The Most Unlikely D2 Builds


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Liliel said:
Aura only Paladin is easy due to holy shock/freeze. You can punch your way through hell with those auras. Weapons are for wusses. :lol: Now if you limit yourself to one aura tree, and not allow any points in others even for synergy, then that can be a challenge (defensive auras much more so).

Blaze is actually quite viable, damage wise. Might go well on a ranged Enchantress.

Charged Strike zons are easy. What's tough about that? I have a Charged Striker without a shield, and without a desert or barb merc. She's had few deaths (normal Duriel, and some bits in Act 3 and 4 Hell where I got my stupid self surrounded. Never get surrounded!) and a relatively easy time.

On a side note, Valkyrie >>> shield. She saves me so many times it's not funny. Recently Diablo, meanie that he is, bone prisoned me twice, one right after the other. If I didn't distract him with a shiny female, I'd have gotten lightning hosed!
With an aura only pally you don't attack at all.
He asked for unlikely builds and blaze and charged strike fit into that category. Besides I play hc and viable is determined whether or not you live or die. If someone made an untwinked guardian out of a charged strike zon I may consider it easy.


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Liliel said:
Blaze is actually quite viable, damage wise. Might go well on a ranged Enchantress.
Yep, I have such a Guardian to show for it. [/brag]
But she took out the fire immunes more in melee than ranged (depending on how dangerous they were).

Regarding the initial post:
Valkazons are actually very safe builds, but the merc does most of the killing (if you can get nice gear). Without a merc, it would take ages.


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Kitriara said:
- Holy Fire paladin
My Twinked Flame Zealot has completed Nightmare and is currently lvl 76 :) Doing amazing damage with ribcracker :) My merc's Reaper's Toll is helping much also.


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Try this out for size. I am currently doing an untwinked, dual-elemental/throwingDruid, with /players 8 through hell. I a just started him today, and im doing full clears, so it may take 2 weeks to finish.



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Kool69 said:
- Mojomancer (Curses Only)

Just a few ;)
Ok... I made a mojomancer... He isn't totally pure though, he has corpse explosion, but I try to limit the use to maintain the Mojoness of it all.

It is tricky, but I find once the technique is down it's easy enough.

He suffers only one problem... he runs out of stamina while the AI curses are done doing their thing and he's out of mana. (He's only lvl 34)

I got him to act 5 normal sofar.

P.S. he also rocks naked

Personally I like the unique play experience, I want to get to NM so I can see if he can do as good as he is doing in normal cows in nm cows. :yep:


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Just so you know, I'm making a singer barb right now, and he's actually been completely owning up everything in his path since I hit level 30, level 47 in act1 nightmare right now, he's actually the most fun character I've ever played


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Grenadier - Fire Blast Assassin

I came up with this idea after watching the speed run video of a guy who used FB to get past the first half of the game. I made a Fire Trap sin on one time and I maxed Fire Blast for a syngery and it did around 5k. It would however be very hard to aim, and you'd have to get used to it.

Does the radius of the FB blast increase with slvl? I can't remember of the top of my head.


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Ooo, this is fun!

Elemental-damage only Multi/Strafezon! Rape enemies with 1k+ of pure elemental damage (NOT Frozen/Ice/Cold/Fire/Exploding/Immo Arrow). Don't use that hellrack bow though, the physical damage is too high!

Let's see:
6socket bow with 6 3/5 Lightning Facets! 444 Damage
Dual Raven Frost. 90 damage
4 socket 3/5 Lightning Facet Plate. 300 damage
3 socket 3/5 Light Facet Helm. 225 damage
Infernostride Boots. 35 damage
Hellmouth Gauntlets. 75 damage
Demonlimb Enchant. 100 damge

Add it up:
1269 Max Damage!!
-65% Enemy Light Resistance

... rofl.

In seriosity, a Hellrack Elemental Zon would just be plain cool. Load up on elemental damage and ignore the physical. A three frame strafe would be the easiest.