The Psuedo-Titan


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The Psuedo-Titan

Jacks Pseudo-Titan Guide

This is a short guide dedicated to the first character I took all the way through 1.10 solo (well except Baal runs of course). This character is not invincible, if you want invincible try one of Hals’ concentration barbs. However this build is also not quite as fragile as a pure strength only Titan. I decided on this build after building a pure strength Titan (606 str at lvl 83 with equip), I found that while whirling through mobs and watching my red bulb bounce up and down like a basketball was exciting, I was dieing far too often for my taste. Thus the Pseudo-Titan.

So what is a Pseudo-Titan? You are a big, 2 handed weapon wielding, damage dealing dervish of death. (that’s alliteration for you English majors) You will be investing almost exclusively in strength to get the biggest enhanced damage bonus you can and will be living off your leech. However thanks to your minimal vitality investment and your warcrys, you should be able to hit 2k hitpoints. So here it is.


Strength – I recommend 4 per level
Dexterity - You have 2 choices here: base or just enough to give you some flexibility
Vitality - I recommend 1 per level
Energy – Maybe in the 1.2 patch Blizzard will just make it impossible to add to this stat

What I did with my stat points was this. I wasn’t 100% sure about some of my end game equipment so I added 21 (d'oh) points to dex as soon as I got into normal Baal runs, otherwise I went 4 to strength and 1 to vitality throughout. This gave me just a little flexibility when choosing some equipment. In hindsight 15 would have been plenty.


Main Skills
Whirlwind – 20 pts. This is your main attack skill, max it.
Battle Orders – 20 pts. This will make up for your low base life
Shout – 20 pts. You have low life and no shield, the more defense the better
Mastery – 20 pts. Your Main attack has no synergies; this is the only way to increase damage.

Secondary Skills
Concentration – 1 pt. This will be you left mouse button from lvl 18 on. Plus due to synergies this will inflict more damage than your WW. Great for bosses
Berserk – 1 pt. Your main tool against Physical Immunes and the only attack you should use in the Chaos Sanctuary. Again due to synergies this will do more damage than WW.
Taunt – 1 pt. Thank you to Hal for turning me on to this skill. This is just a tremendous tool, stops ranged attackers from firing, stops reviving bosses from raising their mobs and it is incredibly easy to WW a monster that’s strolling directly at you.
Battle Command – 1 pt. Well duh.

Iron skin – 1-20 pts. As stated in Shout, low life and no shield means you need all the defense you can get. This should be the last skill you work on.
Natural Resistance – 1 pt. Let plus skills do the work here.
Increased Stamina - 0-1 I personally don’t bother with this.
Increased Speed – 0-1 pts I found that running to fast can get you in way to much trouble

As far as skill distribution goes, if you invest only in pre req’s and 1 into your mastery all the way up till lvl 24, when you get Battle Orders, you will have 18 skill points saved. So add to BO until you get to 30. At 30 you will drop a point into Whirlwind, Berserk, Nat. Resists and Battle command. Now start adding to both BO and WW until BO is maxed and then finish WW. Once WW is maxed you have a choice: Shout or Mastery. I prefer Shout since it helps other skills. But if you want to do as much damage as you can quicker go ahead and work on Mastery. Once these are done (I believe at 82 if you are through Izzy in Hell) Start pumping Iron Skin for more Defense.


Helmet – Only one real option here: Arreats Face. Everything on it is terrific and you can
equip it in normal. Also not terribly expensive unless it’s close to perfect.

Armor – My personal choice is Chains of Honor. Yes it’s expensive but well worth it.
Enigma is also good although you’ll have to make up for its lack of resists.
Pretty much any of the Elite Uniques, Duriels Shell, Gaurdian Angel
Mods you want = Resists, Stats, + Skills, damage reduction

Belt – The Verdungo is the way to go here, you get a huge boost to life and damage
reduction. Strings of Ears, Nosferatu’s Coil, IK belt are all good choices as well.

Gloves – Here is where I was undecided, Mavinas and the IK gloves give you great mods
and the added dex can help you meet requirements. Ultimately I added some
dex so I could equip Steelrends for the big strength boost and enhanced

Boots – Lots of good choices here but I prefer Gore Riders. These baby’s can really
increase your damage output. Other good choices are Ik boots, Aldurs,
war Travs, which may be better than Gore’s but you can make your own choice.

Amulet – Any of the uniques will do well here but Highlords wrath is I believe the best
choice. MetalGrid would be nice but has a very high lvl requirement.

Rings – One slot absolutely has to be a Ravenfrost. The big dex and ar will help you
eguip your weapon and hit things and the Cannot be Frozen is terrific. Although
being frozen isn’t exactly a disadvantage when whirling.
for the other slot, try to shore up your weaknesses: resists, leech etc. I use a
wisp projector for the lighting absorb and very handy Heart of Wolverine

Weapon – Finally the big one. You have 2 real choices here: Polearm or Maul. A
polearm has a big reach advantage and huge damage. A Maul class has
no dex requirement which means more strength or life, plus they get a
better benefit from your strength investment. However Mauls have a much
shorter reach. And comparable damage.

My personal choice is an eth Botd War Pike (my precious). If this is out of
reach, any of the elite polearms or mauls will do nicely.

The Build Up

Here is a brief lvl up strategy.

1-15 Join games with a large amount of people and kill everything you can. By the time you hit 12 you can equip Sigons Set, Angelic ammy and ring, at 15 you’ll want a manald for the mana leech. This setup with a decent weapon can take you all the way to lvl 50.
16-24 Take you time and work through Acts 2-3 solo. If you wish you can get rushed
through but you will have to spend some time doing council runs to get to 24.
You should party up to get through Act 4. Once you get to 24 try to find a game
to kill the ancients with a party.
25-50 Ahhh Baal runs. The level up treadmill of 1.10. You aren’t going to be much
good early on so just try to stay out of the way until you are stronger.
51-55 Nightmare should not pose too many problems, just find a party to get through the
Chaos Sanctuary and for God Sake don’t WW in there!!
56-75 NM Baal runs. Warcry your party, watch out for souls, dolls and Iron Maiden and
tear up the place. Stay here until you can equip your end game gear.
76-80 Stay in Hell act 1, do some pit runs and you should get to 80 fairly quickly
80-?? Slog your way through Hell, slow and steady wins the race.


I would not even consider a merc not from Act 2; their auras are far too valuable. Of the Mercs either go with Holy Freeze (NM Def.) or Might (NM Off) either of these will serve you well. For equipment just try to get them the best equipment you can and they must have some Life Leech. They don’t have to kill anything but they have to be able to stay alive to keep their aura on you.

Things to Look Out for

1. Iron Maiden – always the barbs biggest enemy. Just take it slow and don’t get mobbed.
2. Mana Burn – Big packs of mana burners can leave you surrounded and out of mana. Drink a purple and whirl out of there.
3. Physical Immunes – while not hard to kill thanks to berserk, keep in mind you can’t leech from them.
4. MF’ing Dolls – (not magic finding) The best way to handle dolls is to let your merc take them out, he’s immune to their explosion. If they ignore your merc Whirl away from them and they should run into you and explode but you should be out of range.

The End Result

JacksRevenge Lvl 83 USWest SC Ladder

Str – 356 -> 459
Dex – 41 -> 129
Vit – 103 -> 179
Enr – 10 -> 51

After lvl 32 Cries, Might merc, Heart of Wolverine from Wisp Projector, Demon Limb enchant

Life - > 2013
Mana -> 359

WW damage -> 3k – 17k
Conc damage -> 3k – 19k
Berserk damage -> 4k – 21k

70% Chance to hit Hell Baal (Did I mention this is NOT a PvP build)
14K Defense

Helm – Upgraded Arreats Face / 37 ed jewel
Armor – Chains of Honor in Superior Sacred Armor 1093 Def
Gloves – Steelrends 48% ed
Belt – Verdungos Hearty Cord 35/11
Boots – Upgraded Gore Riders
Ammy – Highlords Wrath
Ring 1 – Ravenfrost
Ring 2 – Wisp Projector
Weapon – Eth Botd War Pike 395% ed 242-1321
Weapon Switch – 2 +3 Warcry Echoers/ Demon Limb in stash


Act 2 NM Might lvl 83

Delerium Bone Visage
Chains of Honor Boneweave
Doom Great Poleaxe

I think that’s it. Thanks for reading


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I think it's a very concise, bare bones guide. Put some more time into it and it will be a complete one.

I did a similiar approach to building a berserker for 1.10 to make him 8p viable, but without uber gear. Damage sure is king if you want to be more than someone that's there to BO everyone.


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Great! We need some more guides here. Have you seen how many sticky guides other forums have? There's some catching up to do.

But if a HC barb is the first to reach 99 in 1.10, we can do it here! :worship: