The PvP Poison Widow Maker


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The PvP Poison Widow Maker

Hey guys, im tired of cookie cutter characters and was thinking of building a character around poison small charms.

Now, i have heard on this forum that small charms can have 451 poison damage over 12 seconds.

So my plan is to have an anni, torch, and 37 451/12s in my inventory.

I will use shaeled Widowmaker on one switch, with dweb on the other. I have heard that if you fire, then switch weapons before the arrow hits, then the -res from dweb will help.

So, i plan to fire off a few arrows, then switch weapons and do something else.

Now a lot of people have told me that the poison wont be very effective. But my calculations are proving otherwise:

37 * 451 = 16687 (37 SCs)
16687 * 1.8 = 30036 (perfect bramble, trangs gloves, 5/5 facet in dweb)
30036 / 12 = 2503 (damager per second)
2503 * (1/6) = 417 dps (PvP penalty)

So against an opponent with 0 poison resistances, i can infect them with the poison, and they will take some pretty hefty lifeloss.

Now heres where i am debating. I don't know what character to use this on and what to use during the time delay.

-Warcry Barb: here I would have dual 5/5 facet'd dwebs on switch, giving my opponent -110 to their poison resistances. I would should for the 63% breakpoint. Plan would be fire off a few arrows, switch to dweb and spam warcry.

-Shaman Druid: here i would go with 5/5 dweb and spirit on switch. I would use some sort of fissure/volcano/grizzly bear/shockwave combo to stun the opponent and whittle away at his life.

-Auradin: here i would go with 5/5 dweb and dream on switch. I would max res lit/salvation and use dual dream and conviction, and after infecting them with poison, stay near them, getting them hit with lightning aura damage. I then thought about combining this with fireball, but it seems the damage output would be too low. Or use FoH but its just so cookie-cutterish.

-Necro: here i would use dweb and 20/20 shield, and also lower resist them. This would give the most poison damage, but i dont think i could come up with something good to combine it with. Minions wouldnt be good as i would not be able tele to keep them close (bramble).

-Aura/Hyda Sorc: Here i would use dweb and dream on switch. I would max lightning mastery and use dual dream. I would run around for lightning aura damage, casting hydras here and there.

What do you think?

And also, what is the PvP penalty for grizzly bear damage? and what is the PvP penalty for stun duration in hell? (warcry, shockwave)


I think this will work on a paladin best. Fanaticism will add great damage and attack speed to ur attack, holy shock will do well, as holy freeze to really slow down opponents. The thing is tho that ull be lacking attack speed, and any bowazon will have an advantage over u.


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I'm really liking the barb idea. Fire a few arrors. Switch weapons before an arrow hits. Run around and stun/damage them with warcry for like 7 seconds or so. Switch Weapons. Rinse and repeat.


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It sounds good, but it'll be tough to master and tougher to use.

What I'd do is put a Lac in one hand and a Dweb in the other so you've got a pretty good chance of setting off amp, which will fuel your warcries.


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Thats an interesting idea. Because then i could use dual wizspikes and hot the 105% bp.

However, lacerator would require ar. And i'd have no sources of modifying it.


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What I meant was put the Dweb and Lac on the switch of your widow.

The curse will go off when your arrows hit if you switch before they connect.


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ive had a few ideas kinda like this, but mine are really crazy lol....
(this is a barb)ok first off u gotta prebuff the % chance to venom from greif while wearing bramble,20/20 shield,trangs etc. take off the shield/bramble and put on nigma/widow maker and have dual dwebs(for hella -%psn res) on switch, shoot arrows/switch to 2xDwebs finish them off with a war cry .......
.... ya i know i have some weird builds thought up

Lord Nyax

Make SURE you don't proc Venom or cast Venom by all means. The shortass duration will rape the hell out of your damage.


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Theres no need for a secondary attack - after you hit them with the poison, just stay defensive for 12 seconds.

Also, you will never land a WC if you're wearing Bramble.


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By the way... How the hell are you gonna get 37*451pdscs? You have an idea how expensive they are?


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nope. But this is a character i want to build over time, aquiring the charms and such while having fun with other characters that have easy to get gear.


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Do it with a barb and wear TWO D-Webs on switch. The reduction in enemy poison resistance would be silly, and would make those arrows sickeningly effective. All your skill points could go into BO, Shout, Iron Skin, Natural Resists, Increased Speed, and Leap for stunning people's summons. Plus barbs have one of the better fcr breakpoints, which will make it easy for you to swing a really lightning-fast 'port.

I was thinking of doing this a slightly cheaper way: by using D-Web and a Grief PB on switch for Venom (instead of expensive charms). You could easily up your damage more by throwing on a pair of Trang Oul's Claws. The best part would be that you could either snipe with en-Venomed arrows or whirl up close. The Grief would be your only damage dealer on whirls, but you'd be dealing some serious poison with the D-Web too! You'd only whirl on casters, of course, and would port and snipe at melee combatants.

Way to go - I'm always happy when I spot people who want to do something different. Keep us posted!


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IIRC, if you go with using a venom prebuff off of either grief or soemthing else then avoid usin any psn charms, visa versa. Its a good idea, and personally, i like the venom prebuff method which would open up all that space in your inventory for ar/life/res/fhr etc charms and such. Definately use leap for the stun (this will be godly against most casters and paladins foolish enough to charge at you). MMmmmmm, the only other thing i would ask you to make sure u have is knock back and as much slow enemy as possible.

mmm, ill think some more, this seems very fun to try though, and remarkably, when i think about it... i think i have most of this mentioned stuff just sittin around... :shocked:

-BLoke :smug:

Eilo Rytyj

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I agree with Lord Nyax, Venom will reduce your respectable 30k poison over 12 seconds damage to around 2000 over the 0.4 second (10 frame) duration (I've included Venom damage as well, with the ~+80% on prebuff and then +25% on hit with Trang Gloves, assuming you use Enigma as main).

Which isn't too bad either, but you'd be needing to fire those GA's every 10 frames to poison them again. 2000/6 is ~333 PvP damage, more/less due to resists.

Of course, my calculations were kind of rough, but they're on the right track. To me, it just seems like too much of a waste to limit all that damage from those uber-expensive charms to just 0.4 seconds.

In the end, it's up to you, how you wanna play your character.
Man goodluck finding or buying (unless you have more hrs than ahntaihuman) 37 451pdscs. They are extremely rare, usually duped, rediculously expensive and illegal to trade on these forums but, hey, don't let that stop you :). Personally I think its a better idea to use venom prebuff instead and hella cheaper.


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pally would probably be the best option for this build.

fanat = faster arrows
charge = fast movement with bramble
conviction + dream + dweb = 1hp with psn and holy shock pulse to kill opponents


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ive been thinking about this for a bit now, and i was wondering:-
would a sorceress be able to trigger a grief's 35% ctc venom off a spell such as thunderstorm/telekenesis, then switch to the bow and keep thunderstorm running and maybe some hydras and then finish the opponent off with a telekenesis hit/FB or something? (keeping it to a psn/light/(maybe fire))
I wouldnt think a build like this would need too much mana so lots of life could be potentially reached, and TS and (maybe) hydras could be synergised well because the arrows would be the main source of damage thus freeing lots of skill points...

ive never thought of ever making a char other than cookie cutters so maybe my thinking is absurdly wrong, but ill try to look as much info up as i can on this...