....

2,500 my new number.


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And good luck on that Ber, I find HF rushing extremely boring on, SP would be mind-numbing.


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Well, it worked for my 'Countess/IK Set' giveaway, so I'll pick: 1337
OMG, i was soooo gonna pick that...

Well.... all my fav #'s are like double digits and I am certain it will be much higher.

*closes eyes and hits random # keys*

1453 looks like thats my #



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Not that I would accept your stash even if I won (self-found :wink3:), which probably means I will be the closest :laugh:.


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161 is my estimation on number of chars to get this (btw self found so dont want your items and their cooties :p.

If you take Hel to equal 1 point, IO 3, Lum 9 etc then ber = 373248 hels or 373248 points. I know if you do 7 chars for NM and hell forge the average value is 16236.

so 373248/(16236/7) = pretty much 161.

this gives you a pretty realistic idea what you will be doing if this is just 1 char (and assumes along the way you get average HFs and hep doesn't give you anything nice


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To complete hell HF you beat 13 end act Bosses, and as Timinator stated you will need in average 160 char. I guess that in average you get at least one Unique/set per act boss, so that means at least around 2000, you can collect something along the way, so my number is:


good luck!


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I'll shoot for 1234 items. That is assuming for have to complete the quest some 500 runs, which is based on an average rune drop of something like pul.


(And good luck. I hope it gets dropped faster)


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This sounds like a fun game, I venture a guess of 4122 items in the final stash.

And a huge good luck on this crazy yet fun idea =)


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I play self found, but someone has to take the bad number.

I guess 444 (to bad 1337 and 666 were taken).


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Tim's taken my guess... I've HF rushed close enough to 4 of them and that's about right :p


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Depends a whole bunch on what gear you're twinking your sorc with, now, doesn't it?

I'd guess 7500, but I couldn't stand the load times on a stash of 7500, much less the 160 dashes through the game just to get a couple runes. Don't put me down for a guess though, because I couldn't use your stash even if it had Tyreal's Might in it (dunno if it could.... I guess it could drop from one of the bosses in Act VI...)


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character   NM forge   Hell forge    total time   highest drop   finish level

hforgeone   fal        io            9.20         hel            67
i can knock several hours of that easily. i made a few mistakes with my first attempt.
this style of play is so at odds with my usual full clears and some habbits are hard to break.
i wasted too much time in act 1 trying to get teleport as soon as possible. its not necessary that early. i went out of my way to find random wp's when i should have used portal scrolls and got to the next fixed position wp faster. i wasted time getting my body. and a few other things. i will knock at least 2 hours of the next run.

timinator your figures are depressing but i am not starting from scratch here. i have several high runes already.
this may be mad but i had fun with the first one.