The PvP Fire/es sorc.


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The PvP Fire/es sorc.

Hi guys, this guide is going to be quick.

STR: Enough for equipment.
DEX: Enough for max block with whistans guard shield.
VIT: Leave at base, do not touch vit.
ENERGY: Dump all points into this stat.

MAX: Firebolt
Fire Ball
Energy Shield
Teleknesis (during the higher levels)

Skills to put one point in:
Thunder Storm (For stun)
Fire mastery (It synergies to all your damage with skillers)
Warmth (Heals your mana, basicly this is your pots ^_^)
And 1 point into all prereqs.

Why and ES sorc?
Due to the fact that most sorces are very fragile and cannot stand much damage without defences, es comes in handy. ES is worth maxing as the more you absorb, the better.

The disadvantages:
we have to max out es as we are fire sorcs, we are not lightning sorces so we are unable to get the extra boost on es with the lightning skillers.

The advantages:
The reason why I choose the fire sorc is because they cast much faster then lightning/orb and pack quite alot of damage at the speed it is going. With maxing ES out and having some points in Telekenesis your sorc is not fragile anymore and can tank some hits. Normally on my sorc, with max block and whistans, i kill barbs standing still.

Item Steup: This build is a kinda rich build.
Helm: Good circlet with 2 to sorc Skills, 20 fcr or fhr and 2 socketed with 2 ums in it for max resistance.
Amulet:Maras amulet to boost your resistance up more and leaves you with 2 more skills to your attacks and defences.
Shield:Against meele Whistans Guard (Jah) will sort that out, for more fhr and fcr aim for spirit.
Boots:Eth Sandstorms which provides your with 20 fhr and 15 to vit and str.
Rings:2 Sojs at all times (remember your an es sorc and Soj is what you need with 25% added on maximum mana) also a +1 to all skills to boost up your damage.
Belt:Arachnids mesh to boost your fcr to a higher frame 5 maximun mana added and 1 to all skills
Gloves:Magefist - For +1 to skills and fcr for a higher frame.
Frost burns as a second choice it it adds loadsa mana.
Weapon:Hoto for fcr and resistances
WizardSpike to more mana based on char lvl, increased mana, 50 fcr and the best of all - 75 to all res.
Armour:Skin Of The Vipermagi provides 30 fcr and all resistances 35, um this and youve got yourself 50 res.
Switch:Cta 1-6 with Spirit or Lidless depending on your str.
Charms:10 Fire skiller charms with life/fhr.
Small Charms:Anni charm, rest 5 fhr 20 life charms


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Would´nt it be better to max fireball and telekinesis and put points into syngergies later....
you could then use prebuff to boost ES to lvl 40.

also, getting 200% fcr is very usefull for a sorc IMO, and its not hard, then you can kill almost everything that not stacks resists and absorb.

my two cents

cheers mate :drink:
yeah... must agree, you should take 20 in fire mas in stead of 20 ES, and then just prebuff it to level 40 ;)

I don't think fireball sorcs has the advantage over orb/blizz/light sorcs, since it can be very hard to hit anything with fireball, but that might just be me who can't hit anything :D


ur es lvl is low and is better to max out teleknies before any of the synergy

u want to invest more pts into warmth rather than teleport.

1 pt ts cant do anything.


MonsterSlayer said:
if the enemy has less than 1200 life then it can stun ^^
Nope, cuz u will need at least 1k ts dmg to stun ppl. In fire sorc build, it is impossible to achieve it without light gcs + base.
I've heard you stun when you achieve 1/12 of the opponents damage.
12 * damage * 1/6 = 1200 <=> damage = 600... I think that should be easy with the + skills. :p


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MonsterSlayer said:
I've heard you stun when you achieve 1/12 of the opponents damage.
12 * damage * 1/6 = 1200 <=> damage = 600... I think that should be easy with the + skills. :p
that formula doens't make any sense


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You forgot to add on disavantages that when open wounds/poison makes contact you totally F***. And its a waste to use poison reduce because it will own bring your damage down and then you wont kill nothing and another thing why did you say max es ??? then your fireball will be even sucky then after tk do fm put 7 points onto es and prebuff it plus if your pvp u dont need that 3 poitns onto ts/static/nova because that 3 points could of went on es or fm. Ts dont do nothing when someone has max res and you dont even have lm so is there anypoint?
Neuroff said:
that formula doens't make any sense
You need the damage of 1/12 of the opponents life to stun. If the opponent has 1200 damage, you would, in pvp, need 600 damage since there is a 1/6 damage reduction: 6/12 = 0,5
0,5 * 1200 = 600


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That still doesn't make sense. If they have 1200 damage?

If they had 1200 life, you'd have to do 100 pvp damage, which is 600 damage ts if they have 0 res. 2400 damage if they have 75. So yeah, you can stun someone you should already be destroying who has 1200 life and 0 res, but you won't stun anyone good.


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It can only stun weak people who have 1.2k life and NO res. If they had 75 res they would have to have 300 life...
Davie. said:
1/6...does....not...equal.... point 6 .... in decimals...How old are you?
18 :)

0.6k = 600

1/6 = 0,1667

your opponent has 1200 life

you want to stun, and want to know how much damage you need to stun.

You will need to deal the damage of 1/12 of your opponents life. So after pvp penalty you'll have to deal 1200/12 = 100 AFTER PVP PENALTY :p

So before pvp penalty = your listed damage, should then be 100 * 6 = 600 = 0.6k.... ;)


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Ive built a fire sorc which i find works very well in PvP. Mind you i did not build this char just for PvP it just accidentally came out good in that aspect. She is a little weak and cant take much damage but her insanely fast cast rats and teleport on right click get arouhnd the chance of me getting hit. In alla ctuality ive dies more from teleing past a random monster than from other players.

heres how her stats ended up without mods.
STR: 145
DEX: 90 (feeble attemp to boost def)
VIT: 100
ENERGY: 210 (goitta have a lot for ES and the massive amount of times i cast FB and tele)

here is her skill setup;
Fire Bolt
Fire Ball
Fire Mastery

1 into;
Static (this was origionally a PvM build)
Energy Shield
And all prereq's for all spells needed

3 into;
Warmth (figured i could use a few point boost in this)

10 into;
Blaze (to boost up damage per second on meteor... was origionally built for PvM

heres her item list so far i still have to add in a few things to make her perfect. They are quite expensive on the whole to get but its what i got.

Perfect Fire eschutas with 5/5 fire facet in it
Shako with 5/5 fire facet in it
+3 fire skills amulet (i would like to find a +3 fire skills 20% fcr amulet if anyone has one on west ladder let me know)
meteor ormus with 10% to fire skill (I need to find a perfect and put a 5/5 fire facet in it)
Arachnid Mesh
War travs for the str and vit boost
Spirit Monarch with 35% FCR
10 Fire Skill GC's
2 10% FCR rings (cause i dont have any SOJ's)

All these items boost my stats up to the following.
DEX: 92
VIT: 134

all the skill bonuses boost my skill to the following
Meteor lvl 45 with a massive 40k damage
fireball lvl 42 with a whopping 17.8k damage
Warmth lvl 25 with insane 318% mana regen
Energy Shield lvl 10 with 59% absorb
Fire Mastery lvl 42 with 317% boost to damage

as Ive said i still need 2 SOJ's a perf meteor ormus and another 5/5 fire facet. Also a anni wouldnt be a bad idea either but with the way its going im probably never gonna get to fight DC. withy the setup i got now though i have 155% fcr thats makes me bounce around the screen so fast the only char thats had a chance of killing me is a blizz sorc putting up random blizzards. The only char ive come across that can withstand my fireball hits is a godly pally with massive resists. This char origionally started as a PvM char and quickly moved into the dueling world.