The PvP Poison Widow Maker


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lol arent the charms like 20+hrs a piece

37x20>n so 740hrs>n around 740 plus hrs if my price is right not to shabby most i got in gear right now is prob around like 30-35 if u make this chara i would really like to see him duel

widow cost alot of dex to i think i hel'd mine for my barb and its still 117

im not sure if arrows are blockable think they are if ur ar doesnt peirce a smiter's shield might be in a lil trouble and a quick sorc or windy could catch ur teleing barb before u could get some arrows out

gl :p


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I didnt read the other posts but all I have to say is that warcry is a bad ideal for pvp. The skill is blockable by sheilds. Also I dont belive the stun rate works as well.


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ive thought about this before, just make a ww barb using 2x 34/xxx/-25 pois res griefs, and widowmaker on switch, probably use enigma, but forti would go well to. use draculs cause it can cast life tap with arrows, and get 45+ dr and high res, your gonna have to tank a bit of damage while the poison works and you chip away at them with ww.

my .02