The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ever!


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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ever!

BINGHAMPTON, New York (AP) -- Nothing quite says "I love you" like a hissing cockroach. At least that's what some upstate zookeepers hope.

Binghamton's Ross Park Zoo is offering the cockroach as one of the items in its "Give Your Beauty a Beast" Valentine's Day adoption program.

For ten bucks, you can adopt a hissing cockroach for your sweetheart. The adoption includes a photo, cockroach fact sheet and a free pass for your special friend to visit the little hisser.

If your special friend may not be amused by a lovely cockroach, the zoo's February 14th adoption list also includes other "romantic" alternatives -- like a bearded dragon, a black vulture and a screech owl. There's even a bleeding heart dove.

But beware -- the zoo offers no money-back guarantee if the recipient isn't delighted with your choice of a Valentine's Day gift.

Wow...I still say its better than some other bad gift idea's I've heard. Cash in an envelope, plastic flowers, power tools, candlelit dinner at a fast food resturant....


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They come form Madagasgar, and they hiss when angry. Kinda like how a cat hisses. And they are cockraoches.

So their full name is Madagasgar Hissing Cockroach.

Koko Puff

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Hissing because they make a "pshhhh" noise.

Nevermind I think you meant the last part of their names well leave it to your imagination.

Edit: Piff it's "Madagascar" :D


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Yeah I meant cockroach. But nevermind, I don't want to know of the parasite roach which gave the rest of it's kind their name.


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KillerQueen said:
Thats not what I meant, because cockroaches are gross and I would not sleep at a zoo.
Cockroaches are so cute. I'm going to sleep with one someday. And too bad they don't mail them to you. I'm sure they could survive the packaging process. They must be endagered or expensive or they'd breed and infest wherever they were sent to.


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I used to have a bearded dragon as a pet, but then it died 2 months ago :( All it all it was a great pet, although i dont see why it would be concidered a good valentines day gift since it gets all scary and crazy looking when u anger it. I guess guys might be hinting at something when they give this to their girlfriends..


At first i thought that said the zoo offers no monkey back guaruntee, but it doesn't say that. :(

Why don't they have monkeys up for adoption? Those things would go ...*seraching for metaphor... serach failed*... really fast.


Hmm, i better buy one for myself. Then let it free in the neighborhood! IT SHALL CROSS BREED!!!!!!!!!


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It never says that you got to take anything home with you. All you get is a lousy pass that allows you to visit it at the zoo.