The OFFICALLY OFFICIAL Barbarian OT Thread !


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So anyone seen Hrun and Kring?

I'm hanging with Ghenghiz Cohen, Conina, Nijel the Destroyer, son of Harebut the Provision Merchant and Hobbes.

Still Trying to civilize the Horde, a difficult task since "every one of them sees a book as either a lavatorial accessory or a set of portable firelighters and thinks that hygiene is a greeting."

Keep the Drinks Coming
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If you mean "Free take me", no, but I've had my moments lol. He wandered off a bit further than normal. I suspect that there was an animal that scared him. Another cat was missing around the same time according to the cops. I wonder if an animal killed the other cat and scared mine. My cat can get up and down trees like a boss, so maybe he just got scared and hid. The people that found him, basically just took him from where he was. He loves people and other animals. Wants to make friends with everyone. They posted the cat on Facebook, and one thing led to another.

Looks like GPS technology is at a point where I think I can get a tag like that for him.


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Implant a GPS chip in your cat and fit it with a camera, so you always know where it is and can see its surroundings or what happened to it.


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I knew I saw it before, I know who Luis Royo is, I had a walpaper from him I also like Victoria Frances, its similar art.