The party of seven... guardians.


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The party of seven... guardians.

Finally did it. Each of the party of seven is a Guardian. The druid was the hardest and took for ever to kill Baal, nearly dieing four times. But I'm finally done. Finished. KaPoot. About a year of my life.

The ruleset:
1) One HC character of each class.
2) Only items found within the party of seven can be used by members of the party.
3) Items once used, must be either deleted or sold. The exception made to this rule was resistance charms, and they could only be swapped out if the character was at the cap for that resistance. Items could not be swapped between characters once used.
4) No character could act in an act that another character couldn't access. They all had to progress together. If one died, and they did..., that character had to be restarted and play catch up.
5) RRM/RWM (only one character used insight, and another used spirit in a shield)

Cast of characters:
1) The paladin, Nicola... a Tesladin with a CM Phaseblade, enchanted with Demon's Limb. 20 skill in holy frost too for the lightning immunes. Very successful character. No deaths.
2) The necromancer: Skeletor... basic Fishymancer, died once on his way to killing hell Meph. No items of note, but had most of the party's nice MF stuff.
3) The amazon: Sparky... LF/CS with poison jav as a back up skill. Got a set of titan's revenge and a thundergod's belt early... in nightmare difficulty actually. Very easy character. Died once in early nightmare.
4) The assassin: Trapper... uhh... basic trapper. Pretty easy to play, no special items.
5) The sorc: Misty... Meteorb. Actually was one of the harder characters to play. Finished the game with a silly peasant's hat on. Got really no items of note for her. Chromatic Ire was best I could do for her weapon. No deaths.
6) The barbarian: Arther... Zerker. Found a Arreat's early on and really had no problems with him. Went sword and used a Light Saber. Used that shield with the 100+ damage to attacker, and it complemented berserk well. Shaftstop and rockstopper for physical damage reduction. A lot of fun since he was the first zerker for me.
7) The druid: Barleycorn... AE's fire/summoner druid. Absolutely hated this character. Volcano just didn't do nearly enough damage to get through act V with any degree of "fun". If they would have just doubled the radius of the volcano and made it castable anywhere (instead of having to click click click to find a sweet spot) the spell would be viable. It was just too much a chore to play him. Definately retired.

That makes seven guardians with a slightly modified form of twinking. I didn't get everything I wanted, but everyone finished. Best find over all was a Astreon's Iron Ward. Got really lucky with runes finding two Ists by drops and three Ist+ runes from Hellforge. I didn't use any runes higher than Um though.

Done for now... I think I'll take a month or two off Diablo and start some other project around Christmas.


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Congratulations, Shagsbeard! That is quite impressive. Instead of taking a month off, why don't you just play some softcore characters for a while to relax before your next project? You could try some interesting builds (or just build as you play) just for fun without having to worry if they will finish...



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Question. They were all HC characters right?

If how did you die and keep going?


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Congrats! Wow, nice.
What else can I say? I hope to eventually get 7 guardians as well, but great to see someone complete it. GJ! :thumbsup:

Did you go for MF'ing or running an area for items, or just play with what you found without running areas/bosses?


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Nah... the couple months off sounds really good right now. I just got Ceasar IV, and it seems like it will hold my attention a bit. My new aquarium... classes to teach... all sorts of things. DII will always have a place on my desktop though. I'll be back.

Edit: When they died, I had to restart them. All their equipment was lost... but none of it was really noteworthy. There were only three deaths that I can recall.

Edit 2: I did run... I ran pits, I ran Meph, I ran pindle. I even ran nightmare Baal for a bit to level up... no one was under lvl 75 before hell Act I or 83 before hell act II.


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Congratulations! This is the kind of challenge I can really respect. HC, untwinked and using all the classes! Given how bad I am at Assassins (need another 8 fingers) and how I always seem to die with Pallies (damn heroic urges).... I think I would have a hard time doing this! :)

I am with you on Caesar 4...... massively enjoying it!


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no one was under lvl 75 before hell Act I or 83 before hell act II.
Wowee! Mine enter hell about lvl 70'ish, then finish hell at level 79-81 usually. I'll level them up if they need it, but I find acts 1-3 (and even 4 to a degree) in hell are extremely unreliable sources of levelling.

My pallies die a lot too! My latest one thought he was being clever by using Smite instead of Zeal in the Chaos Sanctuary. Hell, smite always hits, thus always gets hurt with IM. I would've been safer zealing, more hits, but the chance to miss. Two smites later (perfect hits,) and, Your Deeds...
Yep, real clever... :rolleyes:

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Congratulations. After that you must be on :cloud9: and ready for a well deserved beer. I don't think I'd have the stamina to play all seven characters at the same time so they could all be at the same level. Very much impressive.

Stop by the EMB and join Nacaa and I for a celebration party.


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huge congrats. i'm just comming back to sp and working on my 1st mat/pat but your accomplishment is really awe inspiring. congratulations, you deserve it :thumbsup:


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Very impressive. I have a tremendously hard time even getting a character to hell in softcore. Very well done.


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Oustanding achievement. Particularly given the rules you set yourself. Enjoy your break.


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It's more a matter of patience than skill. I rarely put my characters at risk, reducing the game to more of a pastime than a challenge. I don't have nearly the skill required to play this game one-pass untwinked. Perhaps that will be my next project. Adding "one pass" would definitely make the game next to impossible for me, but it would give me reason to do places like the swampy pit. I'd have to think of character designs that worked well around the "one pass" restriction.
Congratz shags, bery good achievement I still have one class left, havent found assassin to be fun enough to last through the entire game