The Quest for a Better Grief


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Out of all my characters my Zealot is probably the one that I considered to be "complete" in my eyes. I basically had all the necessary gear so I felt like he wouldn't get an upgrade and even if he did it would be a minor.

My one and only Grief had a very very good roll that I was definitely happy with it.
So how did it stuck to my mind to improve his already powerful Grief? After a few questions and some search the damage of his weapon could be increased by a significant amount. So my quest started to acquire an ethereal 1.07 Bersker Axe. Luckily, nulio found one for me and it was damn good!
So I started the procedure to make it indestructible. The Death roll didn't impress me but who cares?! It was going to be rolled again! :D And after using a hel rune to remove the sockets here was the result.

The last step was to roll my new Grief on my new weapon...

Now the real question is: Do I see a difference?
Well I only used it for a few minutes and I have to admit that it didn't feel much stronger as I expected. It overall feels slightly better apart from some hits that are notably much more powerful. I guess the huge gap between the minimum and maximum play a significant role here.
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It would probably more advantageous is PVP with the extra range adder, though I'm not sure about the overall speed. If you are sacrificing attack frames, then the difference may not be all that great. If you can still hit the same speed, it's obviously an upgrade. Good thing you got a nice damage roll too!


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I didn't notice any drop in attack speed. I would say it's the same although I am not quite sure how to confirm it. The extra range is nice boost though, didn't thought it would feel that much better. I have to admit that the weapon looks ugly in comparison with the phase blade!


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Difference will be hard to see since any Grief is very powerful weapon. Maybe if you performed some speed tests you could see a small improvement with axes. Otherwise maybe not. Since it is ~15% increase in damage, that makes difference of like second at most. That is not something you could easily spot with eyes, but runcounter could spot the difference for sure.


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@Excalibur to confirm attack speed you can use calculators such as this one:

I'm not sure if this one is working (they changed several things on that website and I've noticed some bugs in the skill calculator at least) but if it's not, there are several other online.

And the Berserker Axes do indeed look ugly, they don't have their in game graphics implemented properly, something about using the same graphics as a Hand Axe? That's why they look like baby toys...


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Good grief!
(har har)

At first I thought you meant you were going to Hel that PB and try for a better roll and I was mad.

I am planning on doing the same soon if I can trade for a 1.07 axe. I have two PBs with something like 361/36 and 346/34 rolls. So I'm hoping for an upgrade since those aren't great rolls--but really, as you say, it probably won't make a noticeable difference in run-time, though a run counter would probably "notice" it for sure.

It's funny--the inventory graphics for BA and PB are a bit opposite from the in-game sprite or whatever it's called. In the inventory the BA looks big and chunky, while the PB looks like a delicate rapier. Then you look at your character and the PB looks like this massive blade while the BA looks like a boy scout's camping hatchet. And they want us to believe the BA has a better range... :)


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Grats on the sick damage roll.

With a berserker axe you need 58 IAS to get to the 4/4/4/4/8 FPA attack and if you don't reach that a phaseblade is probably better. (going from 5.2 to 4.46 attacks per second is a big deal).
It matters even more when you are decrepified.