The PvM Arch-Shaman


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The PvM Arch-Shaman

Fire-Physical-Cold Elemental druid. Anyone ever tried this? People say each skill won't do enough damage, but with major tweaking i can get very solid damage. And i will a fairly solid tank with good resistances, cyclone armor, lots of life with cta/sage, and fairly good defense with defiance merc.


20 Tornado
20 Fissure
20 Hurricane
15 Firestorm
10 Cyclone Armor
10 Volcano
1 Molten Boulder
1 Twister
1 Oak Sage
Total Points: 99 (build completed at level **)


Weapon: HotO // 6 BO CtA
Armor: Ormus' Robes w/5/5Fire
Shield: Spirit Monarch
Helm: Ravenlore w/Um w/5/5Fire
Gloves: Magefists
Boots: Marrowwalks (for the odd bone prison to keep monster contained)
Belt: Arachnids
Ring: SoJ
Ring: SoJ
Ammy: Mara's

Anni, Dtorch, 7 Ele GCs, 20 life/5 rs all SCs

Act 2 Defiance Merc:
Weapon: Infinity GPA
Armor: Bramble?
Helm: Vamp Gaze

This setup gives me at level ** when the build is done:

-3536-3714 Tornado Damage
-3765-3935 Fissure Damage
-1933-2017 Hurricane Damage
-112 FCR for 99% BP


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IMO a windy is better but yours is more... original(?)

I tried a dual element druid but it was to much hadeack trying to keep armaghedon and hurricane active and each did too little damage.

good luck


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well ya, i could make a godly windy druid but that doesnt really float my boat.

and against PIs, if i was pure windy, i'd only have hurricane, which wouldnt do much damage.

And its fun being commander of all the elements. Just the thought of a hurricane, tornados, and fissures in the ground.

Has anyone ever tried to use twister as a main attack skill. At level 45 with both synergies maxed, it would do 1265-1347 damage with 3 'nados and stunning for .4 seconds.

also, does amp damage work with tornado/twister?